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【defence】It’s going to be animated! A beautiful girl equipped with a large shield is a warrior in a VR MMO!

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It was serialized on the novel submission site “Become a novelist“, and an anime adaptation has finally been decided, “I don’t want to be in pain, so I’d like to focus all my energy on defense”. I don’t want to be in pain, so I’m going to give my full attention to my defensive abilities. This time, I have compiled information on the anime, highlights and synopsis of “defence”!

What is “defence”?

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Preventing Furi is set in an MMORPG that began to be serialized on the novel submission site “Let’s Become a Novelist” in May 2016. The author is Yumikan-sensei, and the book version is illustrated by Koin-sensei. The book edition is published by “Kadokawa BOOKS”, the label of “KADOKAWA”. The total number of copies of the series has exceeded 400,000 as of October 2019.

The anime adaptation of “defence” is in the works!

Finally, “I don’t want to be in pain, so I’m going to concentrate all my energy on defense. will be made into a TV anime. It is scheduled to be broadcasted in 2020. The production of the TV anime will be handled by “SILVER LINK,” known for “Nononobiyori” and “Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya”. The two directors are Shin Onuma and Mirai Minato. In addition, the character design and general drawing director is Hirata Kazuya.

In addition, it was announced that the voice of the main character Maple will be voiced by voice actor Kaede Hondo and Maple’s best friend Sally will be voiced by voice actor Ruriko Noguchi. The PV and dither visuals have already been released on the official website, so be sure to check it out!

Synopsis of “defence”

One day, the main character,Kaede Hondo, is forced by her best friend, Risa Shiramine, to give her a package of a VR MMO game called ‘New World Online’. Although she had never played a game before, she couldn’t resist because of her best friend’s sparkling eyes.

She had no choice but to maneuver through the unfamiliar game and started to make initial settings for her avatar. The name of her avatar is Maple, which is her own name in English. Then she moved on to the avatar’s ability settings, where she chose the less popular occupation of “Great Shield” just because she “doesn’t want it to hurt”. In addition, he only sets his status to Defense.

Maple has made it an absurd status that even beginners don’t do. However, as the game progresses, her perseverance, diligence, and good fortune all add up to make Maple a stronger player in the game.



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