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【The Day I Became a God】Will Ryoma be able to popularize the profession “Tamer”? An in-depth examination

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From the Naro’o original anime “The Day I Became a God” that will air in the fall of 2020, we take a look at the main character, Ryouma!
From his basic information and charms to his characteristics and abilities as a tamer, we take an in-depth look at whether or not he will be able to popularize the tamer profession among anime fans!

Ryouma Character Overview

出典 : ©Roy・ホビージャパン/『神達に拾われた男』製作委員会 : TVアニメ『神達に拾われた男』公式サイト

He is a male character in “The Day I Became a God” and the main character of the film.
His real name is Ryoma Takebayashi. He was a middle-aged businessman living in Japan, but he died of a brain hemorrhage after hitting his head on the floor due to a sneeze during sleep.
He is reincarnated in another world as a boy named Ryoma and starts his second life.

Before he was born, his father had trained him in martial arts since he was a child, and he had a muscular body because he had never neglected his daily training.
On the other hand, his appearance seemed to be older than his actual age, probably due to his life of working late into the night every day.
Immediately after his reincarnation, he was a boy of less than ten years old, clad in linen and looking innocent.

His personality has always been serious and kind, and he is the type of person who can work hard and steadily.
He was also an otaku who enjoyed anime and manga.
Even after her reincarnation, her basic personality has not changed.

He has no problem socializing with people, and even offers medicine to the Duke of Jamil and his party when they suddenly appear in the forest where he lives, and offers to let them rest at his house.
Since she has had no opportunity to interact with people for three years since her reincarnation, she initially speaks only in katakana, but she gradually remembers the language and is able to communicate normally.

The voice actress is Azusa Tadokoro.
The voice of Ryoma Takebayashi before he died was done by Hiroki Yasumoto.

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The protagonist who is favored by many

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There are many types of protagonists in otherworldly transmigration and reincarnation stories.
There are those who were NEETs or recluses because they couldn’t fit in at school or in society, and there are many who are company animals working for black companies.
Basically, there are many protagonists whose lives were not going so well before they were born.

Before his death, Ryoma worked for a black company, and although he was not blessed, he was not living an unhappy life.
He worked a lot of overtime and wondered what he was doing for a living, but that is a path that all company workers go through.
He had his hobbies, interacted with the people around him, and lived a good life.

However, the situation changed drastically when he suddenly died in the middle of his life.
The three people who summoned his soul after he died in his sleep were Ga-in, the god of creation, Lurtia, the goddess of love, and Kufo, the god of life.
They wanted to send Ryouma’s soul to the world of Sailfall to connect Sailfall with the Earth, and to be able to supply magic power from the Earth side to Sailfall, which was running dry of magic power.

In other words, all Ryouma had to do was to exist in Sailfall.
He had no other mission in particular, and the gods gave him power based on the abilities he had cultivated during his life, allowing him to live freely.
Apparently, the three gods have taken a liking to Ryouma, and will continue to warmly watch over him for the rest of his life.

Having gained the favor of the gods, Ryouma is now ready to live a second life, and arrives at the Gana Forest in the kingdom of Refor in Sailfall.
In this remote place, Ryoma meets a slime.
Using the subjugation magic “Tame,” he succeeded in using the slime as a servant, and spent three years in the Gana Forest studying the slime.

Later, when the head of the Dukes of Jamil, Reinhard Jamil, and his party happened to visit the forest, Ryoma’s community and scope of activities expanded rapidly.
Reinhardt’s wife Elise and many other people and gods like him, care for him, and treat him kindly.
In that sense, Ryouma can be called a cheerleader protagonist.

However, Ryouma is not just a blessed person.
He was originally given hardships by the “God of the Earth” for some reason, and it seems that he was destined to be unhappy before he was born.
One of the highlights of the film is that he is able to regain the joy of life.

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