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Metal diva in the anime world! 5 popular anime characters selected by Eri’s Kitakamura Eri’s voice actor [Kitaeri]


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As a voice actor, Eitan Kitamura who has been active since quite a long time ago.

The appearance as a sub character rather than the main heroine, and the image that any character is unfortunate character is strong w

He has appeared in quite a lot of hits and summarized particularly popular characters among the characters played by Eitan Kitamura who has a lot of persistent fans as well!


Sayaka Miki (Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica)


Saying Sayaka is not it Sayaka?

Madameagi became a big hit, so it may be natural, of course,

There is only Sayaka made by imagining the Mermaid Princess, it is quite a dark character while it seemingly a bright character.

The phrase “I really am stupid” also became popular.

Ami Kawashima(TORADORA!)





Saya Otonashi(BLOOD+)


KITAELI’s memorable initial hero work BLOOD +

It seems to be a work of a girls’ high school girls with a sword, and there are also “BLOOD + C” as a series.

It is a story that starts from Okinawa, but as the story advances, it will be set in the world such as Vietnam and France.

And finally when I came back to Okinawa, I felt like I was shocked by that air feeling, the difference between before traveling and I could not return the time already animated while animating, it let me feel disgusted .


Shiranui Akeno (Seto’s bride)


Although the work of the past continues, this is also masterpiece “Seto no Bride”

Although it is not the main heroine, it is a person who becomes an important character in the story, “haunted” is a habit of saying.

The image above is a character song ‘helix’, but this is also a masterpiece!

It seems that this animation works as well, but this helix has become a musical piece that smoothes now KITAELLI san, I feel like I was showing something that will become a rock singer from that time w

If you like Kita Ary as a singer please listen with the animation by all means.


Darjeeling (Girls & Panzer)


If you say the character you can not remove in the animation of the past few years, is not it Daa?

While Girls & Panzer, also known as Garpan, was a big hit, there was quite a lot of exposure as the main character!

Frequently saying maxims, it is an elegant character, but in reality it is pretty pockety too cute!

Garpan is still very popular and I’d like to expect further from now on!

What did you think.

Mr. Kitaeri has a long career as a voice actor and plays quite a lot of characters.

Attractive characters can not speak.

Although the main heroine is small, by all means, please try looking for Kitaeri main heroine for you!

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