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Is the third season of [PSYCO-PASS] controversial? Here’s a summary of why.

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The anime PSYCO-PASS 3 aired in October 2019. first season, second season, theatrical, theatrical The fans of the PSYCO-PASS series, which has developed with the SS version, are expecting the third season of the series. It was done, but the ratings were mixed. Here’s a discussion of why.

Characters in PSYCO-PASS 3
Can’t get emotionally invested in the main characters?

In PSYCO-PASS 3, the protagonist has been changed and the members of the Detective Division have been almost completely redesigned! . That in itself can be said to be a new series, but the beliefs and behavioral principles of these new characters can be seen Some people have said that they don’t or don’t know.

For example, one of the protagonists, Shindori Shakaku, tries to treat the enforcer as a person and a workplace companion, and he is an everyman who refuses to kill people with a dominator, even if they are potential criminals or criminals.
However, Shindo persistently disapproves of the use of the Dominator, even when not only he, but his friends are in danger.

There may be a reason for that kind of behavior on Shindo’s part, but many viewers feel uncomfortable with it because it is not portrayed at all.
Compared to the first two seasons, the characters are blurred or there were some problems with the way they were drawn.

Some characters get attached to you.

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On the other hand, there are many viewers who have grown attached to the new characters of the third season. The protagonists, as well as the enforcers, were carefully portrayed, even if there was a bias to delve into them. The character is beloved by many.

Also, the watchman Mika Shimotsuki, who continues to appear in the series, was an easy target for hate in the second season, but in the third season she is portrayed as a very good boss while retaining her “personality”, probably because she has grown up after several years in the series.

In this way, the third season is highly praised not only for the new characters, but also for its ability to show the charm of the characters that have appeared before.

The ‘unlikeability’ of PSYCO-PASS 3
Doesn’t the third season look like “PSYCO-PASS”?

PSYCO-PASS 3 focuses on Japan’s opening of the country and the immigration issues that come with it, and it is hard to deny that Sibylla and Dominator are strangely left out of the story.

PSYCO-PASS also has a detective element to it, and in the series so far The investigation has progressed due to Cunning and Tsunemori’s ability to observe, think, and change their ideas. However, in the third season, Shindo’s “mental tracing” is the crux of the investigation.
This mental trace, in a manner of speaking, is supposed to be a mentalist’s technique. Honestly, “Isn’t that a superpower? Some viewers are uncomfortable with the versatility of the show, which makes them want to say, “I don’t know. It’s understandable that viewers may wonder what the investigations in the series so far have been about.

The best part of “PSYCO-PASS” series is the science fiction and detective story based on the Sybula system. Collaboration. However, in the third season, the roots of the first season and the Sibylla, which questioned the pros and cons of a thoroughly managed society by the Sibylla The “goodness” that was cultivated in the second season that shook that thing up has faded.

Therefore, the viewers who were looking for the “PSYCO-PASS-ness” in the third season are understandably dissatisfied, and I guess you could say that. In fact, “As an anime, it’s usually funny, but when you see it as PSYCO-PASS, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. Some people felt that “there is

Some say yes to the new theme!

Regardless of the pros and cons of mental tracing, there is a lot of support for the un-PSYCO-PASS-like theme.

The first two seasons and the movie version, which depicted the export of Sibylla, have drawn out the problem of Sibylla. It can be seen. That issue is a long-term theme of the “PSYCO-PASS” world, but once the main It’s not to say that it’s the wrong direction to end up setting them up.

It is also true that by leaving Sibylla and Dominator out of the mosquito net, we were able to draw attention to other aspects of the PSYCO-PASS world, such as the waste zones and immigration zones.

Also, as mentioned above, some people think it’s an interesting story, and those who don’t put too much emphasis on the “PSYCO-PASS” style can easily accept and enjoy the content.

The script for PSYCO-PASS 3

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One of the major problems with PSYCO-PASS 3 is that it “tries to explain everything in dialogue anyway. The process and preliminaries of what is important have been bypassed. The process and preliminaries of important revelations are skimmed over, just one after another without any emphasis on that fact. There was a lot that was emanating from the mouths of the characters.
Because of this, many viewers were forced to continue watching the story without fully understanding it.

This was just a matter of expanding the narrative’s furoshiki, and they couldn’t keep up with the descriptions and tried to get through it with just explanations. We think it’s a detriment. The PSYCO-PASS series deals with difficult topics and concepts, but traditionally, at least one I didn’t find myself saying “I don’t understand the translation” in any one episode.

The script for the third season was written by Makoto Fukami Mr. Okikata Toh and Ryo Yoshigami. In turn, those who worked on the script of the first season, the series structure of the second season, and the script of SS Case.1 the movie It is.

Although it is the same PSYCO-PASS series, the first season, the second season, and the SS Case.1 the movie Each story has different characteristics. It is thought that they could not coexist well and they killed each other’s characteristics.


For these reasons, PSYCO-PASS 3 is controversial, but in March 2020, the theater A version of the film is about to be released. Expect the content to be just as controversial as the TV series, or will it be critically acclaimed? I would like to.

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