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Is it manager Yoshino Kawaguchi who is flirting with the genius Nakamura Nozomi? verification of the sex appeal of a particular type of lily

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This is a summary of Nakamura Nozomi, a prodigy hitter in the Shin Koshigaya High School baseball club, and her manager Kawaguchi Yoshino from the baseball x kirara anime “Kyuuyomi” which started airing in April 2020.
We’re going to take a thorough look at how two people who didn’t have much contact with each other in the beginning became intimate!

Nozomi Nakamura Character Introduction

出典 : ©マウンテンプクイチ・芳文社/新越谷高校女子野球部 : TVアニメ「球詠」公式サイト

She is a female character in “Kyuuyu”.
She is a freshman on the Shin Koshigaya High School girls’ baseball team and is a left-handed pitcher who plays mainly first base and can play the outfield.
Her number is 3.

She has a blonde bob cut and wears a hairpin with a flower motif.
He is a bit petite at 155 cm tall.

He is from Fukuoka, the kingdom of baseball, and speaks with a Hakata dialect.
In junior high school, she was a mainstay of the powerful Hakozaki Shoyo team, where she batted over 70% of the time.
It seems that he enrolled in the school based on his achievements alone, not knowing that the Shin-Koshigaya High School baseball club has been devastated with only two upperclassmen because most of the members quit due to suspension of activities due to a scandal in the past.

For a while, she thought about transferring to another school, but after being inspired by Yomi Takeda, who is trying to rebuild the baseball club as a new member, Tamaki Yamazaki, who has participated in the national tournament in junior high school, and Shiragiku Omura, who has won a national championship in Kendo and shows the qualities of a power hitter, she decided to join the club.
Since then, she has been leading the team as the keystone of the offense with her hitting skills that are the best in the baseball club.

Her batting control and hitting skills are so good that even the aces of the leading schools give her the respect she deserves.
In practice games, she recorded an overwhelming .523 batting average with zero strikeouts.
On the other hand, she had trouble getting results in the scoring column (0 for 7) for a while, but she overcame this problem and became a versatile hitter who can be the leadoff man or the fourth baseman.

He has always been stoic and serious about baseball, as his hobby is listed as studying hitting.
She has a serious personality, but in spite of her ability, she tends to take things negatively and is the type of player who keeps her worries to herself.

She is voiced by Noguchi Ruriko.

Yoshino Kawaguchi Character Introduction

出典 : ©マウンテンプクイチ・芳文社/新越谷高校女子野球部 : TVアニメ「球詠」公式サイト

She is a female character in “Kyuuyu”.
She is a freshman in the Shin Koshigaya High School girls’ baseball club, and is the manager of the club.
Her number is 10.

She is the twin sister of Kawaguchi Ibuki, a member of the same baseball club.
She differentiates herself from Ibuki by her bob cut, which is styled in a two-sided updo on each side of her hair, differentiating her from the two-tied Ibuki.
She is a bit petite at 155cm tall.

Although she is not a player, she is an avid baseball fan, and has been a thorough fanatic since her junior high school days, checking out all the top players in the game.
Her hobby is data analysis, and she researches the abilities of both her opponents and her teammates in detail and develops countermeasures.
On the other hand, he also has a meek side, and he gets autographs from players he likes and famous players, and has a large collection of autographed balls and posters in his room.

He has always been a fan of the Shin-Koshigaya High School baseball team, partly because his house is in the neighborhood, and partly because of the kindness he received from the players when he was a child, so he decided to enroll in the school.
He volunteered to become the manager.

I manage the team’s nutrition, check the players’ abilities and physical condition, and even take care of their mental health, while working with the advisor, Mr. Fujii, to make practice plans, plan strategies before and during games, and give autographs.
He also takes charge of knockdown and base coaching, and gives massages to players who are exhausted.
She is the hidden pillar of the Shinkoshigaya High School baseball team, managing the players and acting as the team’s leader at the same time.

The voice actor in charge of the character is Noh Shiraki.



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