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Introducing the charm of the latest Dragon Quest 11 of the Dorakue series!

Source: Dragon Quest 11 Official website

About 30 years since Dragon Quest 1 was released in May 1986, the latest work Dragon Quest 11 was released in 2017.
It is one of the best longevity series in the television gaming world, and many people who have not been able to wait for the release date of 11, the Dorakue series with many fans?
This time I would like to write the charm of that Dragon Quest 11!

【The story of a new brave man】

The hero who became 16 years old will have an adult ceremony.
So I can tell my mother that I am a reincarnation of the brave.
In addition, it is advised that it may be able to understand the mission of the brave when heading to the Kingdom of Descarta, leaving the village of Ishi in his hometown and traveling.
It is a story that challenges the mission of the brave with a companion who encounters during adventure.


【Friends aiming to achieve mission at the same time】

· Camus

It is a man of a bandit who I meet at the beginning of a trip.
In the story it was the standing position of the hero of a hero.
Camus is very convenient and useful skills to steal objects and tools,
Because the fire power of the attack technique is low, it tends to be replaced with high-powered Martina in the middle stage of adventure.
However, it is excellent for raising the level!
Although I can only remember the second half of the story,
It will be a great success when fighting with metal type monsters (rare monsters that can gain a lot of experience values ​​if you defeat it!)!


Veronika is your favorite tsundere character (lol)
I like quite a bit because it is a great wizard. In the Dorakue series it is absolutely a profession to put in the party!
Even if it says anything, the character of this profession is really firepower, many of the characters of the past are cute.
It also remembers the magic baiquilt which strengthens the magic of the Io system which increases damage by the explosion to the enemy as a whole, strengthening the party, so it is very excellent as a thermal power frame!

· Seña

Sena is Veronica’s sister and it is a recovery system in contrast to my sister. In addition, the personality is also reverse, it is a type that is gracious and amusing.
It is not strong like my older sister Veronica, but a character like “I firmly support it behind” is a character that can be liked very well (lol)
On the battle side, the first half of the story will be active as a recovery player, but the midfield may not be able to play an active part because it is later than the fellow ‘s row to memorize the whole recovery magic Behmauler.
However, Sejnia who remembered Behmallar memorizes magic skelt etc. which will raise the overall defense power so it will be a great success in the second half!
By the way, Sejnia has strong spears in addition to recovery spells and auxiliary spells.
I remember the special skill that can give you a blow of a flash of breath, so I can play an active part in a metal type monster.


Among adventure fellows are okama characters loved by mood makers.
In battle, it is a position of a traveler.
You can cure conditions of attraction, confusion and paralysis that can not be cured by Sena or Row.
In addition, Silvia learns feathered hustle dance that will restore the whole party.
Silvia is very important when fighting the boss aiming for state abnormality!


Martina is a sister-like character you can rely on.
Many types of feats are female fighting families who remember fingernails and fighting feats, and you can use special skill and attraction that fascinates opponent’s monsters.
Special skill has a lot of high-fidelity skills, but because MP is small, it is often that you can not offer feats.
It is important to use feats while paying attention to MP amount.
Also, I will recommend a blowfighter as a firefighter because it often puts out a stroke of remembrance!

· Row

In the story, we are acting with Martina and two people until we travel together with the hero.
In battle, you can fight using Recovery system and attack spells Hayado system and Dolma system.
Row can use both recovery and attack magic, but it is a character that can use both uniformly rather than a specialized type like Veronica and Sena.


【New elements of new adventure】

· Zone · Collaboration technique

A zone state is a state in which combat capability is increased by being attacked in combat.
In addition, certain characters can be attacked by cooperative technique by becoming zone state at the same time.
There are many types of collaborative techniques, so I am excited while thinking “This technique is what kind of technique?” I can play it!
There are also a lot of techniques with great power so please play and watch it!


In this work, a system that can move on specific monsters and horses other than castles and villages has been added.
By having a point in the field that you can not reach unless you are on a horse or monster, you can enjoy while exploring variously.
By the way, you can fly in the sky by taking a dragon rider etc!



Although you can play this time with PS4 and 3DS, I definitely recommend PS 4.
Although 3DS has a lot of grasping elements, ps4 is different from 3DS wind blows and the grass is swaying and river water waves are seen closer to reality than on a large screen so the world of Dragon Quest 11 It is becoming easy to enjoy.
Also, the story is interesting until you knock down the rasubos, but I’d love to play back to the back boss leading to title collection.
There is a scene that seems to be “nostalgic” if the dragon fans who are doing past works in the scene after the backing ending are doing.
I would like you to check it with your eyes.

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