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【Kingdom】Talk about a fascinating look at the Top 5 of this magazine’s poll for the Weekly Young Jump Popular Character General Election!

Kingdom is an extremely popular manga series that has been serialized in Weekly Young Jump since 2006, and has sold over 66 million copies as of the release of its 58th volume.
It won the Manga Grand Prize at the 17th Osamu Tezuka Cultural Award, and a TV anime started in 2012, with a live-action movie released in 2019.
In 2020, the first general election of popular characters was held in Weekly Young Jump.
There was both a main magazine poll and a web poll, and this time I’d like to introduce the top five in the main magazine poll.

No.5・Karyoten, the brains and cuteness of the Hishintai.


The fifth place in our survey is Karyoten.
He is a descendant of the now deceased mountain people Owumei, and has been living alone in Kurobei Village since the death of his grandfather. In appearance, he wears a cloak that resembles a bird’s head, and anyone who sees him for the first time would think he is a mysterious creature.
In order to reach the place of Masashi and Makoto, he learns military strategy from Changping, one of the four pillars of the Lu Clan in the Lu Wei camp, which is the opposite of Masashi’s camp.
He then joins the Flying Corps as a military strategist when Shin is in trouble as a thousandth general. His skills as a military strategist were recognized by Shohei-kun, and he contributed greatly to the victory of the Tobishintai.
In addition, when she joined the Tobishintai, she appealed to the fact that she was a woman, and although it was an accident during the battle with the combined forces, she was on good terms with Nobu when she kissed him.
In the live-action movie, Kanna Hashimoto, who is also known for her role in Gintama, plays the role of Kawaryo Diao, and she is definitely a popular character in both the original story and the live-action movie.

No.4・Oki, the Great General of the Chinese Empire


The fourth place in our survey is Oki
Oki is the last of the six great generals of the Qin Dynasty who have made a name for themselves in China. He was feared as the “Monster Bird of the Qin Dynasty” by the powers that be, and at the height of his power, the mere mention of his name was enough to make people surrender their castles.
The appeal of Oki is his overwhelming presence and strength.
One of the reasons why he is so popular is because of his single-minded love for LAGO, one of the six generals. He fell for Li Mu’s ruse and lost his life in the return battle after a fierce battle with Pang Mi, but even in death, he proved that he was a great general under heaven.
Such a great general under heaven, Wang Zi, teaches Nobu the important things as a general until the end, and he is always a target for Nobu.
In the live-action movie, Takao Osawa gives a passionate performance, and we can’t take our eyes off the way he expresses the atmosphere of the manga.

No.3・Feared as the King of Death, but with good looks Youtannwa

The third place in our survey is Youtannwa, the king of the mountain people.
He is the king who united the mountain people, who spread further west than the Qin Dynasty in the westernmost part of China, by force of arms at a young age. Although he is feared as the “King of Death,” Yang Danhe is a woman with good looks that can charm even a wall.
He helped the government from the time of the King’s Brother Rebellion and rushed to the greatest pinch of the Qin Dynasty during the battle against the combined forces.
In addition, his ability to unite members such as Bajioo, Tajif, and Shunmen, as well as members with rich personalities such as Dante, King of Figo, and Kitari of the Mera tribe, is remarkable. There is no doubt that he will be a key point in the future unification of China, so we can look forward to Yang Dan He’s activities.
In the live-action movie, she was played by Masami Nagasawa and was both cool and beautiful.

No.2・Kyoukai, with its cuteness and interdimensional strength

The second place of this magazine’s questionnaire is Kyoukai.
Kyoukai is a strong and cute person who is the second-in-command of the Flying Corps. She is a legendary assassin Chi You with a thousand years of history, and he fights with the god in his body by using a special breathing technique called Shumai.
In the beginning, the purpose of life for Kyoukai was to avenge his sister’s death, but in the life with the Flying Corps, he gradually found the hope other than avenging.
And then, Kyoukai left the unit temporarily, took the enemy of her sister, and came back to the Flying Corps. From there, as the second-in-command of the Flying Corps, he gained a lot of military achievements.
The Kyoukai who grows up cute and strong as she gets older, the Kingdom fans will not be able to take their eyes off her.

No.1・Shin is an idiot, but he loves his friends and never stops growing


The first place in this magazine’s survey is Shin.
He is the protagonist of the Kingdom, and the man who inherited the contraption of the King’s horse and the shield of the King’s Tiger.
He lost his family in the war and lived as an orphan in his childhood. There, he met another war orphan, Drifting, and began to dream of becoming a great general. Drifting is caught up in a war between his brother and sister and dies, but there he meets Qin Wangcheng and begins his first steps toward becoming a general.
In the course of his many military exploits, he becomes the leader of an independent army called the Flying Shintai, and overcomes various deaths with his friends to grow up.
Shin’s straightforward and uncompromising pursuit of becoming a great general is so strong that everyone in the Flying Corps is willing to give up their lives to protect him. His friends call him an idiot and a fool, but he is loved and trusted by everyone.
He is loved and trusted by everyone.
This is probably the reason why he is so popular, as he fights with the feelings of his friends. In addition, the way he inherits the will of General Wangki and General iganga and grows up day by day is probably the main reason why he became a fan.
In the live-action movie, Kento Yamazaki plays a passionate role, and his acrobatic sword fighting is also one of his charms.


We have introduced some of the most popular characters in Kingdom.
No. 1 is Shin, the main character, with his daily growth and straightforward attitude.
No. 2 is Kyokai, the second-in-command of the Flying Shintai, with his strength and cuteness in handling the shamanic dance that carries the gods in his body.
The third is Yotanwa, the king of the mountain, who has overwhelming strength and good looks, and brings the crooks together.
No. 4 is the Qin Dynasty’s monstrous bird, Oki, who has a unique personality but also possesses overwhelming strength and wisdom, and is popular for his great capacity as a general.
No. 5 is Karyoten, a military strategist in the Flying Corps and a cute character.
Among the many unique characters in the Kingdom, I got the impression that strong and attractive female characters were at the top of the list.

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