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【Mayfly Project】 I summarized about Ene, the “Computer beautiful girl”! What are the differences between the love stories of different media?

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Ene, the Computer beautiful girll who often plays a role like a billboard in “Kagero Project”. We’ve put together a summary of her noisy and high-spirited past, her songs, and her relationships with different people in different media.

Who is the girl, Ene, floating around the internet?
The noisy cybernetic girl

Ene is a young girl who can freely travel between the electronic world through radio frequency lines. She can hack computers, cell phones, and almost any electronic device. She usually lives in Shintauro Kisaragi’s computer and plays tricks on him, such as setting off an alarm in the middle of the night or threatening him with a secret folder, in order to play a rather vicious prank on him.
He calls Shintaro “Master” and enjoys talking with him and the people around him through the screen, always with a loud tension.

His real name is Takane Enomoto.

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Ene is thought to be an AI girl, but her true identity is a 19-year-old girl named Enomoto Takane. She is Sintero’s senior in high school and is a human being. She suffers from a sudden sleep disorder and is unable to make friends and immersed in games.
She has a twisted personality and is always irritated by sleepiness. It’s hard to imagine her as a cheerful, energetic, noisy and brazen Ene.

By the way, the name “Ene” is a name that Takane used to give to her game character, which was taken from the first and last letters of “Enomoto Takane”.

Ene’s ability to “wake up

Takane became Ene, a telekinetic girl, due to her red eye ability. Takane was killed by the mastermind and interfered with the Mayfly Days. It was there that she adapted to the “Awaken” ability. Although it is not explained in detail, it is a power that allows her to detach her spirit from her body, so to speak, and only her spirit can be said to be in a state of immortality.
In the novels and anime, it travels back and forth between the real body and the telepathic world.

Ene’s music is the most “Kagepro” music!
Artificial Enemy

The first song in “Kagepro”, “Artificial Enemy”. It’s a somewhat surprising song now that Ene’s character has been revealed in the novels and manga. The song has a light tone and lyrics that quietly pierce the heart. Considering the connection between Ene and the second song in Shintaro’s song “Lost Time Memory”, you can feel the depth of the girl called “Ene” even more.

Headphone Actor

‘Headphone Actor’ tells the story of a young girl running through a critical and extraordinary world set to rock. It’s a song by Takane Enomoto, not “Ene,” and it draws you in with its rushing tone and shocking lyrics.

Ene’s Travels on the Brain

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The song “Ene’s Dennou Travelogue” from the album “Mechaquity Days” is a song by Takane …… who came to live in the Dennou World aftezr “Headphone Actor”, that is, when she was just becoming “Ene”. The song is characterized by a lack of inflection, which is even more inhuman than in “Artificial Enemy”, and by the unique lyrics that are typical of the Cyberworld.
In chronological order, it would be “Headphone Actor”, “Ene’s Dennou Travelogue” and “Artificial Enemy”.

Sunset Yesterdays

In contrast to the three songs above, this fun and rhythmic song is a slice of daily life in your days as Takane. It is a popular song among “Kagepro” fans because of the sweet and sour taste of the song which shows the love story of Takane in her high school life and the heart-wrenching ending of the song when she reaches her “final moments”.

Love for Haruka
Novel/animation route

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As a loop, The Mayfly Project is unique in that each media has a different route, and Takane’s relationships are different between the novel/anime and the manga.

In the novel/anime route, Takane attends a general high school care class due to a sleep disorder. She was frustrated by her lack of sleep and spent her days picking on her sloppy teacher and her only naturalistic classmate, Haruka Kunose, while she was a serious gamer who had made a name for herself in the country for her rather gruesome games. During the school festival, Haruka and her two stinking middle-aged friends were exposed as gamers, and they began to compete against each other, and their friendship grew.

During her sophomore year of high school, Takane failed to notice Haruka’s seizures due to her own petty willpower, and when she couldn’t face Haruka, she ran away from the hospital and returned to school. Takane finally becomes aware of her feelings for Haruka through her conversation with Ayano and hurries to the hospital to tell him of her feelings, but her chronic illness causes her to lose consciousness.

Instead, Takane was murdered by the mastermind and became Ene, wandering around the cyberworld.

Manga Route

In the manga route, Takane meets Haruka not in the classroom, but in the hospital. Takane hadn’t had many friends since she was prone to illness and spent all her time playing games instead of going to school. However, she met Haruka by chance while she was in the hospital and invited him to be her opponent to kill time, and this is how they became friends.

After being discharged from the hospital, Takane visits Haruka, but upon seeing Haruka chatting with a fellow inpatient (Shintaro), the thought that she doesn’t need to be there grows in her mind and she ends up turning on her heel.

As Takane does this over and over again, Haruka dies of a chronic illness.
Out of regret that she didn’t know him and didn’t notice anything about him, Takane tried to jump to her death, where she came into contact with Mayfly Days and got the ability to “wake up” and returned to the real world.

Takane in this world also says that she “probably liked that guy (Haruka)”, and the fact that she couldn’t tell him and kept running away is the same as in the novels and anime.

Incidentally, the manga version of Takane is similar to the novel/anime version of Shintaro in that she feels regretful that she didn’t notice her dead lover and that she didn’t do anything to help him, which is another point of emo in “Kagepro”.

Why did you stay by Sintero’s side?

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In the novel/anime route, Shintaro was in the depths of despair due to the sudden disappearance of Ayano, Haruka, and Takane, as well as the blaming words of Kano, who was dressed as Ayano. Ene stayed by his side partly because she had nowhere to go in the telepathic world, but also because she thought he would die if she left him alone. In fact, Shintaro says that although he was overwhelmed by Ene’s pranks, he was also saved by her presence.

Also, in the manga route, the two met when Ene was trapped in the internet and desperate and the address she typed in just happened to be Sintero’s.
Unlike the novels and the anime, they didn’t know each other, but when Ene realized that it was Shintaro who was in Haruka’s hospital room, and that he too was blocked by Haruka’s death, she decided to become Shintaro’s “friend” instead of Haruka.

However, it was Ene who was saved by becoming Haruka’s “friend”. Ene, who was able to spend her happy days with her “friend”, disappears when her “wish” comes true.
Ene’s words to Shintaro at the end of his life that he was someone who could save someone else gave him strength, and this had a huge impact on the final battle of the manga route.


Ene has led the “Mayfly Project” with Shintaro in every “world” he’s been in, whether it be music, novels, manga or anime. In the new “Mayfly Days No. 9”, which takes place three years after the anime, she is expected to appear as “Takane”, but what kind of action will she take? The love affair with Haruka is also noteworthy.

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