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[Splatoon 2] The key to victory is to use new weapons well! Information summary of added new weapons #splatoon # Splatoon

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The weapons that will be used in Splatoon 2 are the three main weapon, sub weapon and special weapon. All three types have different characteristics, and you can increase the winning rate by understanding and using the characteristics.
This time, we summarized the new weapons added from “Splatoon 2” and the new weapons added by the update, regarding the weapons appearing in the game.

Main Weapon

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The main weapon that you will always be holding during the battle. Although there are many weapons that can not be defeated with a single blow, they are more ink-efficient than sub-weapons, and basically they will fight on the main weapon.
The category of weapons that existed in the previous work “Splatoon” remains the same, and in “Splatoon 2”, two new categories, Maneuver and Shelter, are newly added.


Manuyubar that looks like a two-handed gun in one of the new categories.
There are also two aiming guns for 2 guns, and it is easy to hit the ink at the target spot, but the ink firing is sparse and the disadvantage is that it takes time to defeat the opponent.
Maneuver’s unique slide function is distinctive. It can slide by jetting ink backward and move at high speed.
The slide automatically changes the way you hold it, and you have only two aiming points. It becomes easy to beat the opponent with high-speed continuous fire of one point concentration.
Although you can avoid attacks and toss your opponent by making good use of the slide, please be careful not to get in trouble because there is a rigid time after the slide.
Basically, you can slide twice in a row, but some weapons can slide four times in a row.
Also, there are some things that improve the power by sliding, so if you use the maneuver bar, let’s fight using the slide.



A shelter with a distinctive umbrella-like appearance in one of the new categories. The shotgun-like attack method ejects multiple inks at one time from the tip.
You can extend the umbrella by pressing and holding the button, it is possible to prevent the attack of the opponent, but keep in mind that the endurance value decreases and you can not use it for a certain period of time.
Basically, you can not attack while opening the umbrella. However, instead of setting the endurance value lower, there are also items that the ink shoots while opening.

Sub weapon

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The sub weapon plays an auxiliary role of the main weapon.
There are various types such as bombs that explode and scatter ink, those that have an effect on impact points, and those that are thorough in the support of enemies and ally support.
Although the amount of ink consumption varies depending on the type, the amount of consumption is generally set higher than the main weapon. Be careful with the amount of ink, as it may cause ink to run out in situations where it is used in the same way as the main weapon.
If it is a bom system, depending on how you use it, you may show the activity of the main class, but the difficulty level is high. Basically, it is important to be careful not to use the main weapon’s shot, and to use the sub weapon as needed to see the situation.
Tan Sang Bom was added in the October 3, 2018 update. The torpedo was added in the November 7, 2018 update.

Fizzy Bomb

Fizzy Bomb is a bomb type sub weapon that explodes one second after installation.
Depending on the charge, it explodes up to 3 times in a row. The second and third explosions are displaced from the position of the previous explosion, so it is necessary to get used to detonating in the intended place.
When it throws, it flies while dropping ink, but a large effect can not be expected because it is a small amount. It is good to use it as securing of the course and the exit, and the check to the other party.


Torpedo is a bomb based sub weapon with a slightly unusual feature.
When it lands, it explodes on the spot and spreads the ink ball that causes an explosion around it. At first glance it does not change from a regular bomb type, but demonstrates its worth by throwing near the opponent.
At the time of throwing, when it finds an opponent in the search enemy range, it is deformed in the air. Like a missile with a tracking effect, it will aim at the other party and fly.
The ink drips when throwing and deforming, but the amount is more than Tansanbom mentioned above, enough to take your feet.
The torpedo can not throw the next even if there is enough ink until the one thrown once detonates, and also has a weak point that it can be dropped off. It is a popular tactic to use it as a gaze guidance on the premise that it is shot down, and to squeeze it with a main weapon.



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