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【Seitokai Yakuindomo】Could there be a third season? A thorough prediction of the future of the popular work that has had two OVA seasons and two movie versions.

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This is an in-depth examination of the possibility of a third season of the TV series “Student Council Members”, which has been running for more than 10 years in magazines and has been actively developed into an anime with a second theatrical version being made!
This is a series of OVAs, and I’ve tried to predict if there will be a continuation of the second season in the future!

From demotion to promotion! A 4-panel comic that is “80% about dirty joke” takes off!

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“Seitokai Yakuindomo” has long been one of Ujiie Tozen’s most popular works, but it actually started off with a bit of a headwind.

Ujiie’s debut work, “My Little Sister is an Adolescent,” was first serialized in Bessatsu Young Magazine, and then later was “promoted” to Young Magazine.
Although it was not made into an anime, it became a hit, selling 1.3 million copies in 10 volumes.
With his achievements, he also started serializing “Ai Hamanaka, Home Tutor for College Girls” in Weekly Shonen Magazine during his adolescence, and became a successful manga artist with two weekly serials.

The six volumes of “Eye of Hamanaka” became a hit, selling 940,000 copies, and with the graduation of the main characters, the series came to a close, and there were high hopes for the next one. …… “Idol no Akahon”, which started as a new series only three months after the end of “Eye of Hamanaka”, ended after only one volume. The series ended after only one volume.
It’s not often that an author with a proven track record is suddenly cut off after only one volume, and Ujiie himself said that he was “out of ideas”, so it seems that the end was due to the author giving up rather than a slump in popularity.

After that, the next work,Seitokai Yakuindomo, was to be published in Magazine Special instead of Weekly Magazine.

Since Magazine Special is a monthly magazine, there have been many cases of works and authors being transferred from Weekly Magazine when it was deemed difficult to continue the series at the weekly pace.
For this reason, I believe that the failure of the previous work, Seitokai Yakuindomo, led to the decision that it would be impossible to continue creating interesting stories at the pace of a weekly serialization, and that’s why it was serialized in Magaspe.

Even if this was the case, the difference in readership between Weekly Magazine, which had a circulation of 1.87 million at the time, and Magaspe, which had a circulation of less than 100,000, was obvious, and when it was announced that Student Council Officer Kyo was going to be serialized, it was very quiet.

However, this work quickly bounced back from such adversity.
The style is the same as in the past, but the illustrations, which were unstable in the days of Ai Hamanaka, have stabilized, and the main female characters and the main character, Takashi, who plays the role of a comedian, are generally well received.
As a result, he was promoted to Shukan Maga just as the first volume of the series was released.

In addition to the fact that the work had originally been well received, the move to Shukan Maga, which had a large readership, led to a rapid increase in name recognition and popularity.
In 2010, three years after the start of the series, Ujiie’s first TV anime adaptation was announced.

No way, it’s a movie! The reason for the realization is ……

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Seitokai Yakuindomo has been a success story since the anime adaptation, but the momentum has accelerated even further since the anime adaptation.

In the anime that aired in the summer of 2010, Yoko Hikasa, who had just made her breakthrough in “K-ON! and Satomi Sato, who had just made her breakthrough in “K-ON!”, made a big splash by calling out a lot of vulgar jokes, and it became a bigger hit than expected.
In 2014, the second season was broadcasted, and the anime adaptation became a huge success.

Furthermore, this work was not only a TV anime, but also an OVA.
The OAD included in the limited edition of the book and the OVA released separately both recorded high sales.
Since then, the OVA has become a series, and about two cool episodes have been made into a video.

Perhaps this deep-rooted popularity was so highly praised that in 2017, a theatrical version was released that no one could have imagined.
On a mini-theater scale, a work with a large number of fixed fans who become repeaters can be expected to make a solid profit, so the biggest reason for its realization seems to be that it was judged to have “a thick customer base” based on its OVA performance.

And as expected, “The Movie: Seitokai Yakuindomo” did well enough to win first place in the mini-theater ranking for two weeks in a row. …… In 2020, the second installment will be released, and it’s not something you’d expect!
It was postponed due to the new Corona, but it has been announced that it will be released on January 1, 2021.



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