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【 Darwin’s game】The key to the story (Sigil)! Summary of the abilities of the enemy and third force characters [to be animated].

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Darwin’s Game” is a popular manga work with an anime adaptation in the works. In this work, a number of supernatural powers, called aliens (Sigil), appear and engage in heated battles. Each character has a unique ability and even has a cool name. In this article, we’ve put together a list of Sigils that are mastered by characters who are opposed to the protagonists and by characters from the third force who are not part of either.

Clan “Aces”

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King (real name unknown)

Sigil name: King of the Void (Beelzebub)

The leader and king of the strongest enemy clan “Aces” in the beginning of the game.
His sigil is the ability to manipulate space at will.
He can perform teleportation-like feats and can move 5 meters with ease, or 10 meters in an instant if he is overwhelmed.
He can also “cut up space,” which means he can not only cut up concrete walls, but also a human body.
In his own words, “There’s not a single thing in this world that can’t be torn apart! .
He could also be used to “swap positions” with players within Sigil’s effective range.

No matter how much effort he put into it, he was limited to about 10 meters, but when he was cornered and on the verge of death, he was able to move several hundred meters into the air in an emergency evasion.
He was a Sigil with hidden potential.

Keiichi (Katsura Keiichi)

Sigil name: Storm Fist (Tempest)

He can apply the power of the wind to his own fists and feet.
Keiichi is a karate specialist who has won second place in national karate competitions in the past.
He combines his own karate skills with Sigil to create a tremendous attack that can roll an armored car at full speed.

It can also be used for defense, creating a wind pressure barrier around itself.
Even if a grenade exploded at close range, it was unharmed.

It can also “ascend through the air” by “kicking a scaffold made of air” (apparently flying in the air). (Apparently, it appears to be flying through the air.)
However, it seems that this one is very physically demanding.

Sig (real name unknown)
Sigil name: fire body scorching heat (Agni-Drive)

You can burn your own body and wrap it in flames.
Most pyrokinetic abilities are of the remote-controlled type, and it is very rare to find a person with the ability to change the body itself.
When he fought the plant-controlled owner of Sigil, he easily burned all the plants and disabled them.

He is known by the street name of Sigil, the Flame Demon God.

Mob character (real name unknown) belonging to Aces

Sigil name: Wolf’s Nose (Wolf’s Heart)

He acquired a sensitive sense of smell for his surroundings.
When he was on patrol, he said, “I smelled that woman I smelled,” showing that he noticed the scent of a woman a few meters away.
He then traced the scent and guessed where the person was hiding.

Saigou group

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Takeshi Saigou

Sigil name: Knight’s Glory (Knights of the Round)

The ability to control multiple weapons at the same time.
He can fire 15 assault rifles while hiding and firing continuously.
However, according to Saigou, “The firepower is for 15 people, but the eyes are for one person”.

Arisa Saigou

Sigil name: Wang no Ri sword (Zantetsuken)

The ability to enhance a weapon.
If it is a sword, it can be made to be sharper.
The ability to thrust a sword into a person’s chest without any effort at all.

Kanehira Insurance Association

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Hideaki Kanehira

Sigil name: Marijuana (Halation Ghost)

It can create its own alter ego within a 2 km radius.
Because it can create and erase alter egos at will, its true identity is difficult to detect, and is easily mistaken for instantaneous movement, spatial movement, or hallucination.



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