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【Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai 】Why is Maam so shady? An in-depth look

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From “Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai”, which will be airing a new animated series from October 2020, we’ll be featuring Maam, one of the Apostles of Aban!
I’m going to thoroughly examine the reason why Maam, who plays an active role as a member of the heroic party until the end of the game, is not well known!

Maam Character Overview

出典 : © 三条陸、稲田浩司/集英社・ダイの大冒険製作委員会・テレビ東京 © SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. : ドラゴンクエスト ダイの大冒険 アニメ公式サイト

A main character in “Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai”, and a member of the hero Dai’s party.
One of the apostles of the former hero Aban, she is the daughter of Aban’s companions, the warrior Roka and the monk Leila.
She grew up in the village of Nail in the Kingdom of Romos.

At first, she was a monk-warrior, using the Hammer Spear and the “Magic Bullet Gun” given to her by Abang as her weapons, but later she became an apprentice to Brokina, the master of the Bujin-ryu school, and changed her occupation to a martial artist.
He fights monsters using the techniques of the Bujin-ryu, such as “Senkarekouken” and “Furious Tiger Crushing Fist,” in addition to the empty-handed fist that makes use of his high physical ability.

The Senkarekouken is a powerful trump card that can be a fatal blow regardless of the durability of the opponent.

He has a masculine personality, and at the same time, he is kind and caring.
However, when it comes to love, he is quite insensitive and doesn’t seem to be aware of the love that is being shown to him.

The voice actress for the 2020 version is Mikako Komatsu.
The 1991 version was voiced by Mina Tominaga.

I couldn’t overcome my half-heartedness

出典 :

Maam joins the group from the beginning of the story as an apostle of Aban following Dai and Pop, but while Pop and Hadler are praised in the story of Dai Dai Dai, her name was never mentioned on many occasions.

It’s not that she wasn’t popular during the series, in the official popularity poll, she was 6th in the first round, 4th in the second round, and 7th in the third round.
It’s not that she didn’t stand out, since there were originally only a few female characters in the main series, and her only competitors were Princess Leona and Meruru.
However, the only time Maam is mentioned is in the door picture (the one in Maam’s Determination volume), which is very revealing, and I have to say that there are few opportunities to talk about her charm.

There are several reasons for this, but the first that comes to mind is the lack of activity in the battle scenes.

Maam’s occupation at the beginning of the game is “monk-warrior,” an original occupation not found in the original Dracula.
He can attack from a distance with his “magic bullet gun,” which is full of romance and can cast spells packed in bullets, and he can also heal.

In reality, however, he is more like the Red Mage of the FF series than a sage.
The magic bullet gun, which seems powerful at first glance, cannot be a decisive factor when there are no powerful wizards on your side, and it has a limited number of bullets.
Her recovery spells are also not as good as Leona’s, and she realized this during the battle against Flayzard, and decided to change careers to become a martial artist when her magic bullet gun broke.

In the game “Dragon Quest III: The Legend of…”, which became a social phenomenon and triggered the serialization of Dai Dai Dai, changing jobs is a major event that all users experience, and it is also the most exciting moment in the game.
This is the most exciting moment in the game, and Maam was responsible for the biggest moment in Dracula.

Nevertheless, even after changing to a martial artist and rejoining the party, Maam was unable to overcome her half-heartedness.

The battle against Zamza, which was also her return event, was an unpopular episode that didn’t have much to do with the main plot, to the extent that some people said it didn’t need to be.
Furthermore, after the battle against Zamza, there was nothing much to show for the rest of the episode, and the big move “Senka Rikou Ken” didn’t work on any of the enemies.
As the series progressed, Maam’s shadow grew fainter and fainter.



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