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Kaguya-sama wants to make her tell him] What does Kobachi want to do with Ishigami and Miko? Thorough examination

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We’ve put together a summary of Ishigami’s love life and the notable character that seems to hold the key to Kaguya-sama’s future, Kobachi Osaragi!
Based on her actions and statements, whose purpose is vaguely unreadable, we thoroughly examine whether she is really an enemy of Ishigami or an ally!

Character Overview of Kobati Osaragi

出典 : ©赤坂アカ/集英社 Copyright © SHUEISHA Inc. : 『かぐや様は告らせたい~天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦~』原作公式サイト

She appears in “Kaguya-sama wa Tsutsume wo Koerase” and is a first year high school student at Shuichiin Academy.
She is characterized by her thick lens glasses and her haircut that makes her forehead look wide.
She is quite plain looking in terms of readers.

She appears as a member of the same public morals committee as Iino Miko (Iino Miko), a candidate for student council president, and her best friend from elementary school.
On the day of the election, she made a speech in support of Miko, but the election ended in the victory of the current president, Miyuki Shirogane, who asked her to join the student council along with Miko, but she refused.
After Miko joined the student council, he continues to watch over her as her good friend.

As mentioned above, at first glance, she looks rather plain, but she was later revealed to be one of the most beautiful girls in the school.
She is also active in heterosexual relationships and goes out with Kazeno, who is the leader of the cheerleading squad for the red team at the gym festival and is highly regarded by everyone around her, but they soon break up because they don’t get along with each other and her muscle training outfit is a pain in the ass.
On the other hand, he is also a bit of an otaku, and has a strange side to him, as when he draws a “person” on his hand, he immediately develops an attachment to it and names it after himself.

The motif of the story is “The Bowl of the Buddha’s Stone”, one of the five difficult characters in “Taketori Monogatari”.

The voice actor in charge of the story is Rina Hidaka.

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Is Osaragi afraid of Miko being “change Isigami”?

出典 : ©赤坂アカ/集英社 Copyright © SHUEISHA Inc. : 『かぐや様は告らせたい~天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦~』原作公式サイト

Daibutsu has been in a supporting position for a while since his first appearance, but he was definitely one of the key characters from the beginning when the five difficult problems were used as a motif.
And just like that motif, Daibutsu is going to be a character that will be deeply involved in Ishigami’s future.

Ishigami is abhorred by most of his classmates due to the frame-up that he “stalked a classmate girl and beat her boyfriend” during middle school.
Daibutsu was one of the few girls who were skeptical of the story.
She also knows about his character, as she witnessed Ishigami secretly removing a piece of paper on Miko’s back with a bad word written on it, so at least her impression of Ishigami is not a bad one.

However, she senses that Miko is becoming aware of Ishigami as a member of the opposite sex and thinks that this is a bad move, not good.
Later on, she smiled when Ishigami asked her boyfriend, Tsubame, out on a date, and it was also suggested that she would borrow the student council’s investigation file without permission and give it to Tsubame to prove that the rumors of Ishigami’s stalking was a hoax.
If taken straightforwardly, it can only be interpreted as an attempt to get Ishigami and Miko to stop dating each other.

Several hypotheses can be made regarding these words and actions of Daibutsu.
For example, it could be due to the fear that if Miko gets together with Ishigami, she will be isolated from the others, or it could be due to the fear that due to Miko’s character, getting together with Ishigami would be a big negative for her.

In one of the few episodes depicting Daibutsu’s emotions, she accurately analyzes the process that led to Ishigami’s dislike of her in “I Want to Crack Down on the Daibutsu Kobachi,” included in volume 9.
She also shows that she is aware that Ishigami and Miko are similar.
There is no doubt that the Great Buddha would be familiar with Miko’s character.

In other words, the Great Buddha might think that what happened to Ishigami could happen to Miko at any time.

If Ishigami is in love with Tsubame, and Miko seriously falls for him, not only would it be hard on Ishigami, but also Tsubame, due to Miko’s personality.
And if it becomes public knowledge, the people around her will side with Tsubame-senpai, who is very popular in the school, and Miko will be attacked.
I can only guess that Miko, who has a similar personality to Ishigami, is not making excuses and will take it all on herself and become isolated… and that’s how far she is concerned.

In case you’re wondering, there’s no possibility of a yuri-like thought of “I don’t want Miko to be taken” as a big hole, but it’s infinitely less likely.

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She’s too much of an enigma for me to understand at the moment, but she’s one of the difficult girls and I can’t even imagine her as a character from her first appearance.
I hope that the only thing that hasn’t changed is that she’s on Miko’s side.

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