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Is Hayasaka Ai’s love for Kaguya genuine? Verification summary

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*Updated 4/24!!!

Ai Hayasaka, who is said to be the most popular female character in “Kaguya-sama wa Tsutsumi wo Kettei Here’s a summary of what we’re talking about!
Her charm, her relationship with Kaguya, who is also like a sister to her, and her love for Kaguya is an act. or if he meant it!

Outline of Ai Hayasaka

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She is one of the main characters in “Kaguya-sama wa Tsutsumi wo Sadaeratetai” and is the daughter of a Shinomiya Group executive.
She is a servant to the Shinomiya family and serves as the maidservant to the main character of the story, Shinomiya Kaguya.

She is an Irish quarter, with her light-colored hair tied up on the side.
She has a wide variety of faces as she can disguise herself as a maid, gal, or guy depending on the situation.

Her grades are slightly lower, ranking 114th in her grade.
However, this is probably because she is so busy with Kaguya that it is difficult to find the time to study.
His intelligence is not bad at all.

He and Kaguya are like sisters, and he is one of the few people who can show his true colors, including his fondness for the student council president, Miyuki Shirogane.
Because of this, he tends to be dependent on Kaguya and has to take care of a lot of difficult tasks, which causes him a lot of stress in his daily life.

Because of this, he is a bit of a slippery character, and although he is usually calm and cool, his frustrations sometimes explode.
She is also sometimes mean to Kaguya, as if she is just venting to vent appropriately. Yara asserts that he has a “bad character”. (But it’s mutual.)

He doesn’t have much contact with his mother, so he has mixed feelings about her.
But basically, she has a pretty strong desire to be pampered, and in short, she is a motherfucker.

The voice actor in charge of the anime is Hanamori Yumiri.

A cool beauty who doesn’t shy away from the Lord (Kaguya)

出典 : ©赤坂アカ/集英社・かぐや様は告らせたい製作委員会 : TOP | TVアニメ『かぐや様は告らせたい~天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦~』公式サイト

Kaguya Shinomiya, the vice-chairman of the prestigious Shuichiin Academy and the daughter of the huge financial conglomerate “Shinomiya Group” with total assets of 200 trillion yen, has a girl the same age as her, who has been supporting her life as a samurai since elementary school.
She is Ai Hayasaka, the daughter of an executive of the Shinomiya Group.
Since they are like sisters, Kaguya trusts her with her life and she is one of the few people who can express her true self.

On the other hand, Hayasaka also has different feelings towards Kaguya, saying “Kaguya-sama is like a younger sister to me before she is my master”.
Or rather, she seems to have little awareness of the master-slave relationship.
She is quite unprincipled, making Kaguya cry with her righteous violence, looking at her personal belongings without permission, and even touching her mobile phone without permission.

The other mode is just plain cute

出典 : ©赤坂アカ/集英社・かぐや様は告らせたい製作委員会 : TOP | TVアニメ『かぐや様は告らせたい~天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦~』公式サイト

The relationship between Kaguya and Hayasaka is kept secret from everyone except the members of the Shinomiya family.
The same goes for the members of the student council, including President Shirogane and his best friend Chika Fujiwara, who is Kaguya’s confidant.

In order not to let the people around her know about her relationship with them, Hayasaka disguises herself as someone who is related to Kaguya.

For example, when she meets Chairman Shirogane, she changes her hair style, eye color (contacts), and breast size (weight gain) and mimics “Smithy A. Hasaka-chan” (Hasaka-chan).
Hersaka-chan is “a good and faithful young lady who lives in Yokohama, who is tired of her boring school and goes to Tokyo to look for men… but recently she meets a man (the chairman) whom she can take seriously”.

On the other hand, when she meets Secretary Fujiwara, she appears to be wearing a man’s outfit, “Hasaka-kun”.
He is an Irishman who lost his parents in the Middle East conflict, graduated from Harvard with a bachelor’s degree, and is now a butler in his father’s homeland of Japan, where he is expected to work for a conglomerate.

Furthermore, she is the school’s mimic, Hayasaka Ai, who is a “fashion-loving, seemingly light-hearted gal, but in fact, she is a part-time worker who has never been with a man before”.
There are no signs of her usual personality in any of the characters, especially in the Gyaru mode, she has a no-nonsense tone of voice that is the complete opposite of her usual cool appearance.
And best of all, every single Hayasaka in every mode is cute!
It’s a delicious character in one piece.

What’s the real story behind the “love of Hayasaka of the Shingu family”?

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When it comes to his work, Hayasaka is very aware of his work and can do it almost perfectly, but that doesn’t stop him from having to deal with unforeseen circumstances (Fujiwara Encounters with the Secretary, etc.) and troublesome situations (Kaguya’s selfishness, etc.), the workload increases quickly. Stress also seems to increase.
In many cases, it comes to the surface in the form of voices, monologues, and complaints to the chairman, especially to Kaguya, which can be quite bitter.

But it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like Kaguya, that he’s actually a bit smothered by her, or that he doesn’t like her at all.

