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Announcing the top 20 manga sales rankings for 2019! Here’s what we all found interesting about the comic!

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A ranking of all the comics released in 2019 that made it into the top 20 in terms of sales!
Which of the comics ended up selling the most!
Note that, to be fair, we have included “the best-selling volumes released in 2019 in each work”.

No.20【380,000 copies】Natsume’s Friendbook (Volume 24)

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The popular manga, which has been produced for six seasons of the TV anime and had a movie released in 2018, continued to enjoy steady sales in 2019.
In recent years, the pace has been one book a year, but its popularity has not waned.
It’s also the best-selling shoujo manga of 2019.

Now that it has accumulated enough stock to produce a sequel to the anime, fans are looking forward to a seventh season.

No.19【390,000 copies】Monthly Girl Nozaki (11 volumes)

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This popular four-panel manga is also published at a pace of one per year.
The TV anime aired in 2014 was a huge hit, but five years have passed without a second season being produced.
However, its popularity remains high and the series’ total circulation has exceeded 7 million copies.

Even after the anime adaptation, there wasn’t much progress for each couple, but I get the impression that the two couples other than the main couple have made quite a bit of progress in this volume 11.

No. 18 [400,000 copies] World Trigger (Volume 20)

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It has been about seven years since the series began and has become a long-running popular work.
After a long hiatus due to the author’s ill health, it returned in the second half of 2018 and moved to Jump Square later that year.

Normally, it wouldn’t be surprising if the long hiatus and the transfer caused a shift in readership and a significant drop in sales… but this manga hasn’t lost any sales at all.
It may be that this work is a unique work for fans.

No.17 [410,000 copies] Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Swordsman Romanticism: Hokkaido Edition (2 volumes)

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The sequel to “Ruroken,” which was the mainstay of JUMP in the late 1990s, has been a huge hit, following the long-selling volume 1.
There was a small problem right after the start of the series and the publication was temporarily suspended, but even after the series resumed, the manga has maintained its popularity and shown the underlying strength of the mega-hit series.
There is no shortage of topics on the internet, such as the “Kutouryu Senjoujou Sankajou” trifecta being frequently discussed.

In the summer of 2020, “Rurouni Kenshin: The Final” and “The Beginning” will be released, both of which are live-action versions of the “Ninchu-hen” series.

No. 16 [430,000 copies] Dungeon Food (Volume 7)

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This mysterious manga has become an explosive hit since the series began in 2014, but for some reason it has yet to be made into a TV anime.
Although it has dropped slightly compared to its peak, it still continues to record a high level of sales.

2019 was a year of major developments, with TRIGGER producing an anime commercial.
2020 may finally bring the much-anticipated anime adaptation that fans have been waiting for.

No. 15 [490,000 copies] Black Butler (Volume 28)

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The bestselling book, which will soon be celebrating its 15th anniversary as a series, with 28 million copies sold worldwide, continues to do well in 2019.
As expected, sales are no longer as high as they were at the height of the series, but the impression is that it’s still supported by its deep-rooted popularity.

Dark fantasy titles have boomed in recent years, churning out hits, but this title was ahead of its time.
I think this was the first work to prove that it could attract female fans in this genre as well.
It’s a true legend.



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