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【 I was looking forward to it last night】Is Goro (Miyako Okamoto) the ideal heroine for otaku? A thorough examination

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We picked up Miyako Okamoto, a.k.a. “Goro-san”, the heroine from the popular manga “I was looking forward to it last night”, which has also been made into a TV drama!
We thoroughly examined whether she is the ideal woman for “Dracula 10” players and game enthusiasts alike!

Miyako Okamoto Character Profile

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A female character who appears in “I was looking forward to it last night” and is the heroine of this game.
A player of the online game “Dragon Quest X”.
She plays as an Ogre (male) with the registered name of “Goro”, but she is not conscious of being a nenabe at all, and does not seem to be hiding the fact that she is a woman, but her friends think she is a man.

In real life, she is a working adult who works at a nail salon.
When she’s out and about, she looks like a full-fledged gyaru (girly-girl), complete with lush hair, fake eyelashes, colored contacts, and nails, but when she’s relaxing in her room, she becomes a simple girl with glasses.
She has a baby face.

Despite her polite tone in the game, in real life her tone is a bit coarse and she is a strong-willed person who says things clearly.
She has a strong aura of being full of life, and seems to be a woman who is difficult to get close to.
In reality, however, she is a very attentive and good-natured girl, and her casual kindness shines through both in the game and in real life.

She may not look like a gamer, but she’s actually quite a hard worker.
Since his childhood, he has been a consumerist who enjoys playing various games when his older brother is not around, and has played various games regardless of the release date or genre, such as “Tactics Oga” and “Nier Automata”.
As for Dracula 10, she quickly finished the quests that were delivered to her, and she has a S rank in the Colosseum, an interpersonal combat facility that female players tend to shy away from.

She is also an excellent manicurist, and can do painful nails with great skill.
She also contributes to the salon by attracting customers, such as having repeat customers of celebrities, and her manager has even endorsed her, saying, “If you want to go independent, don’t hesitate to ask.
She sometimes thinks about Dracula at work, but it doesn’t seem to interfere with her customer service or treatment at all.

He and the main character, Takumi Satsuki (Powder), a young man who controls Pukuripo (a woman), belong to the same team, Heaven Slime, in Dracula 10. He didn’t know what “nekama” meant and thought she was a woman even after Pau came out in the game.
Because of this, both of them mistakenly thought that they were of the same sex, and when Pau-san proposed to share a room with her, they agreed without hesitation.
When Pau-san suggested that we share a room, I agreed without hesitation. Later, when it was revealed that we were both heterosexual, I was puzzled, but since I trusted Pau-san’s humanity in the game, I decided to share a room without worrying.

From then on, Pau-san and I have been friends for a long time, both as gaming buddies living under the same roof and as the closest members of the opposite sex.



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