In the episode “I Can’t Hear the Sound of Fireworks” in volume 5, when Kaguya is summoned to the main residence in Kyoto and her father is too indifferent to her, Hayasaka very quietly reveals his anger and gently lays his hand on Kaguya’s hand.
He hates the situation where Kaguya is treated like an ornament, but he understands Kaguya’s position of having to live her life as the daughter of the Shinomiya Group, and shares her pain by being there for her.

Sometimes it doesn’t seem that way on the surface, but it seems that Hayasaka’s love for Kaguya is genuine.

The only thing that comes to mind, however, is the description of each of Hayasaka’s modes on the explanation page in volume 11.
Here, in addition to the aforementioned explanations of “Hasaka-chan”, “School Mimicry Hayasaka Ai”, and “Hasaka-kun”, there is also a reference to Hayasaka when she is usually serving the Shinomiya family, called “vs. Shinomiya Family Hayasaka Ai”.

There it says, “She is a cool maid who does everything without a hitch. She sometimes rebels against her master’s selfishness, and has a slightly cocky attitude, but with deep affection and a sister who is more than a master and a servant. It is written that “they have a relationship like a relationship…….”.
If we take this as it is, then Hayasaka is just one of her many mimics when she is in contact with Kaguya…….

Also, in Episode 108 (Episode 98 of this magazine) “Hayasaka Ai wants to talk”, which is included in Volume 11, she reminisces to Chairman Shiragin that she is investigating Kaguya’s personal affairs at the behest of the main family of the Shingu family.
In fact, he reports everything about Kaguya’s high school life to the Honke family.
In other words, he was sent by the head family to keep a close eye on Kaguya and make sure that she does not stray from the main path of the Shingu family.

From this aspect alone, it can be interpreted that Hayasaka is playing the part of a persona that Kaguya likes easily in order to facilitate her espionage activities.
This is because Kaguya is underprivileged and hungry for family love, so it is reasonable for her to be in a position like her sister’s to be a source of support for her heart.

However, the insightful Kaguya has been with him for more than a decade, and there’s no way she wouldn’t notice it.
She would have long since seen that Hayasaka was her own watchdog, reporting regularly to the Honke, for example.
Kaguya is also a girl who always lives under a mask, so she can’t be oblivious to this.
They understand everything about each other’s actions and position in life, and yet they still treat each other like sisters.

I assume that Hayasaka is playing the role of “love of Hayasaka versus the Shinomiya family” in order to show the main family that she is acting like an older sister in order to get into Kaguya’s good graces, and thus preserve the environment in which she can stay close to Kaguya.
Again, Hayasaka’s love for Kaguya is genuine.

What about your own love life…?

出典 : ©赤坂アカ/集英社・かぐや様は告らせたい製作委員会 : TOP | TVアニメ『かぐや様は告らせたい~天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦~』公式サイト

Hayasaka is resigned to Kaguya, who is becoming more and more of an idiot due to her color-blindness, but on the other hand, he is also envious of her.
It seems that Hayasaka has never had a passionate love affair that could even change her personality.

Since she has no experience in love, she naturally has no experience in kissing.
When Kaguya told her about kissing the Chairman, she wanted to hear her impressions of the kiss first before any other thing, revealing that she was actually a maiden.

She has good looks that she’s proud of, but perhaps it was difficult for her to meet someone because she had her hands full taking care of Kaguya.

But she has her hands full taking care of Kaguya, so it may be difficult for her to meet someone.
She investigates his personality for Kaguya, and even though she is disgusted by his naive behavior, she calls him cute, and before she knows it, they are on line with each other, so she is probably more or less aware of his charm.

There was a trivial argument with Kaguya, and although he said “I can get Shiroginku to fall in love with her” and tried his best, it ended in failure…
This is nothing but the pseudo experience of falling in love with the Chairman and it is a great flag for the reader’s point of view.

After that, Mr. Shiroginko-chan decides to participate in a blind date, and in order to prevent him from doing so, Mr. Hayasaka, who is in “Hasaka-chan” mode, is sent by Kaguya, declares his revenge and approaches Mr. Chairman, saying “I can do it this time”.
However, he is shot down by the Chairman’s voice that sounds like the internal organs of a sea cucumber, and the flag is broken.

After all, for Hayasaka, Chairman Shiragin is only a “lover of his master” and cannot be a romantic interest.

In romantic comedies, both the good and bad sides of a character in a romantic comedy are made public in detail, and although there are many fans who support the character, they also think that he is a troublesome guy.
This is especially true in the case of “Kaguya-sama”, which is based on the theme of the troublesome nature of romance.

Hayasaka, like Scribe Fujiwara, is a character that never involves romance, so he will continue to be popular in the future.
However, whether that makes him happy or not… it may be quite complicated.


Hersaka in the anime, as expected… or maybe even cuter than I expected!
Yumuri Hanamori’s crisp performance was great too!
But I don’t think the extent of Hersaka’s cuteness has yet to be fully exploited just to the extent it was visualized in the first season, so I’d love to see them do a second season and beyond!

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