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【One Punch Man】A thorough examination of the possibilities for the third season! Is the key non-discus profit?

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We’ve summarized the possibility of a third season of the popular domestic and international battle anime “One Punch Man” being produced!
We thoroughly examine whether or not a sequel to the anime will be made based on a variety of factors, including the reputation of the first two seasons, sales and stock availability, the popularity of the original, foreign ratings, and more!

From “interesting manga with tasteful drawings” to “interesting manga with superb drawings.

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Some people who started coming into contact with “One Pan Man” through the anime may think that the original manga was drawn by Yusuke Murata of “Eyeshield 21″…
In fact, the One Pan Man manga that is serialized in the next Young Jump is drawn by Murata-sensei.

However, the original version of this work was also drawn by Mr. ONE from “Mobsyco 100”.
He started working on it before Mobsyco 100, and this One Pan Man is the one that ONE-sensei worked on when he got his start.
The One Pan Man that Murata-sensei worked on, the Murata version of the One Pan Man, is a remake of the ONE version of the One Pan Man.

The first time ONE-sensei announced his One Pan Man was on his free website.
It seems that he uploaded the manga in a way that was quite old-fashioned even for those days, by posting the manuscript taken by his cell phone camera.

After that, when ONE-sensei learned of the webcomic submission site Shin-Tosha, he started submitting his work there.
This work, which was first posted in 2009, had an innovative setting of “a hero who is too strong to be lonely”, an easy to understand story that could be understood by everyone from adults to children, and outstanding fun, and although the drawings were not very skillful, the excellent direction and tasteful designs.

After that, he moved the publication to his own website and continued the series.
Even now, as the concept of a “personal website” is becoming a thing of the past, the site is still visited by many people and has received over 137 million hits as of December 2019.

Murata’s version of the series began in 2012.
Murata-sensei, who had been a reader of One Pan Man for a long time, invited him directly on Twitter, which was an unusual way for the story to progress, and the series began to be a highlight of the next Young Jump issue.

Mr. Murata is one of the most talented manga artists in the industry.
Originally, “One Pan Man” was a popular web manga that was said to be “not a good drawing, but the content is the best”, but now it has been remade with the best drawings, so there is no reason why it would not be popular.
When it was made into a book for the first time in December 2012 in the form of a simultaneous release of volume 1 and 2, it disappeared from bookstores all over the country in an instant, and even after more than a month from its release, it was still not sold anywhere, which was an unusual situation.

Naturally, with a work this popular, expectations for an anime adaptation would be high.
On the other hand, it was said that it was difficult to express Murata’s version of One Pan Man’s battle scenes in an anime… but Madhouse, which has an established reputation for battle anime, raised its hand and decided to make it into an anime without a hitch.
It was aired in the fall of 2015 and received a huge response.

The first season was well received, but the second season…

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The average Blu-ray and DVD (disc) sales of the first season of the “One Pan Man” anime series averaged over 9,000 copies per volume.
The disc sales themselves were quite strong, but even more so was the effect of the sales promotion of the original comics.

The total number of comics published just before the anime aired was 6.5 million copies (volume average 720,000). (Volume average 720,000 copies.)
It was still a significant hit at this point, but once the anime aired, it accelerated tremendously and entered the Warriors state, with all volumes selling tens of thousands of copies every week.
After the airing of the anime, in May 2016, when volume 11 was released, it sold more than 10 million copies (average 900,000 copies per volume) and became a mega-hit.

The biggest reason why the first season of the anime has led to the sales of the original comics to this point is probably because the anime was able to convey the appeal of the One Pan Man work.

The appeal of the One Pan Man anime lies in the fact that it effectively conveys the concept that no matter how strong the enemy looks, it can be crushed by a single blow from the Sai Tama.
Since the battle of the psyche basically ends with a single blow, there is no tension of “we might lose” or “we might suffer” at all.
That said, the emphasis is on how strong an enemy can look when it’s finally buried in a single blow, and it’s this preparation that makes the strength and pathos of the psitama so palpable.

The gap between the relaxed “One picture” and the crisp “Murata picture” is also an attractive point.
Because of this, his ability to decide when to make a decision had to be expressed in both his drawings and his voice.

In the first season of the anime, the battle scenes created by the superlative drawings were a hot topic, and the series received high praise both in Japan and abroad.
It was said to be “just like a movie version,” and it was a cathartic experience, with its tremendous quality and flamboyant depiction of Saitama’s blow.
Overseas anime fans in particular tend to prefer action anime, and they place more importance on the drawings of the action scenes than the Japanese fans do, so One Pan Man seems to fit their tastes just fine.

On the other hand, the gaps and pathos of Saitama and the C-class hero Mumen Rider are carefully depicted in the anime.
The true essence of the work, which is not just a thrilling battle story, is well expressed, and this may have contributed to the promotion of the original comics.

After the success of the first season of the anime “One Pan Man”, it is no surprise that the production of the second season has been decided and it will be broadcasted in the spring of 2019.
But … but … the first volume of discs for the second season, released in October 2019, only sold about 1,300 copies, a significant drop from the first season.

The main reasons that have been discussed as the cause of this are: the first season or three and a half years have passed and too much time has passed, the production has changed from Madhouse to J.C. Staff and the fans have not been able to accept the change in artwork, and the episodes in the second season range were weak.
They all have a point.
I got the impression that a lot of people couldn’t find it as interesting or exciting as the first season.



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