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Decided to animate! Highlights of STEINS;GATE 0【STEINS;GATE ZERO】

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Each story that various character characters spin with crazy mad scientist · Phoenix House innocence (real name is Rintaro Okabe) as the hero and time travel theme works

Originally one of the series of science adventure games which is collaboration project with 5 pb. (MAGES.) And nitroplus led by Shikura Chiyomaru, and other works such as “CHAOS; HEAD” and “ROBOTICS; NOTES” Yes, none are animated.

According to the concept “99% science and 1% fantasy”, I think that all works are fantasies, but maybe …? It is content that seems to be thoughtful, which is quite drawn in.

Among them, “STEINS; GATE” which is the second work has become a considerable hit work.

I know that time travel can not be done. I understand, but is this possibly possible? And, it is so interesting that people who do not understand science can imagine possibly!

Complex time series

There is only the theme of time travel, the time series of stories is rather complicated, or it tends to look complicated.

In this work, although the world line moves when the result (the future) changes according to the time travel, only the main character Ocarin (fainish) has the ability (Leading Steiner) to keep the memory of the previous world line I’m waiting.

Regarding time series, since the original is more complicated than animation, the result will change depending on the selection, so there are many endings that are not told in animation.

Suzuhi will remain in the present age (Ocarin will repeat the time leap endlessly to leave) endings, the future to leave Father’s father as it is, Ruka is a girl, and so on.

Those interested please try playing original game by all means!

In the latter half of the animation, we will cancel the wish of the LABOMEN which it has come true, but in general it is a branch point.

And this time Stagelero will take time machine to save Stayege ‘s climax, Red Risu, but once fails.

A movie mail will be sent from the future Ocarlin afterwards, but it is the story of Ocarillin who sent the movie mail.


In the former world (beta world line), Red Risu dies on July 28, 2010 and Ocarina witnessed Red Kisuru who fell down.
Unconsciously send the first D-mail, it will change to the α world line where Red Risu does not die within without knowing.
After the world line fluctuation, I developed “D Mail” which I have an acquaintance with Red Horisu and Okarin, and can send e-mail in the past.

To test it, I changed the past I want to change Labomen with D email one after another. (Ocarillin alone according to the capacity of Leading Steiner remember before modification)

It will be a big past alteration by doing a small modification altogether.

After that, by developing a time leap machine which further delivers the person’s memory to himself in the past, it is aimed at a secret organization, resulting in death of childhood friend’s eyebrows.

In order to return to the world where Mayuri does not die (the β world line), I will cancel the D – mail of the modified Labomen and finally return to the β world line, but in the β world line this time Kurisuri I will die.

Furthermore, at the future of β world line, the third world war will take place as a result of the time machine theory left by Kurisuri who died.

Therefore, came Suzuwa also from the future in the β world line, World War III does not occur to help Kurisu, also, Mayuri also aim Kurisu not even die world line (Stein’s gate) It will be.


Before the story of Zero, the climax of this volume ↓

Mayuri also moved to July 28 at the time machine on which Suzuki got in order to aim the world where Kureidori did not die.

So, confronting Dr. Kureri ‘s father, Dr. Nakazori, to kill Red Lily from the development It is a place to avoid killing the Ocarin that thought it was a middle bowl, but in places where I tried to pierce the middle bowl unexpectedly, Occalin will stab the Red Risu.

Ocarin and Suzuki, whose consciousness became stunned by the shock that killed Red Horisu, return to the present age.

With the remaining fuel of the time machine you can challenge only once, but Ocarigin with a lot of shocks will not go to the past.

From here is zero!

In this volume, Okari’s cheeks are ordinarily warm Mayuri arrive to Binta, Suzuhi Movie Mail from the future Ocarina received a hint to help Red Horisu, Ocarin once heard it again to the past Jump, I will help fine Kurerisu, but movie mail from Ocarlin will not reach at zero.

In addition, Mayuri helps Ocarin without doing a balance.

Or rather, Mayuri who did a bald …

After that, although it is a story of zero, since animation has not yet been broadcasted, washing the story of the game, then Ocarin sealed the second nucleus disease encountered Maho, the senior at Red Riso’s laboratory, Meeting the AI ​​”Amadeus” which moves with Kurisu ‘s memory data, the third world war will occur.

Ocarin that totally disappointed knew the feelings of various people, and actually knew of the third world war by himself, also knew the state of the wartime of the lombers, and was crazy mad scientist who sealed · Phoenix House Infertles Revive. It is a flow.

Although it is a little confusing, in Stagheero it can be roughly divided into two routes.

Either one is not a bad end, but because we advanced this way, the future will change and we will eventually lead to True End.

What is the highlight?

Anyway, it is probably where houou-in-kyo-ma

There are various routes, I do not know how it is organized by animation, but I think that I will probably laugh with a cool song backing up as it can get hot as a whole

Also check out the person called Shiina Kari!


I think that surname is worrisome, but it is quite a deep character.

Since there are many other things, below, when collecting points personally getting hot in the game

· Rounder who hostile before · Tennoji and Moeu

· Dal’s wife (Yuki) appeared

· Relationship between Red Lisu and Maho

· New labomen badge

Is not it?

and more than anything. Mayuri


I think that it will become a part which is probably broadcasted also by animation, so I am really looking forward to seeing how it will be expressed.


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