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【SAO】An in-depth look at the three charms of Suguha Kirigaya (Leafa)!【Sword Art Online】


Sword Art Online is a light novel written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by abec.
Sword Art Online” is a light novel written by Reki Kawahara, illustrated by abec, and officially abbreviated as “SAO”.
The third season of the anime, Alicization Arc, is being animated in October 2019.
This article will introduce the charm of Leafa, the heroine of the Fairy Dance Arc of the very popular Sword Art Online.

Character Overview

Leafa’s real name is Naoba Kirigaya, and she appeared as the younger sister of the main character Kazuto Kirigaya. She makes a brief appearance in the Aincrad Arc, and doesn’t appear in earnest until the Fairy Dance Arc.
Kazuto Kirigaya is not her biological brother, but the child of Naoba’s sister and her husband, who passed away in an accident when Kazuto was less than a year old. Naoba’s parents took Kazuto in after that.
Naoha has been practicing kendo since she was a child, and in junior high school, she reached the top eight in the nation. She also went on to a strong kendo school in high school, and even as a first year student, she was able to play a regular role.
Her appearance is characterized by her shoulder-length black hair and straight bangs, and although she is small in stature, she has ample breasts.
When she quit kendo, there was a big rift between her and her brother Kazuto, and even though she wanted to repair the relationship, it was difficult. In the midst of this, Kazuto gets caught up in the SAO incident.
Because of this, she initially hated the MMO that put Kazuto in a coma, but she came to want to see the world that Kazuto loved with her own eyes and joined Albheim Online one year after the SAO incident.
Naoha’s avatar in ALO is Leafa.

The appeal of Suguha Kirigaya (Leafa)

Here are three attractive points of Suguha Kirigaya and Leafa

One of the strongest in kendo and in the game

The first attraction of Suguha and Leafa is their strength to support Kirito.
Let’s take a look at Suguha’s strength in the real world and Leafa’s strength in the online world.

She is one of the top kendo players in Japan.

As mentioned above, Naoha is an expert kendo player who made it to the top 8 in the nation when she was in junior high school.
He started kendo at the same time as Kazuto, but Kirito quit kendo after two years. However, Naoba doesn’t quit, and continues to work hard every day.
And he made it to the top eight in the nation and a first-year regular at a powerful school.
Even though she plays ALO and other games, she continues to take kendo seriously and manages to balance the two, which shows her strong mental strength.

She is one of the five most powerful members of his race in the game

Leafa is one of the top five most powerful Sylphs in Albheim Online.
Leafa was the heroine character in the Fairy Dance Arc. In general, heroine characters have a strong image of being protected by the main character, but not Leafa.
In the first encounter with Kirito, she was protected by him, but after that, she is a strong heroine who stands beside Kirito and fights with him.
She is a strong heroine who stands beside Kirito and fights alongside him. She also excels in swordsmanship and reflexes, having practiced kendo in the real world. In addition to her swordsmanship and reflexes, Leafa is a magical warrior who can use wind-based attack magic and recovery magic at the same time.
She also seems to enjoy moving at super high speeds that would make anyone scream, which is why she was given the name “Speedaholic.
In the real world, she is one of the top kendo players in Japan, and in ALO, she is one of the top five strongest in her race.

A brotherly love that continues to support Kazuto, who never wakes up

The second attraction of Suguha/Leifa is her devotion to her brother.
Before the SAO incident, Kazuto and Suguha’s relationship was estranged. That’s because Kazuto quit kendo and started to immerse himself in the world of video games, and Kazuto kept his distance from Suguha without telling her why, which led to their estrangement.
Suguha couldn’t do anything about it, but she supported her brother behind his back as he worked hard in the game that won SAO’s high lottery ratio.
However, after the SAO incident, Suguha’s mother tells her that Kazuto is her cousin and not her real brother.
When Suguha finds out this fact, she realizes that Kazuto has started to avoid her because he realized this fact. Suguha, who has always wanted to repair her relationship with Kazuto, actively goes to the hospital and devotedly supports him on the bed.
Isn’t it fascinating to see Suguha doing her best with such feelings for her brother and regrets when she finds out the truth?

The purity of her love for Kirito

The third attraction of Suguha/Leifa is pure feelings.
As the SAO case is solved and Kazuto returns and their relationship is restored, Suguha realizes that she is in love with him. However, she knows that Kazuto has a girlfriend named Asuna, so when she realizes it, she is heartbroken and stifles her feelings for her brother.
Then, in the game, he meets a boy named Kirito, and is gradually drawn to him, as strong and kind as his older brother.
However, she was confused when she found out that Kirito is her brother.
Naoha’s complicated love is settled in a duel within ALO with Kirito to try to sort out her feelings. Later, Leafa helped Kirito in his attempt to save Asuna and built a good relationship with Kirito.
Suguha/Leefa’s complicated love affair ended even before they fought, but I think the pure feeling of liking Kazuto and Kirito is Suguha/Leefa’s charm.


I have introduced the charm of Suguha Kirigaya (Leafa).
She is one of the strongest players in kendo and games.
She is devoted to her older brother Kazuto and continues to support him.
Her pure feelings for her brother and Kirito
These are the charms of Suguha Kirigaya (Leafa).
Suguha appears in almost all of the stories, but the main heroine, Fairly Dance, has a lot of charm, so be sure to check it out.

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