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Why is Morinome LIZUKO called a minefield woman? Thorough examination

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Here’s a summary of Morinome LIZUKO, the heroine of Yesterday wo Utte, which began airing in April 2020!
We’re going to find out why the main character is the Madonna he’s been in love with since his school days, yet she’s been called a “minefield girl” by both the author and his fans!

Morinome Shinako Character Introduction

出典 : ©冬目景/集英社・イエスタデイをうたって製作委員会 : TVアニメ『イエスタデイをうたって』公式サイト

She is a female character in “Yesterdays Ooute” and is one of the heroines of this work.
She has been a classmate of the main character Uozumi Rikuo since her university days.
After graduating, she returned to her hometown of Kanazawa as a part-time teacher and is currently working as a chemistry teacher in Tokyo.

She used to grow her hair long until she met Rikuo again in Tokyo, but after Rikuo confessed his feelings to her, she cut it off and had short hair.
Since she is a chemistry teacher, she wears a white coat at the high school to which she is assigned.
Her appearance and mood are relaxed and she doesn’t wear anything flashy in her personal clothes.

At the beginning of the story, she actively approached Rikuo, but she is conservative by nature and doesn’t take much action on her own.
He has a tendency to drag out the past, and is the type of person whose present actions are bound up in the past because of events in the past.
Because of this, she often shows a lack of boiling point attitude.

Her voice actor is Kana Hanazawa.

The relationship between Rikuo, Hal and Nami

出典 : ©冬目景/集英社・イエスタデイをうたって製作委員会 : TVアニメ『イエスタデイをうたって』公式サイト

There are two heroines in Yesterday wo Yumeite, Heroine #1 is Haru Nonaka and Heroine #2 is LIZUKO.
LIZUKO met Rikuo when she was in college, and although she has had feelings for him since then, she is unaware of this and considers him an unlikely friend.

However, in the beginning of the story, she meets Rikuo again after graduating from university and becoming a freelancer, and when he confesses his love for her, her feelings for him gradually change.
Although she has had a good feeling for Rikuo since her school days, she has been staying away from relationships for a certain reason, and she rejects Rikuo’s confession of love.

However, the relationship did not end there, and when LIZUKO told her that she wanted to remain friends, and Rikuo did not reject her confession, the relationship between the two remained in a state of limbo for a while.

Lichen and Hal’s relationship is also a bit complicated.

Hal fell in love with Rikuo at first sight in junior high school when he picked up an exam voucher that he had dropped on his way to take his high school exams in a hurry, and they had a crush on each other for the next five years.
Later, after graduation, she decides to make up her mind when she happens to see Rikuo working part-time at a convenience store and conveys her fondness for him, only to find out that he has a crush on someone else.

In other words, LIZUKO is LIZUKO’s love interest for Hal… but their relationship doesn’t stop there.
Listress Listress was Haru’s mentor in middle school.
Furthermore, when Listress Listress was in charge, Hal had quit the school and Listress had always been worried about this.

The reason Hal dropped out was ostensibly because he was caught working part-time, but in reality, he escaped because he was fed up with the relationship.
However, Hal never revealed this to her, and Lichen seemed to regret that she had been able to help him more.

Later on, Hal assured her that it wasn’t her teacher’s fault that she dropped out of school, and this brought some closure to the matter, but at the same time, Hal declared war on Lichen, making Rikuo “the one who likes his former student” in her mind, which made things even more complicated.

Her relationship with the other major character, Nami Hayakawa, is the clearest and most troubling.

He is the younger brother of Yuu Hayakawa, who was a childhood friend of Luyuko’s.
LIZUKO has always been fond of Yuu, but he was born weak and died six years ago.
LIZUKO refused Rikuo’s confession because she still has YU in her heart.

Nami seems to have always liked her, even though she is seven years younger than Limondo… but she also believes that she can’t compete with her brother, and his death only deepens her anguish.
Still, she doesn’t give up and continues to appeal to him in spite of his clumsy nature, but it’s not enough, and she poses a challenge to her potential rival, Rikuo.



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