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【Splatoon 2】 It is the strongest if you use even this one! What? Six weapons boasting top class strength Summary #splatoon # Splatoon

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In order to raise the win rate in the game, I would like to play with as strong weapons as possible. However, “Splatoon 2” has many weapons prepared, which is difficult to judge which is strong.
So I summarized the information of six weapons boasting the top class strength in “Splatoon 2” this time.

Criteria for choosing weapons

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It is difficult to figure out which weapon is strong, weapons are added by updating, so we often get lost in choosing weapons.
Points you want to be conscious of when choosing a strong weapon are “range, fire speed, attack power, manageability” four. By choosing high level weapons for all four items, you can quickly become active in every situation, winning percentage will increase as you will be more likely to defeat the enemy.

Splash shooter collaboration


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With a performance that is suitable for calling the strongest balanced weapon, the combination of the main / sub special is good, and it can correspond to any rule.
The performance of weapons is satisfactory, it is possible to defeat the opponent by hitting three inks directly. There is little blurring of ink, there is sufficient range and shot speed, so difficulty of applying three inks is not high.
Addition to the weapon store with rank 4, the rank necessary for obtaining is also not high so it is also recommended for beginners weapons.

Weak point

Although it is a versatile weapon that can do both painting and battle with enemies, it can not be said that ink efficiency is good if it thinks that it plays two roles.
Although it is not bad at all, it suffers from the difficulty of ink management, such as ink running out in an important phase.

Running around

The point is to be able to defeat the opponent with three shots without saying anything. Think about your opponent’s distance range and let’s be aware of the location that you can definitely make three shots.
In order to prevent running out of ink, it is recommended to install a gear power that is effective to increase ink efficiency.

Dual sweeper custom

It has a longer range than ordinary dual sweeper, it is easy to check enemies from safe position.
By exploiting the long range and sub splash bomb, it is easy to be conscious of attack and defense, and you can make a turn without hesitation.


The sub splash bomb is a powerful weapon if it can be used well, but because it is a Bomu type, it is a difficult point that the consumption of ink is intense. If you use it inadvertently it will run out of ink, so care is required for ink management over other weapons.

Running around

Let’s use the splash bomb after judging the situation to reduce the waste of the ink. Since ink is decreasing after using Bomb, most of it will be knocked down even toward the front as it is. When participating in battle on the front line, please make sure that there is enough ink.
Since ink consumption is severe, it is essential to install gear power to increase ink efficiency.

Long blaster

A long blaster whose fire power is particularly high among the blasters of high selling power. Besides attack power, there is ample range. Sub and special are excellent for using in check and are excellent weapons for battle.
You can kill one by one if the attack hits directly. It is a performance specialized in defeating opponents who can emit two blasts without hitting directly.


The higher the attack power, the poor shot speed, the slow speed of fire. You can not expect the performance of coating such as securing a foothold during battle.

Running around

By giving damage to your opponent by sub or special, you can create a situation that makes it easier to kill your opponent without having to hit it.
People who are not confident about Aim should aim for damage in sub or special.
A jump attack is easy for Aim to break, it is difficult to hit an attack. The jumping attack is kept to the minimum necessary, and attacking from the ground is the point in battle.
Also, because you can not secure a foothold by painting quickly, the probability of being defeated will be lowered if the foothold is already in place and standing in a safe place.



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