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Jaiko doesn’t have a real name? The reason why Jaiko’s real name has not been revealed is that he was too kind.

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What’s Jaiko’s real name? Can you answer the question? It’s impossible. Because the character’s real name has not been revealed. Is Jaiko his real name to begin with? You must have wondered if it’s a nickname?
In this article, we’ve compiled the following information in order to solve the mystery of Jaiko’s name.

・Other characters’ real names
・Why there are whispers of “Jaiko’s real name theory
・The real name as considered by fans
・Why the author did not set his real name

Why is Jaiko the only one whose real name has not been revealed for a long time? If you’ve ever wondered about the name, here’s what you need to know about it.

Is Jaiko the only one whose real name has not been set?

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While real names are rarely mentioned, the following characters have been given real names

・Nobita:Nobita Nobi
・Shizuka-Chan:Shizuka Minamoto
・Gian:Takeshi Goda
・Suneo:Suneo Honekawa
・Nobita’s mom:Tamago Nobi
・Nobita’s father:Nobisuke NObi

While so many characters have been set up with real names, the one character whose real name is unknown is Jaiko. Why hasn’t her real name been revealed for many years despite the fact that she has episodes where she is spotted as the main character?
Some fans consider the reasons for this as follows.

Three reasons why fans are whispering about the “Jaiko real name theory”

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Some fans are considering the “Jaiko’s real name theory”. It’s not that her real name isn’t set, it’s just that it’s her real name, so there’s no need to publish it in the first place.
There are three reasons for the “Jaiko’s real name” theory

Not only my friends, but even my family call me Jaiko

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Assuming that Jaiko is a nickname, it’s not strange for your friends to call you by your nickname. Calling your close friends by their nicknames is a common occurrence in the real world.

But would you call your family members by their nicknames as well?
It’s possible if the family is close, but it doesn’t feel right in the Goda family.
His mother calls him by his real name “Takeshi”, so it’s hard to imagine her calling him by his nickname.
It’s hard to imagine her calling her sister by her real name. Because it’s his real name, it’s natural to think that his family calls him by his real name, isn’t it?

The name on a hospital room name tag

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When you’re admitted to the hospital, a name tag is placed in your hospital room so that you know who’s in there. In the episode where Jaiko is hospitalized, a name tag was also placed in her hospital room. The name “Goda Jaiko” was written on it.
It’s unthinkable for a hospital to make a name tag for a patient with a nickname. It’s because that’s the patient’s real name that the name tag “Goda Jaiko” was installed.

The Secret of the Real Name Hidden in Gian

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Why is he named “Takeshi Goda” and why is he called “Gian”? I don’t care how you spell your real name, you won’t become Gian.
The origin of the nickname is “Jaiko’s older brother (An),” which was shortened to Gian. It was shortened and the name Gian was born.
It’s not strange that his sister was involved in his nickname.

Some fans consider their real names

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Apart from the fans who whisper the “Jaiko’s real name” theory, there are also fans who consider Jaiko’s real name. Unlike the real name theory, the following names have been considered as her real name, although the reasons for them are not so strong.

・Kaoru Goda
The sketchbook that she uses to draw her manga as an aspiring manga artist has the name “Kaoru Goda” written in it.
It seems a likely reason, but there is no scene in the play where we can see the name written on the sketchbook.
The real name of the pig gorilla in the Kittelez Encyclopedia is “Kaoru”, so maybe she got it confused while she was examining it. It is also said that.

・Botako Goda
A girl character named “Botako” appears only in the beginning of the manga. She looks exactly like Gyoko in terms of her appearance.
Based on her appearance, she may be a gyko before the setting was created. It is not uncommon for people to whisper, “I’m not sure if this is a good idea.
Botako and Jaiko look exactly alike, but they are not the same person. Her real name is not “Botako Goda “.

Can you identify your real name from a pen name or the name of your work?

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Since he works under a pseudonym when he draws comics, I wonder if his real name can be identified from his pen name and the titles of the works he draws. You may be told that.
As it turns out, there is no connection between my pen name or the title of my work and my real name. The pen name is “Kristine Goida”. The five titles of the work that are revealed are below, and there are very few parts of the work that could be used in the name.

・”Chocolatey and the Trevians”
・”Ankolomoti Stories”
・”Sun Rise is the Weather”
・”Pero pero candy”
・”Love Fortissimo”



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