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[Slam Dunk] The strongest starter is determined! Can you beat these five?

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The selection of the “strongest starter” is always a hot topic in team competitions. I’m sure you’ve imagined this in Slam Dunk.

This time, the author, who has been playing basketball for 25 years and is a “Slam Dunk” fanatic, has selected five of the strongest starters!

Slam Dunk doesn’t have players with cheat abilities and there are no special moves. Since the players’ abilities are not far removed from those of real-life players, it makes the selection of players’ starting lineup more interesting.

Basketball is not a game that can be won simply by gathering together five highly skilled players, so the more you think about it, the more fun it becomes.

Selection Criteria

The abilities and other factors are based solely on what is shown in the works. Hiroshi Morishige and Dai Morohoshi are considered to be quite capable, but they are not in the starting lineup because there is little information and no description of their play. Please take this into account and imagine it as you read on.

Now, can you make a member of the team that can beat these five guys?

PG Kazunari Fukatsu

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Only Kazunari Fukatsu can control the other four starters I’m about to introduce. However, I was torn between Shinichi Maki and Shin-ichi Maki until the end.

If you had to choose the best PG in the production, you too would have to choose between Maki or Fukatsu.

Why did you choose Fukatsu instead of Maki?

The two are portrayed as playing against each other in the film, but Maki has a pass intercepted by Fukatsu.

Also, the ball was cut by Ryoji Ikegami at the moment of victory, and he fouled Hanamichi Sakuragi and dunked on him while letting his emotions get the better of him.

Because of this, Fukatsu was judged to be more capable than Maki.

What to look for in a PG

Fukatsu is not well-described in his work, but his physical strength, shooting ability, defensive skills, and passing sense are first-rate. The most essential ability of a PG is the ability to make cool decisions. Only by controlling the game will you be able to ensure victory.

Fukatsu was the only player in Slam Dunk who was able to lead his team without breaking the game. If I were the coach, he would be the number one player I would want to pull from other schools. So, Fukatsu is the PG who puts together the strongest corps. Game making starting with Fukatsu is a sight to behold!

SG Eiji Sawakita

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Eiji Sawakita is the number one player in high school. No one can match Sawakita for his 1-on-1 skills. High school students… I don’t know if there’s anyone in college who can match him… The coach Domoto even chirped out, “I don’t know if there’s anyone in high school… or even college…

There’s no reason not to include Sawakita in the starting lineup. However, the theme this time is not “a collection of people with high ability”, but “the five strongest starters”.

In other words, I didn’t put Sawakita in the starting lineup simply because he has high ability, but because I wanted him to be in harmony with the other 4 players.

Fukatsu, the PG I mentioned earlier, has experience with Sawakita in winning an all-school championship. He will know what Sawakita wants to do in hand and will follow up when his emotions are disturbed.

He can score points just by interacting with Fukatsu, and the three guys we’ll be introduced to later will also match up with Sawakita.

You can finish it

We are better at scoring points than anyone else, so we ask our team to just think about scoring goals.

However, you can’t win in basketball by just doing everything 1-on-1. You have to pass and turn and then 1-on-1 to create a good flow.

Therefore, the other four players must be able to take advantage of Sawakita, and the ideal basket is for five players to share the ball and give it to Sawakita.

SF Soichiro Jin

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‘What? God? Many of you may be wondering what to expect. Surprisingly or unexpectedly, the ability of the best 5 in Kanagawa Prefecture is real. First of all, the reason why I put God in the starting lineup is because he is an excellent 3-point shooter.

In basketball, the presence of a 3-point shooter can make or break a game. The presence of a shooter opens up the defense to the outside and opens up the inside. It makes it easier for Sawakita to play 1-on-1 and for the center to win the game by opening up the inside.

While he may not be as good as the others in terms of overall strength, God is a starter when it comes to the importance of threes at the basket.

Better than Mitchie

Speaking of threesomes, isn’t that Hisashi Mitsui, a.k.a. Michi? Some of you may think that this is a good idea. But did you know that God is more capable than Mitchie?

God’s success rate of threesomes in production is a whopping 100%. This number is extraordinary in a slam dunk with a character setup that is close to real life.

In contrast, Mitchie is immensely powerful in the game, but still lacks consistency.

Mitchie was poor while God continued to shoot 500 shots every day, so that must have made the difference. This is indeed a gap that can’t be bridged, no matter if you’re on the hero’s team or not.

Height is also a key factor

God’s height is 189cm, the same height as Hanamichi Sakuragi. His shot from this height is amazing. It would be difficult to block it if he wasn’t a center.

The fact that he used to play center and can participate in rebounding is another reason why I chose him.

Allies move for God

God isn’t very good at creating shooting situations by himself, so his abilities are used to assist his teammates. The best way to use him is to have him screened like Sawakita, and have his teammates work for him to finish.



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