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【Zombie Land Saga】 Hoshikawa Lily can be a daughter idol of a popular man? Verification Summary # Zombili Land Saga

出展 : ©ゾンビランドサガ製作委員会 : TVアニメ「ゾンビランドサガ」公式サイト

We gathered about Hoshikawa Lily who was a member of “Zombiliand Saga” Franche, proved to be a man’s daughter!
While telling Lily’s own cuteness and charm as an idol, I will thoroughly verify whether Lily will become a popular person as a daughter idol of a man!

Lily Hoshikawa Character Outline

出展 : ©ゾンビランドサガ製作委員会 : TVアニメ「ゾンビランドサガ」公式サイト

One of the main character of “Zombili Land Saga”, the zombie No. 6 of the idol group “Franshushu”.
Birth of October 6, 1999, sunset of November 30, 2011 (12 years old).
Height 130 cm, weight 31 kg, Three size 59/54/56.

It is characterized by a small body that is well below the average height of 12 years old, and a star-shaped hair ornament attached to the top of the head.
I usually wear a green blazer and a pleated skirt, and at bedtime I wear a costume that imitates a zombie dog Romero.

….. Actually Lily, Gender is not a girl but a boy, his real name is Gou Masao.
It is “a man’s daughter” who acts as a woman at his own will.

Before life was a big drama and played a big break, it was the “legendary genius child” who starred in the Golden Time broadcast program of all channels.
Although I entered the entertainment industry to please father of Takeo who likes TV, fatigue accumulates for the first time in too many busies, and Takeo is looking at only “Hoshikawa Lily” as a celebrity and his son as a son Feeling that my heart is far away from me, my body and spirit are weakened.
Such being the case, it received a strong impact on the fact that the beard had grown on himself living as a “girl” and passed away due to spiritual shock death.

After that, it started as a member of the zombie idol group “Franche” who was formed as a zombie and Kotaro Tatsumi .
Since it is not a death due to injuries, there is no sign of damage to the body even if it is made zombie, the influence of shock death or the heart has come out and it is possible to store it once, but it is suppressed when it becomes extremely strained It does not appear to work.

Character is bright and cheerful, with a part that is innocent and stupid.
Since he was performing at the forefront as a child, he was performing well in performing arts-related knowledge, and he was a personless effort.
Although my father is constantly being appointed since becoming a zombie, I have lived in the adult world and have some places but I am kind hearted.

A voice actor in charge of animation is Minami Tanaka.

The process of “the man’s daughter” turns out

出展 : ©ゾンビランドサガ製作委員会 : TVアニメ「ゾンビランドサガ」公式サイト

The most important episode in talking about a character named Hoshikawa Lily is the eighth episode “GOGO Neverland SAGA” by Lily.
In this round, Lily’s life before life and cause of death, and Lily’s original attribute of “man’s daughter” became clear, and its character image was established.

However, there were some scenes that suggested that Lily was actually a daughter of a man before the 8th episode, and some viewers were aiming at a suspicious eye candy eye candy.

First of all, it is one act at two stories “I ♡ HIPHOP SAGA”.
I was quite enthusiastic about reading a book named “Hataraku! Heavy Machine” that I found in the bedroom of a Western-style building.

There is no girl who is interested in a heavy machine, but in general it is a field where a boy feels romance.
It was already suggested that Lily was a man’s daughter at this point.

In the 4th episode “Warming Dead SAGA”, members of Francis will go to Ureshino Onsen on business, but as other members heard of it fainted their face, only Lily one It made blunt expressions express.
If you go into a hot spring, it is because naturally the gender is bald.
Fortunately, Furushushu has made a special makeup so that it does not zombie during idle activities, and since it was forbidden from Tatsumi to enter a hot spring in a hotel where others can see it, it is escaping difficulties at this time.

In addition, hints other than being under construction were stretched.

“Zombie Land Saga” is an idol animation, and the profile of each character is more substantial than normal animation, and three size and cup size are also written.
But as for Lily, the cup size was being hidden.

And above all, it is a part of the introduction of this work “part beyond age, sex and age”.
The expression “exceeding sex” suggested the presence of a man’s daughter.

By the way, the name “Lily” is said to be the original neta by Lily Elbe, who received the world’s first sexual compatible operation from male to female.
Furthermore, it can be considered that Lily also belongs to Lily (Yuri), because lily is a symbolic flower of “pure” “innocent”, it is perfect for Lily.
(Although it is said that Lily has the meaning of “a female man”, this is rather a slang-like meaning, so it seems not to be the original story)

In this way, a number of hints were stretched before Lily was discovered to be the man’s daughter.
It seems to be an ad hoc, in fact it is the attraction of “Zombili Land Saga”, which is actually being thoroughly knitted, Lily is a member expressing its charm.



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