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【Voice actor】The Top 10 Characters Played by Takahiro Sakurai! Which role is his masterpiece!

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This is a special feature on the popular voice actor Takahiro Sakurai, who has played the main roles and main characters in many famous works since his debut!
We’ve picked out 10 of the most popular characters Sakurai has played so far, and compiled them into a ranking!

No.10:Cloud Strife

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The protagonist of the “Final Fantasy VII” series.
He was a twisted and cool character with a habit of saying, “I’m not interested,” but it was later revealed that this was not his true personality, and his pure inner self came out.

The game itself was released in 1997, but at the time it was not voiced, and when it appeared as a guest character in the game “Air Gites” released the following year, it was played by Mr. Takao Horiuchi and Ms. Nozomi Sasaki.
Mr. Sakurai has voiced the character since the game “Kingdom Hearts” released in 2002, and he is also playing the role in “Final Fantasy VII Remake” which has been in development since 2020.

He is a brilliantly popular character in the world of video games, and at the same time, with the release of numerous related works, his character’s image has been built up in many ways, so the difficulty and pressure of playing him is unimaginable.
Sakurai-san himself has talked about this point from time to time, but at the same time, he has a strong understanding and confidence in the character of Cloud, as he was originally very attached to FFVII.

When “Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children” was exhibited at the 62nd Venice International Film Festival, Sakurai-san stepped on the red carpet, and it can be said that this is a very important role in his career.


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A flower sorcerer who appears in Fate/Grand Order.
He is a mixed-race child born between the Queen of Wales and a dreamer, and is a young man who always maintains an objective stance and never seems to be serious.
For better or for worse, he is too aloof, and is thought to be scandalous by those around him (and the players).

He first appeared in “Fate/stay night”, but his visuals were not revealed, and he made his full-fledged appearance in FGO and the novel “Garden of Avalon”.
He was played by Katsuya Kobayashi in the first “Fate/stay night” anime, and by Junichi Suwaibu in the “Fate/stay night [Réalta Nua]” remake, with Sakurai-san taking over from the “Fate/stay night Original Soundtrack & Drama CD Garden of Avalon” drama CD.

Many fans have a preconceived notion that Sakurai-san betrays the characters he plays, and the characters he plays tend to be prejudiced as “stinky” or “untrustworthy.
The same goes for Oshino Mame from the Monogatari series.

No.8:Takamine Kiyomaro

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One of the main characters in the anime “Gashibel in Gold” that aired for three years between 2003 and 2006. which aired for three years between 2003 and 2006.
He is a genius who read the thesis of a top graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in junior high school, and after meeting Gash, he has grown as a human being, but his temper remains the same, and the expression on his face when he is threatened has escalated.

Mr. Sakurai made his anime debut in the 1996 TV anime “Bakugo Brothers Let’s Go! In 2001, he was chosen to play the main character 009 in “Cyborg 009 the Cyborg Soldier”.
Then, in 2003, he took on this role of Kiyomaro, and his fame increased, and he went on to become a popular voice actor.

No.7:Selling drugs

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The mysterious medicine peddler appeared in one of the episodes of “Kai: ayakashi” broadcast in 2006.
Due to the popularity of this episode and the medicine peddler, the sequel “Mononoke” featuring him was produced and aired the following year in 2007.

His real name, age, and identity are unknown, and he calls himself “just a peddler,” but he is a mysterious being who is inhuman in both appearance and mind, and uses his demon sword to slay those who have become “Mononoke.
His personality is unassuming, and he rarely expresses his emotions.

The year 2006 was a turning point for Sakurai-san, appearing in more than twice as many anime works as the previous year and playing main characters in many video games.
A symbol of this momentum is the medicine peddler, a character who may be said to have constructed the current image of a voice actor skilled at playing dubious characters.

No.6:Kishibe Rohan

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A famous character from the 2016 broadcast of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable.
He is a manga artist who lives in Moroouchou, the setting of JoJo’s fourth part, and is a genius who started serializing “The Boy in Pink Dark” in Weekly Shonen Jump at the age of 16, and it has become a hit.
At the same time, he is a weirdo who will do anything to draw manga realistically. He never bends his conviction to write interesting works, and he is extremely proud and curious.

Before the JoJo anime project was launched, Sakurai-san played the main character of Part 5, Brono Bucharati, in the game, but since the anime has been released, he has only played Rohan.
Also, as of November 2020, four episodes of the series “Kishibe Rohan wa Mokubanai” in which he plays the main character have been made into OVAs.



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