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[Ansta] Is the Sakuma brothers’ disagreement theory a lie? Really? Truth and correction.

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The service was launched in 2015 and was a forerunner in idol development games as an app The most advanced app in the industry, “An-san Buru Stars! .
The work has been adapted for the stage, live shows, and even into an anime, but it will be renewed in 2020, and even now, about five years after its release, it continues to be at the forefront of its time.

In this installment, we’re going to thoroughly follow up on the theory of a disagreement between one of the most popular brothers in the series, the Sakuma brothers!
The Sakuma brothers’ events play super high borders every time they are held, which shows their popularity. However, the brothers don’t get along very well…? so we’re going to look back at the event where they performed together and see if the rumors are true. I’d like to catch up with you!

What are the Sakuma brothers to begin with?What are the Sakuma brothers to begin with?

The Sakuma brothers are active idol brothers who attend an idol training school.

出典 : © 2014-2019 Happy Elements K.K : あんさんぶるスターズ!!

His older brother, Sakuma Rei, is a third year high school student, and has been both student council president and superstar of the school in the past, and from his first appearance he has been leading the protagonists with his overwhelming charisma.
He is also the leader of “UNDEAD”, a bewitching and talented unit that specializes in the nighttime stage, and is a force to be reckoned with in the school.
He loves Rizuki so much that he even says “I love you ⭐︎” to her, and he is so much in love with her.

出典 : © 2014-2019 Happy Elements K.K : あんさんぶるスターズ!!

His younger brother, Ritsu Sakuma, is a sophomore in high school and is a member of the royal talented unit Knights.
He is a decomposer and mostly naps in the shade during the day, and excels on the night stage.
In contrast to the bratwurst Zero, his younger brother Rizuki dislikes him so much that he calls him a “trash worm” and I get the impression that he doesn’t want to be anywhere near him.

They both excel at night, but there’s something about the situation…? It’s a sibling with a lot of meaningful settings.

Why did the disagreement theory circulate?

The origin of the Sakuma sibling disagreement theory is that the older brother, Zero, is excessively skinny dipping to his younger brother, while Ritsuki is excessively rejecting him.
The protagonist (player) of Ansan Buru Stars is a girl, but if she tells Ritsuki where Zero is not, or chases him away, Ritsuki’s favorability goes up.
Because of this, Rinsuki’s dislike of her brother was well known when the game was first released. It is thought that this is where the theory of a disagreement was born.

However, as the story progresses, it turns out that Zero must have made a promise to Rizuki and broken it, which is why the days have gone by in the relationship.
We still don’t know what that promise was, but since the relationship was cracked when Zero went to study abroad, and since Rin Tsuki is even more vulnerable to sunlight than Zero, we can assume that she broke her promise to him to stay with him forever.
In other words, originally, Ringyue loved her brother Zero.

She is also aware of the fact that she is putting her brother under a heavy burden for her sake.
She is unable to express her attraction to her brother and her desire to be with him as an equal, and she pushes him away.
It’s a kind of rebellion.

So the disagreement theory…it’s not true because it’s just a rebellious phase.
Rather, they are good friends and brothers.
Let’s follow the apparent closeness in events.

Opening The Dark Knight Halloween (late 2015) (timeline in the film: October)

This was the first Sakuma Brothers event.
It was also the event that broke the highest border of the game event at the time and showed its overwhelming popularity.

The Sakuma brothers are constitutionally uncomfortable with sunlight.
It seems to be a genetic issue, and both siblings are not good at sunlight, but it has been mentioned that the younger brother, Rizuki, is especially bad at sunlight.
The older brother, Zero, escapes from the sun in a coffin in his club room during the day, while the younger brother, Rizuki, sleeps in the shade or comes to school being taken care of by his childhood friends.

This is the Halloween event that has arrived in the midst of all this. The story has reached the halfway point in the game, and Rinki is actively trying to fit in with everyone’s circle of friends This event comes at a time when I am trying to perform my idol activities in
‘I was alone, and the time I spent playing the piano … was really painful and lonely, and I couldn’t stand it.
As he spits out, he works hard to perform daytime activities, which he is not good at, despite the fact that he is hated.

Her brother, Zero, is worried about her, but because he hates her, he has no choice but to support her with the understanding and cooperation of the people around him.
When Ritsuki learns of her brother’s behavior, she responds to her brother’s request by taking the stage at the concert of “Undead”, to which Rei belongs.
During the concert.
You’re a snobbish, promiscuous, backstabbing little traitor who breaks his word, don’t give me that ‘big brother’ look now.
And finally, as he spoke, he said
Thank you, ‘ol brother.
When Rinsuki thanks him for his kindness, I can see his true intentions in Kai. From this point on, the two of them begin to talk about their past and future as brothers.



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