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That is another postwar history. The charm of “Concrete Revolutio ~ Superhuman Phantasmagoria”!

出典 : (c)BONES・會川 昇/コンクリートレボルティオ製作委員会 : TVアニメ「コンクリート・レボルティオ~超人現像~」公式サイト

Do you know the animation “Concrete Revolutio ~ Superhuman Phantasmagoria” (hereinafter referred to as Conrebo)?

“Conrebo” is an SF animation with the theme of Showa. In this article, we introduce the outline and attractiveness of “Conrebo” and the second phase “Concrete · Revolutio ~ superfun illusion ~ THE LAST SONG”.

Those interested in Showa history after the war
Those who longing for a hero once
Those who would like to see a variety of heroes at once
Recommended for you who likes animation with such hope!


What is “Concrete Revolutio ~ Superhuman Phantasmagoria”?

“Conrebo” is the original work that was broadcasted from October 2015 to December 2015. Between April and June 2016, the 14th to 24th episode (the final story) was broadcasted, entitled “Concrete · Revolutio ~ Super fantasy ~ THE LAST SONG”.

The stage of the story is “another Japan” in the Showa 40s. In the Showa 40s around the time, the actual incident and the fiction that was made at the time are studded as a motif. It is a place like “another postwar history”.

As a symbol of the parallel world, “imposing” is a fictitious erotic name that is not “Showa”, “god” is used.

The theme is Showa, but the picture is pop and colorful. There will be few people who feel old fashioned animation.

By the way, the title “Concrete Revolutio ~ Superhuman Phantasmagoria” comes from “concrete · jungle” showing the city where the building is lined up and “Revolutio” representing the revolution.


The rough story is as follows.

In Japan about 20 years after the end of the war, there existed “superman” existence beyond people such as aliens and youkai.
Even if you say a superman to a bite, its position varies. There are also multiple enemies against superhumans.
To protect the order, the Japanese government has created an organization called “superhuman”.
The main character belonging to the “superhuman division” – Hiroaki Hitoyoshi will continue to work to protect the superhuman and protect the order.

Conflicting justice and evil, and who are you? It is a work to see the character ‘s way of life that will continue to struggle among such conflicts.


The main staffs and cast members who produced “Concrete Revolutio ~ Superhuman Phantasmagoria”, and their representative works are as follows (honorific title abbreviation).

  • Original: BONES · Noboru Atsukawa
    Director: Shizuji Mizushima (“Mobile Suit Gundam 00” etc.)
    Series composition: Noboru Shinkawa (“Kamen rider sword” late main writer etc.)
    Character design · total drawing director: Yoshiyuki Ito (“Space ☆ Dandy” character design etc.)
    Animation Production: Bonds (“Blood before World War II & BEYOND” etc.)
    Director Shimji Mizushima, Noboru Shinkawa and Mr. Yoshiyuki Ito are also collaborating in animation “FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST” (2003). Therefore, if you like “FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST” you may also enjoy “Conrebo”.


  • Hitoyoshiro: Ishikawa Kokitan (“Hi Que !!” Nobuo Kageyama)
    Teruko Hoshino: Sumire Uesaka (“Idolmaster Cinderella Girls” Anastacia)
    Onino smile: Toyosaki Aki (“Mekada Box” Kurojin Meaka)

This place of “Concrete Revolutio ~ Superhuman Phantasmagoria” is interesting!

We will introduce some attractive points of “Concrete Revolutio ~ Superhuman Phantasmagoria”.

Hero / heroine ‘s cool or cute action

Hero and heroines of various genres will appear in this work such as giant, magical girl, beautiful girl type robot etc etc. That aspect will be close to “Avengers”.

Besides, Bones, famous for its action scenes, is producing ‘Conrebo’. Attractive heroes and heroines each perform distinctive actions.

Connection with actual Showa

As a motif in “Conrebo”, the actual Showa case and fiction and songs that were popular at that time are incorporated.

For example, “Glos ogen” appearing in the first episode. He fights the evil alien, a giant of justice. That’s right. Glossogen introduced “Ultraman” aired in 1964 as a motif.

Regarding the actual Showa case, the security conflict of the 1970s will be easy to understand. In reality, the student movement caused by the new leftist faction is superimposed on the factional student movement in the “Conrebo” to protect monsters.

Also the scene where the hit song of that time flows in most stories. For example, “The wonderful love once again” flowing in the first episode is impressive ways of implying a relationship between the hero and the heroine.

If you are familiar with the Showa era, you can enjoy “Nyari”. And even people who do not know the Showa also have different ways to enjoy. “What is the character’s motif? Is this such event really?”, “Conrebo” has also become a catalyst to enjoy the history and works of the Showa era.

Aside from the broadcasting of ‘Conrebo’, the new movie of a Showa character was released without any notice. It is probably a coincidence that the link with such reality is a glimpse of “Conrebo”.

Complex story development

One of the features of “Conrebo” is the complicated story development. Several events are shuffled, not chronological order.

For example, in the first episode, the story progresses in the order of Godification 41 years → Godification 46 years → Godification 41 years → Godification 46 years. And after 43 years of divinity, the human relationship surrounding the hero, Hitoyoshiro is also greatly different.

What happened in the 43-year-old gods? It is one of the fun of “Conrebo” that deepens the consideration of “Convo”.
In “Conrebo”, the human relationship itself is also complicated. First of all, there are power like superhuman, superhumans, ordinary people trying to use superhuman. And each power is not monolithic. They are moving with different right and purpose. In other words, “Conrebo” is a large group drama.
If you do not focus on honesty, you will soon notice the flow of the talk. But after having finished watching it will be like a glimpse of one history, or a satisfaction like seeing a documentary.

The division of right and wrong

As mentioned above, characters of various positions appear in “Conrebo”. Therefore, what a character does “I think he is good” also invites the tragedy for another character.

The dilemma is often portrayed in the second episode, “Black Mist”. Among this episode, one of the main characters, Kazuya Fuda, almost destroys a certain race. As Kazuta himself, this is a justice act done to protect the order.

But the same second episode’s climax will reveal the shock facts.

“I do not know what is right and wrong.” The chaotic atmosphere that is also familiar to modern society is full of this work.

What is your reputation?

We introduce the reputation of “Concrete · Revolutio ~ super fantasy ~” into good evaluation and bad evaluation.

First of all, as a good evaluation, the impression that the talk is solid was seen often. Creating the whole story of “Conrebo” is complicated, but the logic is clear. Episodes that are focused on single-shot sub-characters are also those that give us a sense of satisfaction. There were many favorable evaluations for such stories.

On the other hand, as a bad evaluation, “something hard to understand” was seen. As mentioned earlier, this is probably due to the large number of characters and time series shuffling. Certainly “Conrebo” is also a work that you do not understand when it sees while it is interesting.


I have told you the outline of “Conrebo” and its charm. “Conrebo” is a large group image play, you also need concentration to see one story. However, if you concentrate and watch it, you will feel its heavy fun.

If you are concerned about ‘Conrebo’, why not try looking at the first episode first.

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