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【Fuuka】A thorough explanation of the appeal! Here are the secrets of Koji Seo’s work!

“Fuuka” is a manga that began serialization in Weekly Shonen Magazine in 2014 and ended up being serialized until issue 18 in 2018.
It was also a controversial work because the final episode of “A town where you live”, Koji Seo’s previous work, coincided with the first serialization of “Fuuka”.
I would like to introduce the charms of “Kaze Summer”, which was loved by various readers as a coming-of-age romantic comedy.

“Fuuka” Synopsis

Yuu Haruna transfers to a high school in Tokyo when her parents leave for the U.S. in June for work reasons, and because of her sisters’ work and college commute, she has a fateful encounter with Fuuka Akizuki at her new high school.
Yu gets caught up in Fuuka’s selfish behavior and is pushed around by her, such as having her cell phone broken, pretending to be her boyfriend to buy a strap, and being forced to go along with Koyuki Himashi’s concert.
In the midst of all this, she gradually becomes friends with Fuuka.
Unable to find something that she is truly passionate about, Fuuka decides to take up music after Yu’s comment.
She is then forced to form a band with Fuuka, Yuu, and her classmate Mikasa.
Sara, the sister of Nachi, who had been recruiting Fuuka to the track and field club for a long time, also joins the band and begins to take the first steps towards the legend.


Expectations as a sequel to the previous two works, “Suzuka”

The first attraction of “Fuuka” is that it is a sequel to the previous work “Suzuka”.
“Suzuka” is the second manga in the Koji Seo series, which was serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine and has sold over 5 million copies.
The magazine began serialization in earnest in the 12th issue of 2004 and ended in the 42nd issue of 2007.
It was so popular that it was made into a TV anime and a paperback version of the manga was released, so its sequel, “Kaze Natsu,” was probably taken over directly by the fans of “Suzuka”.
I also think that the original author, Koji Seo, is attracted to the fact that characters from “Suzuka” and his next work, “A town where you live”, appear in “Fuuka”.

Overview of “Suzuka” and its connection to “Fuuka”

Yamato Akizuki, a boy living in Hiroshima Prefecture, goes to high school in Tokyo without thinking about it. Then he starts living in one of the women-only apartments with a public bath where his aunt lives.
Just before entering the school, Yamato visits the school and meets the heroine, Suzuka, and falls in love with her at first sight.
He joins the track and field team just because Suzuka is in the track and field team, but there he meets a track and field rival and starts to take track and field seriously.
After overcoming many difficulties, Yamato finally gets together with Suzuka, and although there were many problems, such as having a child with Suzuka before graduating from high school, the serialization of “Suzuka” ends with a happy ending.
However, the serialization of “Suzuka” ends with a happy ending, and the child born there is Fuuka Akizuki, the main heroine of “Fuuka”.
For this reason, Yamato and Suzuka appear in the story, and in the first volume of “Fuuka,” Yamato wins a silver medal in the Olympics, which gives fans of “Suzuka” a sense of excitement as if they are watching a sequel.


A shocking story that will make your head spin (spoilers for the original story)

The second attraction of “Fuuka” is its bizarre story that no one would expect.
Many people who have seen the anime “Kaze Natsu” may have found it interesting.
There must have been many scenes that gave you goosebumps, such as the exciting battle between Fuka and Koyuki for Yuu, or the school festival live where all the members overcame the Twitter flames.
However, the content of the original story and the anime are actually
However, the original story and the anime are completely different.
In the anime, Fuuka Akizuki avoids the truck and survives, but in the original story, Fuuka dies in the accident.
That’s too unbelievable a development, and the live house will be the scene where the main character, Yuu, blossoms his talent as a vocalist, without Fuka Akizuki coming to the live house.
The development of the main heroine dying so soon in the story, which has never happened before, surprised the readers greatly.
And the band created by Fuuka Akizuki almost broke up spontaneously.
However, a little while after the death of Fuuka Akizuki, Yuu recovered a little and opened his cell phone to find a voicemail from Fuukaon the day of the accident.
Upon hearing this, Yuu reunited the band and started over with dreams of performing at the Budokan.
As you can see, the anime and the original story are completely different, but I think one of the most appealing aspects of the original story is the unprecedented impact it has on the audience.


Attractive female characters with rich personalities

The third attraction of “Fuuka” is that it has many attractive female characters.
This is not limited to “Fuuka”, there are many attractive female characters in Koji Seo’s works, and I think many fans may prefer the supporting characters who are not the main heroines.
Anyway, Seo-sensei is very good at writing female characters in a cute and beautiful way.
In addition to the pictures, there are many different characters with rich personalities.
Some characters, like Fuka Akizuki, are tsundere, while others, like Sara, are both tsundere and prone to misunderstandings.
In this way, each character has its own charm, which is one of the charms of Kouji Seo’s works.
It is also fascinating that he seems to have a special attachment to the supporting characters, and that characters from “Suzuka” and “A town where you live” appear in various places in the work of “Fuuka”.



I have introduced the charm of “Fuuka”.
The appeal of “Fuuka” is
It is a sequel to the popular manga “Suzuka”.
A shocking story in which the main heroine dies prematurely.
There are a lot of attractive female characters, and their individuality will make fans.
There are many attractive female characters, and their individuality will make fans.
There are many attractive female characters, and their individuality will make them fans.
There are also many characters from “Fuuka” in Hitman, which is currently being serialized in the magazine, so please read it.

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