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A thorough examination of the possibilities of the second season of Mehra! The villainess craze is upon us

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We examined the possibility of a second season of “I’ve Been Reincarnated as a Villainous Lady with Nothing but a Doomsday Flag in a Maiden Game”, the first anime adaptation of a serialized work by Kakuyom, which has captured the hearts of many people!
We’re going to give you a thorough prediction of the film’s next commercial development in terms of distribution & international popularity, which has been key to the anime sequel in recent years!

The first anime adaptation of the villainous girl’s story

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A few years after the genre of reincarnation/transference was established in the novelist-narrowing genre, a new derivative genre called “villainous daughter” became a huge boom.
The main character living in modern Japan goes to another world, but the characteristic of this genre is that she is reincarnated in another world like otome games and shoujo manga, and leads a second life as the daughter of a villain who appears in the world.

Usually, the villainous daughter is a disturbing character in the story, and is the fiancée or close to the fiancée of a handsome character who is the love interest of the main character, but in the end, she is defeated by the main character and her downfall is the usual pattern.
The standard flow of the story is that the protagonist is reincarnated as a villainous daughter and uses her good-natured nature and the wisdom of her previous life to avoid her downfall and lead a completely different life….

However, there are several strains of the main character’s lifestyle, with some works actively trying to break the doom flag, and others playing a supporting role and watching the interaction between the hero and the hero.
There are also works that focus on breaking off the engagement by confronting a handsome man of nobility and royalty with three and a half lines, or a pattern of warriors like a normal otherworldly reincarnation story.
In recent years, the genre has become more diverse and is maturing as a genre.

‘I’ve been reincarnated as a villainous daughter with nothing but a doomsday flag in an otome game…’ is a work by Satoru Yamaguchi that was born in the midst of that boom, and it started posting on Narou in July 2014.
Immediately after the first episode was posted, the response was astonishing even to Yamaguchi-sensei himself, and the number of readers continued to increase steadily afterwards, with the main story concluding safely in March 2015.
The serialization period was not long at nine months, but many readers sent congratulatory messages congratulating the completion of the story, and it was a very refreshing ending.

But that’s just the beginning.
It was rather after this that the book grew into a great success.

In July 2015, a year after the start of the submissions, it was decided to publish it in book form due to its popularity.
Inviting Ms. Kanami Hidakanami, who has created many novels for girls, including Jiro Akagawa’s “Vampires are Older” series by Jiro Akagawa, to illustrate the book, it was released the following August by Ichijinsha Bunko Iris.
In the month following the release of the first volume, the second volume was released, and the first volume was reprinted, and the book version was so well received that it became a full-fledged series.

And from 2017, a comicalization of the series will be started, with Hidakanami-sensei himself creating the artwork.
Until then, Hidakanami had been a specialist in illustration, and even in the afterword of the first volume, she said “I’ve never drawn a proper manga before”, but the manga is so easy to read that it’s hard to believe it’s a complete manga, and it became a huge hit from the first volume.
The success of this comic book adaptation ignited a fire, and in 2018 it was announced that it would be the first anime adaptation of a villainous lady’s story, and the nickname “Amefura” came to be used.

The appeal of Hamefura lies in the fact that it is a villainous warrior girl story originally intended for women, but it has gained support from men as well.
On the one hand, the main character Katarina, who was called “the wild monkey” before she was born, has a lot of energy and brain power that male readers can relate to, as well as female characters such as Mary, Sophia, and Maria, the main character in the game, who adore her.
Furthermore, the content is catchy and worth reading with surprising developments and careful foreshadowing, and the fact that it was accepted by a wide range of readers seems to have led to its big hit.

This charm was also demonstrated in the anime.

The first disc volume sold over 5,000 copies! Strong overseas distribution

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The anime version of Mehra began airing in April 2020.
This was right around the time when the new corona was exploding and increasing the number of people infected, but fortunately, production was completed before the start of the broadcast, and they successfully avoided the (production) doomsday flag.

It was originally a title with a high reputation, as it was ranked as the top new work in the “What do you want to watch this season? 2020 Spring Anime Popularity Poll” on the d-anime store, but once it started airing, it received such a large response that it quickly became the leading role in the 2020 spring school season, and it was especially well received by male anime fans.
The first volume of the Blu-ray/DVD (disc) released in May 2020 sold more than 5000 copies.
This is an excellent result in the recent years when discs have been in a slump.

In addition, it has also recorded solid distribution figures; as of June 2020, it has surpassed 50 million views on the Chinese video sharing site ‘Biribiri Video’.
While the “villain girl story” genre has yet to take root, it is showing steady growth.

In addition, the original novels and comics have been selling very well.
The total number of copies of the series was 2.5 million just prior to the broadcast of the anime, but the sales increased after the broadcast of the anime and exceeded 3 million in May.

Thus, with the growth of the discs, distribution, and the original work, the three arrows are all drawing a beautiful parabolic line, so the second season is very promising.



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