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【Tenka Hundred Swords ~ Welcome to Meji Kan! 】Touken’sBishojo-ized anime is a treasure trove of beautiful girls【Autumn 2019 Anime】

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The 2019 Autumn anime “Tenka Hundred Swords- Welcome to Mejikan! ~Pick up the “Pick up!
We summarized what the popular project of anthropomorphizing swords into beautiful girls will look like, which characters will appear, what the anthropomorphic content anime will look like in the first place: …… and more!

7 million-dollar popular game turned into an anime! Produced by Leiden Film

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The TV anime “Heavenly Blades – Welcome to Meji Kan! ~Tenka Hundred Swords is an anime version of the media mix project “Tenka Hundred Swords”, which includes the popular smartphone game “Tenka Hundred Swords”, which has sold more than 7 million copies worldwide.

Tenka Hundred Swords” is a character content of Dengeki G’s magazine x Dengeki Hobby Web, which is set in the Meiji era (Meiji Era), and follows the activities of the Mitsurugi, girls who personify swords into beautiful girls, the miko swords.
The main character is a miko who belongs to Mikamishu, an organization under the direct control of the government, whose purpose is to suppress the plagues of unknown causes and protect the miko swords.

There are more than 130 miko swords in the game.
Many illustrators are involved in character design, and many well-known manga artists and cartoonists, including Fumikane Shimada and Ryou Nagi, can be found in the game.

Tenka Hundred Swords Welcome to Meji-kan! ~Leiden Film is responsible for the animation production of ~.
In the fall of 2019, they are working on two films, “After School Saikoro Club” and this film.

The director is Mr. Hashimoto Daisuke.
This is thought to be his first work as a director, but there is no information that he has participated in previous anime works under this name.
Since he is also a character designer, he may be an animator, illustrator, or a staff member of the game version, but details are unknown.

The assistant director is Kentaro Fujita of “Card Fight! Vanguard: Shin’emon Hen” by Kentaro Fujita, assistant director.
Series composition is by Yutaka Sato of “Space Battleship Tiramisu”, and character design is by Hasimoto Daisuke and the animation director of “Yojo Senki”.
Character design will be done by Ryota Azuma, who was the animation director of “Yojo Senki”, and Naoki Okada, who was the chief animator of “Student Council Members”, in addition to Daisuke Hashimoto, who is in charge of character design.

It will begin airing on BS11 in October 2019.
It is an animated short with a 5-minute slot.

A collection of popular voice actors!

The cast is made up of the same voice actors from the game version.
However, it is difficult for all 130 characters to appear in the game, so the number of mikens in the anime is expected to be narrowed down.
As of October 2019, there are nine people who have been announced to appear in the series.

The main position, the red-haired miko sword, Jouizumi Masamune, is played by Yuko Ohno.
She is the voice actor who has performed in Tenshi no threesome, Jun Goto and Yuzu in Konohaana Kisan.

Liie Takahashi, known for her roles in “Lisero” Emilia and Mr. Takagi, plays the family-oriented miko sword, Kuwanae.
She will continue to play many main characters in 2019, including Megumin in the movie version of Kono-Suba.

The talented priestess Yoshimitsu Goou Yoshimitsu is played by Haruka Chisuga, known for her role as Zuka-chan in SHIROBAKO.
In 2019, she became the talk of the town when she took on the role of Sanjouno Haruhime, the heroine of the second season of Danmachi.

Haruka Shiraishi (Haruka Shiraishi) will be the two NPCs in the game, the beautiful secretary Nanaka and her sister, Yayoi, who is contracted to strengthen the game.
For the 2019 fall cool, she also plays Himawari (Hinata Aoi) in Ore wo Suki wo Suki wa Oniro ka yo.

The three sisters of the kitchen knife are played by Hikaru Iida, Kanako Yanagihara, and Yuki Harukawa, who are responsible for the three sisters of the kitchen knife, Sukashi masamune, and Horinuki Masamune, respectively.
These three sisters also sing an insert song “Yumechi Hana” and are the personalities of the web radio program “Radio for the three sisters of the kitchen”.

The Kansai-bred Lori Miko priestess, Tsuda Echizen no Kami Suehiro, is played by Matsuda Satsui, who played Teruko Hoshi in “Delemus”, and Soboro Suehiro, who is the mother of the priestess and works in historical research, is played by Taichi Yo.



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