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【Ghost in the Shell Animation】 Order and Synopsis to View the Series Summary 【S.A.C.】

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Ghost in the shell is a work that has been deployed in many media such as cartoons and movies. This time we will focus on the creators’ director Kenji Kamiyama’s TV animation series, the so-called “SAC series”, and we will summarize the order and the synopsis to see the series.

Introduce the Ghost in the Shell SAC series in order to see!

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“Ghost in the Shell SAC series” whose production was announced as a new series by Kenji Kamiyama.
Even if I know the title “Ghost in the Shell”, “I do not know exactly what kind of anime is the SAC series,” “What is different from the original cartoon and theater version animation?” Some people may not understand “.

This time, we will introduce the features of the SAC series, the time series, the highlights of each work collectively!
Even those who have seen the SAC series can also have a simple reminder of the plot, so please have a look.

What is the Ghost In The Shell “SAC Series”?

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There are original manga by Shirow Masamune and theatrical version animation by Mamoru Oshii in the Ghost in the river, but the “SAC series” is also known as the “East of Eden” TV directed by Kamiyama Kenji directed and scripted It is a generic name of animation series.

“SAC (SAC)” is an abbreviation for “STAND ALONE COMPLEX” which is the subtitle of the work, “In individuals who are supposed to be independent in a highly information-oriented society, they take action based collectively unconsciously” It is also a theme drawn through the series.

Characteristics of the Ghost in the shell SAC series

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The SAC series is a work that is also called the third Ghost In The Sheriff Corps, which has many parts with different story, era setting and character setting than original cartoon and theater version.

Unlike the original and theatrical versions in which the encounter of the main character “Kusanagi Element” and the incident related to it were drawn, the parallel world of “If the element did not meet puppeteer” is the prerequisite work.

In the Ghost In The Shell SAC series, the elementary public safety department to which the element belongs is centered and the story develops and the ninth section’s activity against episodes of characters and new social problems that had never been mentioned in the original and theatrical versions You can enjoy.

1st work: “Ghost in the Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX”

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From here, we will introduce the order of seeing the SAC series.
The SAC series has 3 main parts in all, and time series also correspond to the broadcasting order, so it is recommended to start watching from this first work first.

Synopsis of the Ghost In The Shell SAC

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A complicated crime that occurs in a highly – information – oriented society in which “cerebralization” has been generalized.
This work “Ghost in the Shell SAC” is drawn by the organization “Public Security Section 9” organized secretly by the Ministry of the Interior to counter the crime.
The mission of Public Safety Division 9 includes a wide range of activities such as cyber crime and the deterrence and elimination of terrorism by it, the detection of guardian and corruption.
By pursuing the action of Section 9 to solve such new social problems, we can experience “the way of human beings with spirit and soul in an advanced information society” from a near future perspective.

Ghost in the Shell SAC

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The first work is made up of a mixture of a episode of one episode focusing on each character and its thought and a collaboration episode leading to a big incident.
Particularly noteworthy in this work is a collaborative episode concerning theatrical crime caused by existence “Laughing Man”.
The circumstances surrounding the 9 department greatly moves, and the second half story where the identity of “Laughing Man” wrapped in a mystery becomes clear is a must – see!

Ghost in the Shell SAC’s main character

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The Public Security Section 9 playing an active part in the series belongs to the leader “Kusanagi Element” of the whole body familiar with the original and theater version animation, the former ranger “Batou”, “Togusa” from the Metropolitan Police Department.
There are also many enemy and political opponents such as “Drug Intervention Division Forced Intervention Team (common name: Matrix)” as a unit opposing the 9th Division in the “Laughing Man” case.



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