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“PSYCHO-PASS Psychopath” New series start! Complete new work that puts spots on each of Caval, Ginoza, Shimotsuki, Sogo, and the capital was published in 2019


“PSYCHO-PASS Psychopath” is a completely new series from theaters in January 2019

The popular animation “PSYCHO – PASS Psychopath” which caused a major movement and is popular anime not only in the animation industry but also in various scenes is said to be a completely new series in theatrical release from January 2019 in January 2019!

Speaking of “PSYCHO-PASS Psychopath”, it is a thorough setting, a cool theme song, overwhelming acting of popular voice actor, deep story and innovative social portrayal, high quality drawing by Production IG, book book of “Odoru Daisousasen” It is the hegemonic animation which became a big reputation in the blink of an eye in the blink of an eye as it is released as SF by the domestic top creators such as Katsuyuki General Director and the story of thick stories by Nitoro Plus imbu Gen.

This very popular book has since been upgraded to the 2nd series, and the theater work and series thicknesses, ensuring that each character gets more fans while increasing the charm of each character.

Dominator that appeared in the play was released as a gadget, attractions that collaborated with Tokyo Joypolis appeared, and the development beyond the framework of animation was also a reputation.
The keyword “criminal coefficient”, which is important in talking about the work, also became popular around the net.

And the new work to be announced this time is luxury such as opening 3 pieces sequentially.
It is like an omnibus format complete with each story in a story that puts a spot on each character in the play.

“Case 1 Sin and Punishment”
Ginosa Shingo, Shimotsuki Mika

“Case 2 First Guardian”
Tomomi ISHIOKO, Tetsuhe Sogo

“Case 3 Beyond Enlightenment”
Shinya Kamishima

It is a pattern of the lineup. It looks like I saw the key visual, apparentl


Case 1 title which only makes a disturbing feeling only

“Case 1 sin and punishment” is meaningful from the title. This is a psychopath! I have a feeling like that.
Among the characters of Ginoza, Shimotsuki, Psychopaths, trauma is strong, what kind of story will they be based on these two of top-class troublesome characters …? I anticipate hard development from salty.




Totchan is seen again!

Both of them are of great interest, but the most interesting thing about me is “episode 2” Case 2 First Guardian “where Tatsumi Tsuyoshi (Masaaka Tomomi) appears!
I can lie down because it will become stupid, but it is an important character that is too cool at the end of the first term and can not be saved. Hard boiled charm is dying!
I wonder if all back is going to be a buddy as Sourdough and courtier of the second cool thing …? I expect it.



At last the KOGAMI is coming back!

And “Case 3 Beyond Enlightenment” finally appeared Shinya KOGAMI. Everyone who was interested in the development after the vivid appearance in the movie version will finally be able to enjoy the activity of Mr. Cavell!
By the way, I can not see the appearance of Chang Muong Zhu, but I care what kind of appearance I do.

It is too happy for fans who are releasing three theatrical pieces in a row, details are still enveloped in mystery, but I’d like to wait for the public to expect a new world of “PSYCHO – PASS psychopath”!

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