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Who will win Catalina? An in-depth look at the odds of a male character winning a romantic race

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From the popular anime “I’ve Been Reincarnated as a Villainous Lady with a Ruin Flag in an Otome Game”, we feature four handsome men surrounding the main character, Katarina!
We take a thorough look at who among them is most likely to win Catalina over, based on their appeal!

Is Geord the real deal?

出典 : © 山口悟・一迅社/はめふら製作委員会 : TVアニメ『乙女ゲームの破滅フラグしかない悪役令嬢に転生してしまった…』公式サイト

In “Mehura”, the main character is reincarnated as Katarina Claes, the villainous girl in the world of the otome game “FORTUNE LOVER”, and tries to change her destiny by interacting with handsome men, women in her family, and Maria, the main character of the game.
The villainous daughter is the enemy of the main character and the villainous position in the game, so the end result is always disastrous.
FORTUNE LOVER” is no exception, and when the story has a happy ending, the villainess is exiled from the country behind the hero and the hero’s relationship, and when the story has a bad ending, she dies.

The first hurdle for Katarina as she struggles to avoid that doomsday ending is the presence of Geordi Stiart.

Voiced by Aoi Shota, Geord’s in-game setting is Katarina’s fiancé, the third prince of the Sorcier Kingdom.
However, the game’s scenario doesn’t show any interest in Katarina, and the only routes available are a happy ending where he eventually gets engaged to Maria, or a bad ending where he turns around and kills Katarina when she tries to stab him out of jealousy.
In other words, if the game’s scenario remains the same, Katarina is doomed.

So Katarina decides to abandon her original role as the villainous daughter and try not to bully Maria, but she decides that it’s not enough.
Because Giord is a character who has not only the outward face of a refreshingly orthodox prince, but also a dark-hearted and dusky underbelly.
If he wishes to be united with Maria, he could well humiliate Katarina in order to break off the engagement.

In order to escape from Geord, Katarina thought that she should train her swordsmanship and magic power so that she would be able to protect herself in case of an emergency… As a young girl, Katarina worked hard at farming in order to increase the magical power of her earthen attribute.
Then, Katarina’s action of “cultivating the soil to increase her magical power” seems like an odd behavior to those around her, but Geord takes a strong interest in it, and she naturally drifts away from the game’s scenario.
Later on, when he developed a fondness for Katarina, he didn’t grow into the dark-hearted douchebag character he was originally meant to be, but continued to hold the position of Katarina’s fiancé as a legitimately handsome character.

In the game of romance, the fiancé position is not necessarily the real deal.
It’s more often than not, it’s more of a guessing game.

However, in the case of Geord, it’s a pretty powerful flag.
In fact, the day before the protagonist died in a car accident and was reincarnated as Katarina, he attacked the geold route.
Therefore, he is the character with whom the protagonist is most closely associated, and I expect the probability of him winning Catalina is [30%].

Is Keith too serious and demanding?

出典 : © 山口悟・一迅社/はめふら製作委員会 : TVアニメ『乙女ゲームの破滅フラグしかない悪役令嬢に転生してしまった…』公式サイト

Keith Kraes, voiced by Tetsuya Kakibara, is Katarina’s brother-in-law.
He is the child of a prostitute and the head of Viscount Coleman, an offshoot of the Duke of Claes family, and has grown up to be a person who has been mistreated by his surroundings.
In the FORTUNE LOVER scenario, it seems that Catalina, the villainous daughter, also treats him coldly.

As a result, Keith in the game had an affectionate childhood and became a reactionary, misogynistic man.
And when Maria fills his loneliness, the two fall in love.

However, in the world where the protagonist was reincarnated as Catalina, he planned to prevent Keith and Maria from falling in love with each other in order to avoid entering the Keith route, which would probably have only a doomed ending for Catalina.
He decides to take care of his brother-in-law a lot so that he won’t be alone.

As a result, Keith misses Catalina and eventually falls in love with her.

The position of brother and sister-in-law (brother and sister) doesn’t have a good chance of winning in a romance.
Moreover, in his case, it’s good that he became a serious and kind young man because of Katarina’s influence, but in a female-oriented work, serious and kind characters are a losing proposition.
Currently, Keith’s chances of getting together with Katarina are not very high.

However, he is very popular with readers and viewers, and is the top favorite among men.
If this popularity is reflected in his popularity, he may have a Keith END.
Therefore, I expect him to have a [20%] chance of winning Catalina.

Is Alan’s complex avenging him?

出典 : © 山口悟・一迅社/はめふら製作委員会 : TVアニメ『乙女ゲームの破滅フラグしかない悪役令嬢に転生してしまった…』公式サイト

Alan Stiart, who is voiced by Tatsuhisa Suzuki, is Geord’s twin brother.
However, they are easy to distinguish because of their different hair colors and their personalities are completely different.

From his childhood, Alan was constantly compared to Geord, who could do everything perfectly, and had a strong complex about him.
On the other hand, he was overprotected because he was sickly and weak, and he is the “Prince of Me” who has a tendency to be a spoiled child.
However, when Maria affirmed his weakness, he came out of his shell and stopped seeing Geord as a rival and started to value his own character.

In the scenario within FORTUNE LOVER, there is actually very little contact between him and Katarina.
In the Alan route, Catalina does not become an obstruction character, but rather Mary Hunt, Alan’s fiancée, is Maria’s rival character.
Therefore, Katarina does not have a tragic end in the Alan route.

However, due to the effects of the reincarnated Katarina inadvertently ripping off Alan’s lines in the game, Mary begins to adore Katarina more than Alan, and Alan begins to see Katarina as a one-sided rival to her.
Later, Katarina taught Geord’s weakness (the snake), and the relationship improved.
From then on, the two have continued to have a bad-buddy relationship even after growing up.

Alan and Mary’s flag has almost been snapped as their inferiority complex with Geord faded early on, but his love flag with Katarina has not been raised, and it’s hard to deny the impression that he’s late to the hero race.
I expect him to have a [5%] chance of winning Catalina.



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