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【Genshin】You can’t fight a war on an empty stomach? Recommendations for cooking and the importance of gathering ingredients!

Here is an introduction to cooking, which is very effective when fighting enemies, and how to collect the materials needed for cooking.

The cooking system is becoming more and more common in games these days. It has been introduced in Genshin, and its effects vary from restoring and reviving the character’s strength to increasing attack and defense power.
By cooking, you can acquire cooking items, but just like in real life, you will need a variety of ingredients. When you’re ready to use a highly effective dish to defeat a boss, you’ll need more ingredients. I hope you will refer to this article to avoid the sad situation where you cannot make a dish because you do not have enough ingredients.

Types of Cooking Recipes

Dishes that exert various effects when eaten can be prepared by obtaining recipes.
There are so many delicious-looking dishes in Genshin, but there are roughly four types as follows

Guard food: food that restores HP and revives your character.
Heroic Cuisine: Temporarily increases attack power and heart rate.
Adventurer’s Cuisine: Restores stamina or reduces consumption.
Sage Cuisine: Temporarily increases defense.

Each dish has a different effect, but some dishes are different but have the same effect. I think this is a very good system in that you can change the ingredients you have into different dishes with the same effect.

The following are some points to note about cooking items
You can eat them at any time, but some areas such as spirals cannot be used.
Stamina recovery and character revival dishes cannot be used in succession.
In multiplayer, only you can use them. The effects will not affect other players.

Cooking recipes are ranked from 1 to 5 stars, and the higher the number, the stronger the effect. Low-ranked recipes are memorized from the start, but high-ranked recipes must be obtained from rewards or treasure chests, so be proactive in completing quests.

Please note that the adventurer’s dishes “Smoked Chicken of the North” and “Pot-au-feu with White Sauce” are labeled as “HP Recovery” when cooked, but the actual effect is “Stamina Recovery”. This has not been fixed at the time of writing, but it is confusing and I hope it will be fixed.

How to get food

The main items that can be purchased at the stores in town are basic ingredients such as seasonings and vegetables. However, be aware that there is a limit to the number of items you can purchase in a day.

Vegetables and other plants can be collected from buried in the field or borrowed from houses. This may be heartbreaking, but they will grow back quickly, and there is no penalty, so don’t hesitate to take them.

Meat can be obtained from animals you meet in the field, so make sure you have a character in your party who can use a bow. It doesn’t matter if your character is underdeveloped, as long as you can shoot arrows.
Crabs are a particularly effective cooking ingredient, so if you have nothing else to do, go to the beach and catch some. Crabs have fast legs, so you may miss them, but they’ll come back when you’re far enough away, so do your best to catch them all!

As you start to use more effective dishes, the shortage of ingredients will become more serious. As you use more and more effective dishes, the shortage of ingredients will become more serious, not only because of the quantity required, but also because you will need ingredients that are difficult to obtain by purchase.
Beasts, poultry, lotus, matsutake mushrooms, crabs, and other ingredients used in high-rank recipes are all hard to come by, and if you’re not conscious of them, they can be hard to gather. Don’t just fight the hirchars, but enjoy gathering and hunting as well.
You can find places where wild boars swarm or where many lotus trees grow.

You can also get them by dispatching your character to search for them, so it’s a good idea to dispatch your character when you’re not playing the game.
There are also stores that sell these valuable ingredients, but they are a bit expensive. You will need to buy them when you can afford them, as you will run out of mora to train your character.

Cooking Method

You can cook in any facility that has a cooking area, such as a restaurant or inn. There are also many other places to cook in the field, such as the village of Hilchar and campgrounds, so you won’t have any trouble finding a place to cook. However, in the outdoors, the fires may be out, so you’ll need to light them with a character who has a fire element, such as Amber, to be able to cook.

If you have all the ingredients, you can start cooking right away, but be sure to check if any of your characters can provide cooking support before doing so.

By choosing a character who has a specialty dish, you have a certain chance of doubling the amount of food you make, or making a more effective original dish, so take advantage of it.

There is also cooking to make processed foods. These are ingredients that need to be made in advance, such as ham, bacon, flour, cheese, and so on. Unlike cooking, they require processing time, so it is usually best to make them in advance.


The above is an introduction to the effects of cooking, gathering ingredients, and cooking methods. I hope you found it useful.

Cooking has such powerful effects that it can make boss class enemies that were difficult to defeat easier to defeat. You may become addicted to them to the point where you don’t feel like using them all the time, but the more effective the dish, the more ingredients you’ll need and the more you’ll need to use, so gathering ingredients when you want to use them will always be insufficient.
Perhaps the key to conquering Haragami is gathering ingredients? I thought to myself, “Today is food gathering day. There are times when I decide that today is the day to collect ingredients.

Even if I don’t spend the whole day collecting ingredients! Even if you don’t spend the whole day gathering ingredients, you’ll still have an advantage if you keep in mind to hunt meat and gather vegetables!

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