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30 naughty games! I’ve compiled a list of erotic works that can be played on a consumer console.

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We’ve got 30 games available to play on consumer consoles that have sex scenes!
We’ve rounded up a variety of games, from timeless classics ported from erotic games to racy, descriptive games for the general public!

It comes with an “Echi Echi Level” that indicates the degree of eros!

Senran Kagura series

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Marvelous is developing and releasing this hit film.
It’s a type of work that doesn’t have any male characters in it, and the genre of the work is “Bakunyu Hyper Battle”.
The first in the popular series was “Senran Kagura: Shoujo-tachi no Shinei,” which was released in 2011, and more than 10 titles have been released including derivative works.

As the name of the genre suggests, there are many female characters with an emphasis on breasts, and the level of exposure is quite high.
The visual eroticism of the game is top notch for a consumer title, with the exposure and bold poses that only an action game can provide.
The series has been quite a hit in this kind of genre, and it has also been made into an anime, and has been quite active in merchandise development.

Echi Echi Level:★☆★☆★☆★☆

Neptune series

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It has been made into an anime, and is one of Compile Heart’s best known works.
The development of the game is mainly done by Compile Heart, but there are also works that are done in collaboration with other companies such as our parent company, Idea Factory.
The female-character-only RPG series has been running for a long time, starting with the first one in 2010, Super Dimensional Game: Neptune, and will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2020.

It’s not an erotically driven film, so it’s not overly revealing, but the frequency of panting is high.
The transformation scene of the goddesses and their subsequent costumes are also quite sexually charged.
It’s the type of game that’s mainly about character moe.

Echi Echi Level:★☆★

Photo Cano Series

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It is a romance simulation game released by Kadokawa Games.
Enterbrain and the now-defunct Dingo were developing the project.
The game was released in 2012 for the PSP, and in 2013, a PS Vita version of Photokano Kiss was released with new elements.

A romance game in the vein of True Love Story, Kimikis, and Amagami, and is unique in that it focuses on the filming of the heroine.
There’s no direct eroticism, but it’s more erotic than the above series because of the daring costumes and poses that are used.

The film’s producer, Ichiro Sugiyama, followed up “Photokano” with “Recolab,” which was based on the theme of video photography, and “LoveR,” which incorporated elements of photography and video.

Echi Echi Level:★

Agarest War Series

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A fantasy RPG that established the direction of Compile Heart.
The game is being developed by IDEA FACTORY and Red Entertainment, which is known for producing the “Sakura Wars” series.
The first one was released in 2007 and a sequel was later made.

It is an ambitious game that features a lot of sexually explicit scenes and visuals, which is unusual for a home video game.
Its eroticism is one of the highest in the consumer original works.

Echi Echi Level:★☆★☆★☆★☆★

Gyaru Cancer Series

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This is a shooting game released by Alchemist.
It was developed by Inti Creates.
It was released in 2011 as software for the Xbox 360 and was well-received, and was ported to other hardware as well, with the sequel “Gyaru Cancer: Daburupies” released in 2015 and “Gyaru Cancer 2” in 2018.

A groundbreaking work that combines a first-person shooter with a bishojo game.
It’s a silly game where you can shoot the girls who attack you to make them mellow and make them writhe in a rather obscene outfit….
It’s not very exposed, but it’s a high point in terms of special play.

Echi Echi Level:★☆★☆

Marginal Convex Series

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One of Compile Heart’s famous series.
The first game, Marginal Decker: Monster Monpiece, released in 2013, is a card game, but the series after the second, Marginal Decker: Moero Chronicle, has been unified as an RPG.

Marginal Decomposition was a card game with a lot of illustrators, but Marginal Decomposition was an erotic and lively silly game with a total of 50 female characters, and the popularity of this work set the direction for the series, which became a full-fledged series.
As the nominally named genre name “Rub and pinch to put on pants” indicates, it is quite erotic, making the monster in the form of a pretty girl writhe by rubbing it and so on.

Echi Echi Level:★☆★☆★☆★

Dream Club Series

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A romance simulation from Deasley Publishers.
The first game was released in 2009 for the Xbox 360 and was so popular that it was ported to other hardware and sequels such as “Dream Club ZERO” and “Dream Club Gogo” were made.

Spend a good time with the girls at the “Dream Club”, a facility reminiscent of a cabaret club, in this cabaret simulation game.
That one point alone sets it apart from other romance games, and while it’s basically in the category of a silly game, it’s also strangely realistic in some ways, such as the significant amount of money required for dating in the game.
The cabaret girls are called “host girls” in the film, and they wear quite revealing outfits, which can be very exciting in some scenes.

Echi Echi Level:★☆★



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