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【 The Journey of Elaina】Can Irena beat the older witch characters? An in-depth examination

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From the anime “The Witch’s Travels,” which will air in the fall of 2020, we take a look at the main character, Irena!
We pick up on her characteristics and charms, and thoroughly examine whether she can be a standout in an anime world with numerous famous magical girls.

Irena Character Overview

出典 : © 白石定規・SBクリエイティブ/魔女の旅々製作委員会 : TVアニメ『魔女の旅々』公式サイト

A female character from “The Journey of Elaina” and the main character of the film.
At the age of 15, she became a “witch,” the highest rank of wizards. She was 18 at the beginning of the story, and is now 19.
She has cloud-colored hair that extends to her back, and when she works as a witch, she wears a black robe, a black tricorn hat, and a brooch that resembles a star, the sign of a witch.

She is from the peaceful country of Lovetta, and after passing the witchcraft exam, she studied under Fran, the Witch of Stardust.
After becoming an official witch and receiving the name “Ash Witch” from Fran, she has been traveling from place to place, and after hearing about the reputation of each country from travelers and merchants, she rides her broom to the country that stimulates her curiosity.

Her personality is a bit bland and twisted, but she is a woman with a kind heart who basically tries to help people when she meets them facing difficulties.
However, her pride as a witch is rather high, and when she is treated unfairly, she shows her strong attitude by spitting out her tongue in her mind or fighting back with magic.
She is also far from pure and innocent, and especially when money is involved, her devious side comes out.

Her abilities as a witch are very high, and she is very good at using various kinds of magic, especially in combat.
However, her physical ability is at the level of an average person, and without a wand to use magic, she is completely powerless.

Her voice actress is Kaede Hondo.

A self-praise type, which is rare for a protagonist

出典 : © 白石定規・SBクリエイティブ/魔女の旅々製作委員会 : TVアニメ『魔女の旅々』公式サイト

Irena is the protagonist and narrator of the witch’s journey.
She uses polite language with everyone, even in her monologues, and the story is basically told in a polite tone.

The story is basically told in a polite tone. She has a habit of saying “Yes, it’s me.
For example, she says, “Who is the witch whose eyes and heart were taken away by the beautiful scene in front of her? Yes, that’s me. For example, “Who is the witch who was captivated by the beautiful scene in front of her?

As you can see from this phrase, Irena is not a hard-headed protagonist.
She is an age-appropriate woman with an amusing side and a sober side.

She is not particularly proud of being a witch, but she is blatantly dissatisfied when she feels that she is being taken lightly.

In the world of this work, a woman who can use magic is not a witch, but there are different levels of wizards, and witch is the highest title.
However, since Irena became a witch at a young age, it is difficult for people to judge her as a witch by her appearance, and she cannot actually use powerful magic to show off her status.
When she lost the brooch, most of the town’s residents treated her poorly and resented her for it.

What this shows is that Irena is quite proud.
Although she is not the proud type, she recognizes herself as a beautiful girl and is full of confidence in her looks and abilities.
At the very least, she is not a humble person, but a self-praised protagonist.

On the other hand, he is also mature and cool for a teenager.
When it was revealed that a younger wizard girl, who was fortunate enough to have been taught magic by Irena, had not told her that Irena had picked up a brooch that she had dropped to prevent her from leaving, he calmly told her off without becoming agitated.
Although she is still young, she has the mentality to act like a master.

In fact, this type of character is quite rare for a magical girl/witch protagonist.
The main characters in magical girl/witch anime of the past are the “growth type” who are immature but keep working hard like Kiki in “The Witch’s Delivery Service” and Akko in “Little Witch Academia”, and the “pure type” who are infantile and pure-hearted like Sakura Kinomoto in “Cardcaptor Sakura” and Madoka Kaname in “Puella Magi Madoka Magica”. The “pure type” is the mainstream.
Aside from rival characters, witches who have high self-esteem and are already complete are quite rare in the world of anime.



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