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[The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild] Do you remember the synopsis? [Sequel confirmed]

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It’s been a few years since the Switch launched in 2017!
It didn’t take long.
2019 was full of interesting software, including the hugely popular Pocket Monster Sword Shield and Ringfitting Adventure, but next year we’re finally getting a sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!

The software was released at the same time as the Switch’s release, but it’s been a long time since its release.
As such, many of you may not remember the synopsis of the game.
We’ll be looking back in the digest as we prepare for the 2020 launch!

The Shrine of the Regeneration and the Voice of Guidance

…wake me up.
Wake up….Link.

Link wakes up as a familiar voice leads him to a familiar voice.
When he wakes up, Link is unclothed and asleep in a place that looks like an ancient relic.
There is something called the Seeker Stone placed nearby, and someone who has woken Link up urges him to take it with him.
And following her voice to guide Link, he left the place, the shrine of reincarnation.

And what awaited Link was a vast plateau and a sky burning in the morning sun.

From this place, Link would set out on a journey to help the woman who alone protected this beautiful world – the title of the legendary game, Princess Zelda.
That’s right, it was Princess Zelda who waited for Link (you) to wake up from his 100-year slumber and guide him on his journey.

The way you play it is up to Link (you)!

Here’s how to go about the scenario, as I’m sure many of you have forgotten about it once.
This game was really a free game, from one thing to another.

Breath of Wild, as the title suggests, was a wild life waiting for Link.

If you’re confident in your skills, you can head straight to Hyrule Castle to help Princess Zelda, or if you want to enjoy this fresh field to the fullest, you can enjoy the life of shooting bows and hunting animals, and of course, you can help Zelda by visiting shrines scattered around the world, collecting hearts and the Gamboge gauge as you collect the story in orthodox ways.
The fact that there’s no single answer was a hot topic of conversation when it was released.

The plateau of the beginning and what happened 100 years ago

The first place you will travel to is a place called the plateau of beginnings, where a suspicious old man lives.
From here, Zelda’s guiding voice will disappear, and this grandfather (i.e. King Hyrule) will guide you on your journey.
The tutorial will take you through the journey in the beginning plateau, guided by your grandfather, until you finish your journey in the beginning plateau.

On the beginning plateau, he suggests that you gradually enrich the contents of the Seeker Stone, and in the process, Link learns that you have to change your armor in the climate and that you can adjust your strength with food.

Finally, at the site of the Temple of Time, King Hyrule tells him why Link was asleep and how long he slept.
Here, Link learns that a disaster 100 years ago nearly killed him, and that his nemesis Ganon and Princess Zelda have been fighting in Hyrule Castle for 100 years. The purpose of his journey is to save Zelda.
King Hyrule was already dead, but as a spirit, he was here waiting for Link to awaken.
Here the Hyrule King would disappear. Having entrusted everything to Link, he had done his job.

Kakariko Village

On the recommendation of King Hyrule, the village of Kakariko is assumed to be the first place many users will visit.
It is a village with a familiar name if you are a Zelda fan.
In this game, the village is considered to be the village of the Seeker tribe, and the chief, Impa, welcomes Link to the village.

He laments that Link’s memories have been lost, but welcomes him to awaken and tells him what he would like to see happen in the future.



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