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【Smile down the runway】Is Chiyuki Fujito both the heroine and the protagonist? Chiyuki information all in one place to become a hypermodel [Anime adaptation confirmed].

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Chiyuki Fujito in “Smile down the runway” is a female character who struggles to become a fashion model. She is a heroine in her own right, but she is also a unique character who is the main character. Check out this article to find out all the information about Chiyuki Fujito in one place.

Character Overview

Chiyuki Fujito is a character from “Smile down the runway”.
She is 158 cm tall and weighs 40 kg.
Her father is the president of the modeling agency “MILNEJ” and she has been involved in the entertainment industry since she was a child.
She was tall for her age as a child, and she was expected to be a future model.
She admired the “Paris Collection” that she saw when she was a child, and she dreams of being active as a model and standing on the Paris Collection runway.

However, her height stops at 158cm.
However, her height has stopped at 158cm, which has caused her to struggle in her modeling career.
It is said in the work that “you need to be at least 165cm for Paris Collection”, and Chisetsu, who is 7cm taller than her, has no choice but to give up on her dream.

Just because you’re the president’s daughter doesn’t mean you’re naive

No matter how short he is as a model, if his father is the president of a modeling agency.
Isn’t it all about connections?
You may feel that.
But Chiyuki’s father is not so naive.
When she was a freshman in high school, Chiyuki was fired from her office.
Because of her height, he said that it was impossible for her to achieve her goal of participating in the Paris Collection because of her height.

Nevertheless, Chiyukiu has never given up on her dream of becoming a “Paris Collection” dancer.
She has been stoically maintaining her lessons and style since she was a child, and she still maintains her perfect looks, except for her height.

Since she was fired, she has continued to audition for “Milneige” on numerous occasions and has been rejected each time.
Nevertheless, she hasn’t given up, and no matter how many times she fails, she continues to work hard and go through trial and error in order to pass the audition.

The protagonist Chiyuki’s turning point – her encounter with Ikuto Tumura

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No matter how many auditions she has attended, she has been unsuccessful.
Even though she hasn’t given up, she was feeling a sense of stagnation when one day she met her classmate Ikuto Tumura.
After school, Chiyuki happened to find out that he wanted to be a designer, and asked him to make her clothes that would look good on her.

It may have been a whim, but it turned out to be the right thing to do.
When Chiyuki wore the clothes Ikuto had made for her audition, the judges told her that she would have to wear
I saw only one percent potential.
And she passed with flying colors.
The person in charge of judging didn’t tell her, but the moment she walked in, she said, “I’m not going to tell you.
I saw Paris for a second.
I’m talking about it.
This was the moment when the possibility of going to Paris was discovered, though it may still be slight, if the clothes “made for Chiyuki” are worn to their fullest potential.

Since then, Chiyuki and Ikuto have had frequent contact with each other in the fashion industry.



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