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Theater movie “Let’s promise me the flower of goodbye” Impression · Can you really cry? What?


画像引用 : 映画『さよならの朝に約束の花をかざろう』公式サイトより

Publication began on 2/24 and I watched a theater animation “Flower promised at the morning of goodbye”! !


“In the morning of goodbye let’s decorate the flowers of promise” …

Okada Mari ‘s first director work, who played the script in a big hit animation “We do not know the name of the flower I saw that day” and the heart is “I want to shout.”
The catch phrase “I loved you, it was good.”
While being an “Iolph of the People” who has a life of hundreds of years in the middle of their teens and has a lifespan of hundreds of years, while no parents live, living with their surrounding colleagues Maquia, who had a loneliness somewhere,
It is a story that encounters a human baby Eli, who just passed away, and grows up as his mother.
“The history of bonds between mother and child”, “a growing tree seeking how to live as a human being” and “a story of goodbye promised by two people with different lifespans to have the same time” It is!



To the movie theater! Though it is!

Even in the notice, on parade such as “Hitoributchi” “Love” “Farewell”.
This work can cry anyway!
Although it was somewhat disturbing …
Okada’s masterpiece as a screenwriter, “My heart wants to cry”
It is a work that was made into real life as a crying work.
I am very sorry for whom I like … but,
While entering into the scene of the musical of the last without being able to sympathize with the main character · order circumstances and behaviors,
There are memories that have fallen into a situation like “I’m planning to make an impressive directorial, but I will leave this place”.
(I think that I would like to reevaluate someday when I see it again!
Because it was advertisement that made me feel inspirational this time too,
“Can you really cry? Are you OK for this time?”
And I am excited to see with excitement that is not exciting Hiyahiya!
I am concerned about that …
It was tremendously betrayed \ (^ o ^) /


Background of the fantasy world

P. A. WORKS Beautiful backdrop of whole body is also one of attraction!
The beautiful background which is comparable to a single picture can be expanded throughout.
Among them, the depiction of a huge town has shown the difference in atmosphere firmly in each city,
Just by showing the whole of the city, it is being told that “What city is the city?”
However, it was still a background, it was finished in an exquisite way not to disturb the story.
Furthermore, the exciting sense that it is firmly transmitted that it is a fantastic world view,
If you like background art, just watch it worth a look!


Acting voice actor / Iwami Manaka incense, acting is also amazing but the story of his princess is amazing!

It was Mr. Iwami · Manaka, a voice actor who played the main character Makia.
Although it is a young voice actor who is still 19 years old at the time of film release,
Ricos of “Whales’ sons sing on the sand” and Chika Hoshino, of “Gamers!”
I am already in charge of many main characters.
Makia is also a hero as well, and it is the character with the most exposure,
Basically the age of appearance does not change,
It has become a character that makes it difficult to distinguish growth.
Still, growth was clearly conveyed by directing that changes with clothes etc., performance by voice actor.
Maki in the early story is an impression nervously enthusiastic in a retirement without having a reliable person,
I thought that “Is it possible for such a daughter to really raise children?
The determination to grow an allele as a son gradually changes her from her daughter to her mother,
It was already a perfect mother in the last.
I will leave the main line of the movie,
This Iwami, the reason why he decided to be a voice actor seems to have been drawn into the performance of Mr. Aiko Ayano of the heroine-ninjin role, “I do not know the name of the flower I saw that day.”
Strangely, “Oohana” directed by Okada, who wrote the script,
And oddly, Mr. Chino acted as the best friend Leiria role of the protagonist Maquia, playing a dream co-star.
When I remembered it again, my performance seemed to be influenced somewhat by Mr. Chino.
I would like to expect Iwami-san’s future success with a fateful story!


“I stop crying, stop it already …” Overwhelming last

With fantasy world view and original story,
There was an impression that I can not see where the story goes, keep on chasing the story all the time.
However, since its world view and background do not interfere with the story,
I think that the point that had been supposed to pursue the story without difficult without deviating in a side street is excellent.
Certainly by poking the corner of the box,
“How is the politics of this world?”
“What is going on on this battlefield?”
Although there is Tsukkomi,
Basically there is no waste in the movement of serifs and characters,
Since attention is always attracted to the main story,
I do not care about such noise.
And although it is the last scene,
Instead of stacking up easy-to-understand hypotheses and leading to excitement,
In the invisible bucket, water accumulated rapidly and steadily,
It was pretty fresh and overwhelming with the image of breaking down at the end.
The production is sticky,
The water overflows from the bucket steadily,
It seems that various feelings such as “love”, “sadness” or “joy” become blunt instruments,
“Well, please stop it …!” It was made fainter … …
The way of collecting the title is a bit change ball, but it came a long way!



Anxiety before watching was completely betrayed! In a good way!
The parents of two people whose races are different and the blood is not connected,
It was a life praise sustaining an important thing, growing and losing, but still living strongly.
It is a movie that can reconfirm the preciousness of encounter and the warmth of the family.
I wonder if it can cry without complaint!

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