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【PC/PS4】Strategy tips and techniques for the very popular FALL GUYS with their cute looks and simple gameplay! Recommended skins!

This game is a battle royale game that was just released for PlayStation 4/PC on August 4, 2020. As for the setting, the game features simple gameplay in which you control a jelly bean-like character called the Fall Guy and try to win first place out of 60 players.
Most of the battle royale games released so far have had a shooter element, and the general system is to fight in one area until you are the last one standing. However, in this game, the final round begins when the number of players drops below a certain level by playing multiple rounds of 24 randomly selected mini-games, and it is a popular game among gamers around the world because it is quick and easy to play without any shooter elements! In this article, I’ll be introducing round-by-round strategies and recommended skins for those who have vaguely heard of “Fall Guys” and want to find a new game to get into!

About the controls and recommended strategies!

Operation Method

The controls in this game are quite simple, and there are only three buttons to use in order to take first place.
There are only three basic controls: jump with the X button (Spacebar), grab with the R2 button (Shift key), and dive with the Ctrl button. You may need to use the stick or mouse to move the viewpoint or move the character, but you can see that the controls are much simpler than other games. In particular, you need to learn the jumping and grabbing motions, as there are rounds that cannot be cleared without using them!

Recommended strategies

There are five major mini-games in this game: Race, Hunt, Survival, Logic, and Team, before you reach the final round, the Final.
The key to all of the mini-games is to find the right timing and predict the movements of the gimmicks. In races where there are a lot of moving floors and balls rolling in front of you, you should first pay attention to the movement of the gimmick. In this game, the movement of gimmicks follows the laws of physics and does not change during the race. Therefore, one of the techniques to gain an advantage is to use the environment to your advantage, such as moving according to the timing of the pendulum or the spinning floor. This is a point that first-time players may find surprisingly difficult, but since this game does not have a dash function, I recommend using strategies such as “walking in time with the spinning floor” or “daring to hit the spinning hammer and getting blown up to move forward. Also, if you jump and end up getting knocked down, you will lose a lot of time, so the trick is to keep your jumps to the minimum possible in order to stay ahead.
After winning one or two times with the above methods, a team battle may begin, where it is important to grab onto the jumps as they are made. Team battles require cooperation with randomly composed members, and include mini-games such as “Shippo Oni,” in which you earn tails from your enemies through grabbing motions, and “Egg Scramble,” in which three teams compete to see how many eggs they can secure until the time limit expires. The grabbing action can be used to grab other players or items on the stage. When grabbing other players, a gimmick occurs that pushes them out of the way after a couple of seconds, allowing you to push them off of high ground. Also, if you grab a player who is holding an item, you can make them let go of the item at the same time as you push them away, so be aware of grabbing members of your opposing team in team fights!
Once you’ve made it through to the final round, all you need to do is combine the above strategies! In some cases, such as the “Crown Mountain” mini-game, where you have to get the crown at the top, your position at the start of the game can contribute greatly to your victory, but basically, you can take first place by combining the above “jump” and “grab” strategies and assessing the situation!

Recommended Skins

n this game, you can get randomly sold skins by exchanging Kudos, which you get by playing, or Crown, which you get by winning. Here are some of the skins we recommend!


This is a banana, no matter how you look at it! (Laughs) This can be redeemed for 5 Crown separately for the top and bottom.


This skin is very popular and can still be found. It can be redeemed for one Crown for the top and bottom separately.


This is a season one reward and you will see people wearing it anytime. But don’t the giggly eyes look cute against the fall guy? This is one of the most popular skins!


Fall Guys is a game that has just started, so there is a lot of people playing and it takes very little time to get matched up. The game is easy to play and doesn’t have a bleak atmosphere, so you can start enjoying it now! Even if you’re not a fan of the battle royale genre, please give it a try!

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