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【Pokemon】What is Kojiro’s past? Here’s a compilation of information about Kojiro, who is full of Pokémon love and kindness

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Kojiro works with Musashi and Meowth as a Rocket Team. He has a strong image of standing in front of Satoshi many times and getting beaten back, right?
Some people may be so preoccupied with this image that they don’t know what kind of character Kojiro is.
In this article, we summarize about Kojiro, his personality, his past before he joined the Rockettes, and more.


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In the beginning, Kojiro was an unimaginably narcissistic, always pretentious and jerky character from his current appearance.
However, as the series progresses, his true character is revealed, and his naïve and badass side becomes more and more prominent.
He also has a childlike side that has a tendency to collect things and to trust people and be deceived. There are often glimpses of good character that you wouldn’t expect to find in an evil organization.

Childhood collecting habit

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You can catch a glimpse of Kojiro’s childlike personality, and he still shows his childlike spirit and collecting habits.
Behind the Rockettes’ activities, he continues to collect candy freebies and Pokémon cards. She gets information about Pokemon from the Pokemon cards she collects, so she has a lot of knowledge about Pokemon.
She supports Musashi, who has little knowledge about Pokémon.

He is even more enthusiastic about collecting bottle crowns than he is about candy and Pokémon cards. He started collecting crowns when he was two years old and is a hardcore collector.
With just a glance at a crown, you can tell the date of manufacture and production. There is no one who knows more about crowns than Kojiro.
As an adult, he is still fascinated by crowns to the point that he picks up fallen crowns at any moment.

Anyway, it’s kind and loving to Pokémon

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Pokémon are just tools for the Rockettes, who plan to use the power of strong Pokémon to take over the world. They easily let go of any Pokémon they deem weak and useless.
Kojiro belongs to the Rockettes, but he doesn’t treat his own Pokémon lightly. He treats Pokémon both in the wild and in his possession with love and kindness.
It’s not uncommon for Kojiro to let go of a Pokémon in the hope that it will be happy, but the Pokémon won’t leave his side. Kojiro is loved by Pokémon because he loves them.

Speaking of Kojiro, you can see him getting hugged or bitten when he launches his Pokemon. It’s an expression of affection in its own way, as a Pokémon that misses Kojiro.
If you had taken a different path, you would have been a genius Pokémon breeder. It’s a shame to keep it as a member of the Rocket Pack.

Possession Pokémon

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So far, Kojiro has caught the following Pokémon. There tend to be a lot of grass-type and esper-type Pokémon.

・Mime Jr

In the anime, as in the game, it is basic to capture Pokémon with a monster ball. However, Kojiro doesn’t use Monster Ball to capture Pokémon.
Kojiro’s way is to feed them and make them miss their Pokémon and add them to his hand. Kojiro’s personality, which is full of love for Pokémon, makes it possible for him to do this trick.



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