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Derby Stallion 99, a PS classic that’s still fun to play now

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Derby Stallion 99 is the eighth title in ASCII’s popular racehorse breeding simulation game “Derby Series” and the second title for the PS.
The game is also compatible with the PocketStation, a handheld device that works with the PS, and at the time, the game attracted attention for the appearance of TV commercials featuring the celebrity Yuka in the game.
This article will introduce “Derby Stallion 99” as a PS classic that is still fun to play today.

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Davista 99 Basic Information

・Supported devices: PlayStation
・Genre Racehorse breeding simulation game
・Development / Publisher Ascii
・Number of players: 1
・Release date: September 30, 1999

The momentum of the immensely popular SFC title “Derby 3” was maintained, and the PS version of “Derby Stallion” became a very popular title as well.
Just like those titles, players must act as a producer, owner, and trainer of racehorses as they breed, train, and run their horses in order to win the JRA’s racing title.
In addition to being a producer and trainer, players can also purchase tickets and watch horse races as a horse fan, which was a popular pastime in the series.

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A work that can be played for a long time

The same can be said for other horse racing games such as The Winning Post Series and Classic Road, but the appeal of this game is that you can play it for years to come.
The goal of the game is to win all the trophies, and of course there is an ending, but there is so much more to this game than in any other game, and you can enjoy researching blending, training, and in-game racing on your own that you can enjoy it indefinitely.
It’s a game that can be played for this long, and it’s not hard to see why the series has been supported for so long.

The simplicity of the gameplay was a factor in favor of the game

The biggest difference between this series and the aforementioned other horse racing games, such as the Winning Post Series and Classic Road, is that this series started out on the NES, whereas other horse racing games started out as PC games.
This means that this series was made for a simpler, more home-based game system, whereas other horse racing games have a more complex game system, and it has dominated the horse racing game world for a long time.
This title is a similarly simple game, and while it certainly doesn’t have the same old gameplay, its simplicity is a key factor in making it popular with everyone from beginners to experts.

It’s not as successful as its predecessor

This game is often referred to as basically a “remake of the PS version of Derby Stallion”, and it’s easier to imagine it as a remake than a sequel to the PS version of Derby Stallion, which was released in 1997.
Perhaps that’s partly due to the fact that the PS version of Derby Stallion sold 1,737,807,819 copies, compared to 871,059 for this title, a huge difference.
This can be attributed to the fact that the game has almost the same gameplay and the fact that it’s a game that can be played for many years, which is a hallmark of the series, so it’s not a bad game by any means.
Compared to its predecessor, this title has been tweaked and added, with smoother racing screens and the ability to make a great escape and roll with the spirit of victory, so it’s easy to understand if you think of this title as the “complete PS version of Davista”.


We’ve introduced Derby Stallion 99 as a PS classic that’s still fun to play today.
The simplicity of the game’s gameplay and the graphics that have been carried over from the original game, along with the unique characteristics of the PS, have brought in new fans of the game as well as many newcomers to the game.
I’ve played a lot of different horse racing games myself, but I can’t help but compare them to each other.
Today, you can still enjoy Davista on other machines and smartphone apps, and it is truly one of the best examples of this genre.

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