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“Golden Kamui collaboration event holding! Limited anniversary goods are gotten!

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A collaboration event with the animation “Golden Kamui” started broadcasting in the spring of 2018 will be held at Hei Takenichi Nibutani Ainu Culture Museum.

Date and time: Saturday, February 10 – Sunday 25th (Sun) Heisei 9: 00 ~ 4: 30 pm

This is the event where the digital original of “Golden Kamui” and the Ainu civil ware belonging to the Aikawa Nibutani Ainu Culture Museum will be exhibited collaboratively.
During the period, trying on the Ainu folk costume and photographing with the character ‘s large panel of characters will also be carried out.
Also, if you answer the questionnaire on that day you can get a limited bid can.

“Golde Kamui
Popular adventure manga set in Hokkaido of Noda Sato’s original, which is published in the weekly Young Jump. The book is released to 12 volumes as of February 2018.
TV anime will be broadcasted from spring 2018. Production is “Massacre Agency” “Engraving
“Geno Studio” dealing with. The director is “Fate / Grand Order – First Order –
Namba day intro. Kuroko’s Basketball
Takagi climb. Character design “Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blood Orphans
Kenichi Onuki. Yoshitoshi Otsuka, Kenji Tsuda, Yoshimasa Hosoya are appointed casting of the main characters as “Kochi Sumihi” role as “Sugimoto Saiichi” role, Haruhisa Shiraishi as “Ashikapa” role, Kentaro Ito as “Shiraishi Yutake” role, and others It is announced that it is.

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