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[Princess Principal Crown Handler] Predictions for the movie version! What about new characters & foreshadowing?

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Updated 1/20/2020!

We’ve finally found out more details about the movie version of The Princess Principal Crown Handler!
Here’s a summary of what’s been revealed so far, plus in-depth predictions on content, new characters, and foreshadowing!

Chapter 1 will be released on April 10, 2020

出典 : © Princess Principal Film Project : 『プリンセス・プリンシパル Crown Handler』公式サイト

A sequel to the well-received original anime Princess Principal, which aired in the summer of 2017, is in the works… The good news arrived in April 2018.
Announced at the special event “Princess Principal STAGE OF MISSION”, fans were overjoyed by this big news.
Moreover, the surprising development of the theatrical release of all six chapters in an unprecedented volume caused a great deal of excitement not only at the venue, the Maihama Amphitheater in Chiba, but also on the internet.

However, the road from there has not been smooth by any means.
The voice actor Ayaka Imamura, who voiced the main character of the film, Angier, who was also depicted with the Princess in the key visuals for the sequel announcement, announced her retirement in June 2018 due to ill health.
As a result, she will be dropping the role of Angel.

This was also announced on the official website, and it was announced that the production staff and the production committee will discuss the future policy and report back as soon as the policy is decided… but no report will be made during 2018.
The first half of the year passed without any progress until 2019, when the sequel is scheduled to be released, and fans began to worry that the sequel itself was a setback.

However, after the last episode of the rerun, which began in July 2019, it was announced that the sequel would be titled The Princess Principal Crown Handler and the first chapter would be released on April 10, 2020.
The release will be later than originally planned, but it’s a minor issue for fans who at one point were worried that there would be no talk of a sequel itself… or that there would be no sequel.
For the first time in nearly a year and a half, the film was greeted with jubilation.

Angel’s new cast member is Aoi Koga.

Just as the details of the sequel were announced, it was also announced that the new cast member of Angel is Aoi Koga.

Koga is the voice actor who plays the main character, Kaguya Shinomiya Kaguya, in “Kaguya-sama wa Tsutsumi-sama wa Kettei-sama I want to tell you -Geniuses in Love Brain Battle”.
She is also in charge of Eruru, the baggage-carrying girl in “Prudent Hero”.
Although she hasn’t had many main characters yet, her role as Kaguya has attracted a lot of attention and her reputation is high, making her one of the most anticipated new voice actors of all time.

You can already hear Koga’s version of Angel’s voice in the special report video, but it’s not nearly as strange, and you can feel the warmth of Angel’s personality in the coldness of the voice.
Fans have generally responded well to the film, and have expressed relief that they can safely wait for its theatrical release.

Special Video

TV Series Sequel & All Team Shirohato Appears!

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In regards to The Princess Principal Crown Handler, it is described on the official website as “a completely new sequel to the last episode of the TV series,” which means that it is a legitimate sequel to the TV series and what happens to the Angelenos after they take a break in Casablanca.
In other words, it’s a legitimate sequel to the TV series and follows Angel and her friends after they take a break in Casablanca.
The cast and character introductions page also confirms that Team Shirohato will be joining the cast, with all five of them – Angier, Princess, Dorothy, Beatrice, and Chise – being named.

No cast changes have been made to the other four, except for Angier.
Akira Sekine will play the role of Princess, Yoichi Daichi will play Dorothy, Akari Kageyama will play Beatrice, and Nozomi Furuki will play Chise.

On the other hand, some changes have been made regarding the staff.
Director Masaki Tachibana will continue to be in charge of the project, but TV series director Ichiro Okochi and screenwriter Ryo Higaki will not be named, and the name of “Haiyore! Nobu Kimura of “Nyaruko-san” is in charge of the series composition and script.

Kuroboshi Kohaku, the character designer, and Yukie Akitani, the character designer, will continue to work on the series.
Kimihaku Nishio, who was the chief animation director of the TV series, will also continue to be in charge of the series and some of the character designs.
Yuki Kajiura, who will be in charge of music, will also continue to be in charge of music.

The TV series was produced jointly by Actus and Studio 3Hz, but the film version will not have the name Studio 3Hz and will be produced independently by Actus.

Will there be new characters?

The first thing you may be wondering about when you hear that this is a sequel is what new characters will be introduced… or will they be?
All of the main characters have been confirmed, but as of January 2020, it’s not clear if any new characters will be introduced.

However, it’s hard to imagine no new characters at all in a story that spans six chapters, so the focus will be on how many important new characters will be introduced.

Princess Principal also had a smartphone app, Princess Principal GAME OF MISSION, which was developed alongside the anime.
The game featured the five Ange and her friends, as well as more than 20 original characters that were exclusive to the game, all of whom were given solid settings, visuals, and voice actors to work with, which was quite elaborate.
Zelda, who appeared in episodes 11 and 12 of the TV series, was also originally a character in this game.

The game itself ended its service on December 28, 2018, but it’s possible that characters from this game will appear in the sequel.
In that case, factors such as “whether or not the sequel’s story and the positions and settings involved will be made into characters,” “whether or not Kuroboshi Kohaku-sensei is designing the game,” and “who the voice actor in charge is” will be key.

The most likely candidates to appear are the junior members of the team.

Stephanie, a.k.a. “Steph”, played by Hibiku Yamamura, is likely to make an appearance.
Kaede Hondo (played by Kaede Hondo) and Sophie McKenzie (played by Kaede Hondo).
Chris, played by Chika Anzai.
Kisaragi (played by Nozomi Yamamoto), and Chris (played by Chika Anzai).

These four are very popular among gamers, and the voice actors are pretty spectacular, so there’s a chance they’ll all make an appearance!

It’s also quite possible that there will be purely original characters that have nothing to do with the game.
In that case, we can expect characters to be involved in the Princess’s succession to the throne, for example.



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