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How did she win the hearts of the netizens?

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The secret of the likability of the main character, Evil God-chan Dropkick, in the TV anime “Evil God-chan Dropkick,” which will begin airing its second season in April 2020, is thoroughly examined!
We’ve compiled a list of reasons why the demonic, scruffy, evil God-chan is so popular with the netizens!

Evil God-chan Character Introduction

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She is a female character in “Evil God Girl Dropkick” and is the main character of this work.
She is a genuine demon who was summoned to the human world by the occult-loving gothic loli college student Yurine Hanazono for curiosity.

When Yurine did not have the grimoire with her, she tried to return to the demon world, but her attempt to return was met with rejection, and she ended up living with the demon in a desperate attempt.

Although he is a god of evil, he is a lamia (half-man, half-snake) in appearance, a blonde beauty in the upper part of his body and a giant snake (cobra) in the lower part of his body.
His upper body is always naked, but his chest is covered by his long hair, so he goes out without any problems.
The lower half of the snake’s body does not interfere with its ability to move and jump at all.

In order to return to the demon world, she tries to kill Yurine at any opportunity with a one-hit killing dropkick, but all of her attempts fail.
She tries to call her friend Medusa to help her, but she is easily spotted, and each time she receives a bizarre punishment, she is promised to be disfigured.
Fortunately, he has a high-level regenerative ability that allows him to recover from fatal wounds, so he is fully recovered by the next episode.

Because he is a demon, his character is cowardly and cunning; he lies without a care in the world, easily betrays even his friends, and does not hesitate to commit ghastly acts.
However, he’s not evil at heart, he has a lonely and caring side, and rarely does good things.

He doesn’t have a strong mentality, and is bullheaded towards those who are weaker than him, and weak-kneed towards those who are higher in rank, and he is not very good with frogs.
He also has nervous gastritis.
By human standards, he’s quite athletic, but by demon standards, he’s one of the weakest.

He is in awe of Yurine, and even though she should be killed, he is completely tamed, and takes the lead in taking care of her and doing all the household chores.
Because of this, her cooking skills are top-notch.
He has a typical codependent relationship with Medusa, calling her an ATM, which she always spoils, but he becomes distraught the moment he thinks she has a friend or significant other whom he doesn’t know.

She loves the food and entertainment of the human world (mainly pachinko and shashaggae), and her original goal of returning to the demon world seems to have become less of a priority as she has grown fond of her life with friends and sisters like Minos and Pell-chan around her besides Medusa.

She is voiced by Suzuki Aina.

The charm of “~Desu-no”, which is a scum but not hateful

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As mentioned above, Evil God-chan is an unquestionable scum.
However, in this hard times where anyone with even the slightest fault would be beaten up, Evil God-chan, who is covered in faults, is looked at favorably by anime fans.

One of the reasons for this is the ladylike tone of voice, “~isn’t it?
It is a tone that can often be seen in female characters and is not a part of the character’s originality, but it has quietly become so prevalent among anime fans that the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of this tone of voice is Evil God-chan.

So why does this not-so-unusual tone of voice feel so distinctive?

The ladylike tone is not a monopoly of neat and clean ladies, and is often used by characters like the so-called villainous ladies.
However, even though her position is that of an antagonist, she is well-bred, so few characters use vulgar language.

On the other hand, Evil God-chan always uses dirty words like “I’m going to kill you” and “I’m having a good time”.
Combining vulgar language with an elegant tone of voice creates a gap and makes it easier to be remembered.

In addition, this ladylike tone mitigates the bad language rhetoric considerably.
She is a foul-mouthed girl who curses not only at humans but also at Medusa who adores her, but her tone of voice is less harsh than the content of her speech.
It’s the magic of the endings.

By the way, since Medusa is the daughter of a nobleman in the demon world, she seems to have been brought up well.
However, this tone of voice gives the impression that she’s making a young lady character, and she doesn’t seem to use it much when she’s really cornered or in a situation where she doesn’t have time to spare.



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