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Animation “School girls aiming for South Pole” “A place far from the universe” is a treasure house of laughter and emotion

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Directed by Atsuko Atsuko, screenplay by Mr. Hideaki Hanada, and original animation “Mr. Madhouse” produced by Mad House, “a place far from the universe”.

Broadcast from January to March of 2018, we will thoroughly verify why this work which gained explosive popularity could be masterpiece so far!

At first it was seen with white eyes “School girls aim for the South Pole”

“A place far from the universe”, more commonly than “is better” is a story aiming at the South Pole, supporting four girls high school students with their respective suffering and conflicts, supporting each other.
The unrealistic purpose that school girls go to Antarctica was always subject to ridicule in school.

It is a start from the so-called predicament.

But they do not defeat such stupid voices, but they will pave the way to the Antarctic in the spirit of “Look at now” and “Look out”.

It is thought that this catharsis was one of indispensable charm in talking about “better”.

It was not the only story of characters under consideration that I was watching the purpose of “School girls aim for the South Pole”.
From the announcement of the production of “a place far from the universe” until the start of the broadcasting, is not there someone who was watching this work with the eyes I wore even among the animation fans?

… …. I’m sorry, I am.

Since it is an original animation, I did not know what kind of work it would have been until actually started, but I sent a cold gaze of “It’s a setting that was quite strange”.

But that is the story until I see the first episode.

When it touched light attraction and emotion shaking effect, and the charm of each character, it was quickly drawn into the world view of “more”, and he was absorbed.

I am worried that I will move forward.

出典 : ©YORIMOI PARTNERS : TVアニメ「宇宙よりも遠い場所」公式サイト

What is drawn through a work called “a place farther from the universe” is tsukinarimasu.

It is the direction of the direction toward the purpose, the direction of the direction from the teenager, the splendor of the courage to take a step, and the anti-bone heart to be … … Everything is expressed in freshness, and the work is colored.

One of the strongest among them was the depiction of the main character.

There are four main speakers in “Yorimoto”.
They will look at Antarctica with four people, but the fact is that not everyone has a specific purpose to go to Antarctica.
Only one of them must be in the South Pole.

No one questioned her about going to the Antarctic, but she did not give up.
The reason for this is that the dialogue in the work titled “I chose the option, I chose it, I chose it, I chose it!
It is a path to suffer, to suffer, and to choose.

It is an important theme of this work that “female high school students look for the Antarctic”, but they are not rootstocks.

I think that the four people chose to go to the Antarctic for their reasons, each decision, and that the conclusions they got were rooted in “farther than the universe.”

“Konpasu” of Tamaki Mari

I want to do something, but nothing can be done, so I am passing my days and minds.
“Kimari” and “Tamaki Mari” were ordinary girls’ high school students who were also in the same place.
If you enjoyed the youth, you would not be able to find them, and you would have been sending them your days.

The story of “the place far from the universe” opens when she comes out with her classmate, Kobuchizawa, who looks at the Antarctic Peninsula.

If you dare to interpret it, you will not be able to say that you have gotten into your dream.
At the beginning of the story at least, it would not have been necessary for the youth of Kimari to be the Antarctic.
She also chose the Antarctic Peninsula, which is the starting point of “Yorimai” and is the root of this area.

Would not that Kimari be a kind of compass that would show the way to the other three?

The voice actor in charge is.
I have been expressing the joy and sorrow of Kimari, who is full of curiosity and clear sensitivity.

All the members of “a light” Kobuchizawa shirase

The only person who has to be an Antarctic is his destination.
This is Kobuchizawa ‘s report (Kobuchizawashirase).

His mother was an Antarctic Surveyor, and when she was a junior high school student, she was unknown to the Antarctic continent.
Investigations have been made, and the reason for the failure is unknown.
Survival is hopelessly circumstantial, and nothing can confirm the death.
Since it is not received, it is not clear how to receive it.

I did not know how to deal with myself, and I did not know what to do.
So she looks at the South Pole.
Everyone was barking and laughing, and I saved a million dollars, enduring the hard days of the bite.
There is no basis for that amount of one million.

It is not a word to say that the basis of this foundation and its directness are the same.
The outer appearance is a cool bi-directional student, and the actual body is poncats, and it is the direct type in the willingness.
The fire that she soaked into her mind flashed into the hearts of the other three people and became one of the great flames that warmed all the Antarctic observatories.

His voice actor is Hanazawa Kana.
The rich career that has already reached the area of ​​betan has not been a date, and I have been able to express the complex feelings of the report.

Everybody’s “thermometer” miyake hinata

Even though I can clearly read the air, I have lost my life in high school because of my struggles. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Of course, there is a reason for that.

For this reason, I decided to head toward the Antarctica along with Kimari in the direction of the sun, looking for a pure white ground and myself.

She is a middle school student, but she is proud of it.
You can see exactly where you want to know what someone else is saying on the map, and there are a few scenarios where you can teach them to the village or to the campus.

He is also good at assisting the air of the field with joke and vocals.
It is like a thermometer that accurately measures and reports the temperature of the field.
If you do not have time, your journey will be many times.

It is troublesome for such a place to become a short time as well.
It is also in this world that the air is read and it is called the Gigusi.

The voice actor in charge is Hiroshi Iguchi.
At the mood maker, we played a delicate voice in the voice, and weakly enough to put it somewhere.

Everybody’s “head lanp”Shiraishi tuduki

As a result, Shirishi Yuzuki, who has been working since his childhood, has been a friend of his friends.
I do not go to school because I do not go to school at the time of my work. I do not drink in the class, but I do not have time to play with my friends even if I tell them to be friends.
It was her turn to be the “work to go to Antarctica”.

For Maliki, the ending is the headlight that illuminates the road to the South Pole.
At the same time, it is also the letter of the preliminary sensibility that the lie is seen immediately.
It is also a feat that she is born to be surrounded by adults.

I do not see the “Friends of Tsukurikata” in Shikasosato.
Because the final month itself can not find it.

The trip to Antarctica at the end of the month is not just a job, but a journey to find “friends”.
I do not mean a smile as a smile, but a friend who is a little bit suspicious and has a child – friendly face.

The voice actor in charge is Saori Saori.
I think that it is a benefit of her voice quality to make her voice habit of saying “I die lightly”.

出典 : ©YORIMOI PARTNERS : TVアニメ「宇宙よりも遠い場所」公式サイト

The script prepared for the preparation, the skillful production

In addition to the charm of the four mainmen, the script and the director are also gods, which is why it is famous for the place far from the universe.

The screenplay of this “Yori no Ii” is really beautiful, and the lines are scattered in various places, and there is also a scene where you can see that this is the place to go, and you want to watch it many times.

It is the elaborate portrayal that four people are shortening the distance.

Each of them has their own thoughts, the process of understanding each other in their thinking, and the process is carefully drawn in detail, and it is not a reasonable principle, and there are also developments in which there is accumulation of stress I’m sorry.

The timing of the song is also excellent.
In order to be able to hang it in the emotional scene, the height of the strainer and the height of the audience are matched to the key, and it is made to the best mood.

And it was the rast of the twelfth talk that I went to for a while.
I would like to ask you to confirm this with your own eyes.
Is it not exaggerated, and is not the name which remains in the history of the Anime?


A masterpiece “a place far from the universe” that created a theme that does not change in any age, because it is the present era.
Perhaps this animation may be called a work representative of the 2010s.
People who have not watched yet, especially those who think that it is impossible to fantasy to go to Antarctica, I hope that they will see it.


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