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20 best miko characters! Who looks best in a divine shrine maiden costume?

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We’ve carefully selected 20 of the most popular miko characters in anime!
From a full-fledged shrine maiden whose family is a shrine to a girl who only wears a shrine maiden costume as a part-time job but is popular among anime fans as a shrine maiden, we have compiled a list of shrine maiden characters who have appeared in works since 2000!


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One of the main characters in “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime”, she is a princess of the Oni tribe.
Since her first appearance, she has been wearing a costume similar to that of a miko (shrine maiden), but after joining the Rimuru camp and being given the profession of Kannagi, she began to wear a miko costume.
She has always been a gentle and calm character who can take care of all the household chores, which makes her perfect for the miko costume.

Her voice actress is Sayaka Senbongi.

Ibara Mayaka

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One of the main characters in Hyoka, she is a love-struck girl who joined the Classics Club in pursuit of Satoshi Fukube.
She has a strong personality and doesn’t seem to have a good image of the main character, Houtarou, and initially has a very poisonous tongue, but this perception gradually changes.
In the episode “Happy New Year,” she is described as working part-time as a shrine maiden at Arakusu Shrine.
Although she is not a priestess, her appearance in a priestess costume is quite different from her usual image, and many anime fans are impressed by this gap.

Her voice actress is Ai Kayano.

Domyoji Karin

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A shrine maiden idol who appeared in “The Idol Master Cinderella Girls” when it was first released.
She’s a bit of a klutz, and as she’s aware of this, she lacks self-confidence. At first, her negative comments are noticeable, but as she continues to work as an idol, she seems to be gaining confidence little by little.

Her parents live in a shrine, and she is a true shrine maiden.
She also appeared in the anime.

Her voice actress is Hiyori Nitta.

Tojyo Nozomi

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She is a school idol in “Love Live! She is a school idol and a member of the μ’s group.
She is a spiritual girl who specializes in fortune-telling, and is also known for having the biggest breasts in the Love Live series.

Her parents live in a shrine called Kanda Myojin, where she works as a shrine maiden.
Incidentally, Kanda Myojin is a real shrine.

Her voice actress is Aina Kusuda.

Higami Aisa

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A character that appears in the Vampire Slayer Arc of A Certain Magical Index.
She is one of the “gemstones” that have inborn abilities, and has the ability to kill blood sucking (Deep Blood).
He always wears a shrine maiden costume, but he does not seem to come from a shrine maiden family.

In the manga version, the episode itself was skipped, and the author of the original work declared that there would be no more opportunities for her to be active.
In the manga version, the episode itself was skipped.

Her voice actress is Mamiko Noto.

Himejima Akeno

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She is one of the heroines in “High School DxD” and one of the “two big sisters” of Komaou Academy.
She is half fallen angel and half human, and is also a reincarnated demon.

Her parents live in a shrine, and she is often depicted wearing a miko costume.
She has amazingly large breasts (B102), so even in her supposedly divine shrine maiden outfit, she exudes a lot of pheromones.

Her voice actress is Shizuka Ito.

Ayadori Machi

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The protagonist of Kumamiko is a full-fledged miko character who serves the Kumade Shrine as a shrine maiden.
She is tired of living deep in the mountains in the countryside and wants to go to the city, but is prevented from going by Natsu, a bear who worries about her, because she is extremely shy and weak in away places.

Since she is only 14 years old and has not had much contact with other people in her life, she is mentally immature and easily gets emotional.
In the anime, I took pity on her in many ways.

Her voice actress is Natsumi Hioka.

Jindai Komaki

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A second-year member of the Eimizu Girls’ High School mahjong club, representing Kagoshima Prefecture in “Saki.
She is a skilled mahjong player who has been very active in national tournaments, but while she is serious, she is also a natural and sometimes falls asleep during a game.
Although it is not stated that her family is a shrine, her teammates, who are from a branch of the Jindai family, also wear shrine maiden costumes and are called “princesses” by the girls.

The voice actress is Saori Hayami.

Incidentally, in the spin-off “Saki: Achiga-hen episode of side-A”, Nozomi, the older sister of Atarashi Ako, who has a shrine in her family, appears as a shrine maiden.

Miyamizu Mituha

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The female protagonist and heroine of “Your name”. The female protagonist and heroine of “Your Name.
She is a high school girl living in the countryside deep in the mountains, and works as a shrine maiden at the Miyamizu Shrine.

She is one of the most popular miko characters of the 2010s, and her costume is quite impressive.
Her “mouthful of sake” scene was quite a hit.

Her voice actress is Mone Kamishiraishi.

Tuchimikado Natume

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She is the heroine of the first part of “Tokyo Ravens” and the protagonist of the second part.
She is the next head of the Tsuchimikado family, whose ancestor is Abe Seimei, and was born with a great deal of talent and possesses excellent magical abilities.

He was born with considerable talent and possesses excellent magical abilities. People around him seem to think that he is serious and unapproachable, but he has a friendly attitude toward those he has forgiven.
She is a clumsy miko character with many disappointing elements, but her cute personality has won her the support of anime fans.

Her voice actress is Kana Hanazawa.



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