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Third term broadcast decision! The charm of Mafu Tensei animation “Overload”!

“Overload” is a different-world transnational novel based on Professor Maruyama Kugane, who boasted a huge hit at the novel posting site “Become a Novelist”. It is also being booked, and this is characterized by a slightly different development from the WEB series version. The anime version we will introduce this time is also made in compliance with the book version, not the WEB version which can be read for free.

The animation “Overload” is a big hit with a plentiful character character visual and a story that has been knocked in, as soon as the second period broadcasting in March 2018 finished, the third period broadcasts the same year summer It became a popular work which is planned for.

This time, I explain thoroughly the reason of popularity of such a different world animated cartoon “Overload” animation.


In 2138, the dive type MMORPG “Yggdrasil” which had been operated for over 10 years was about to finish.
The leader “Momonga (acting: Satoshi Hino)” of the everyday special limited guild “Einz · Wool · Gown” once was waiting for the end time quietly while recalling the incident at Yggdrasil alone.
However, no matter how long he will not be forcibly logged out of the game, eventually he will become the character of the game he created, eventually come to a world that is completely unknown to the earth I notice that I’ve lost.
As I swallow up the situations I placed, I will increase one ambition in Momonga.
It is to make the guild “Ains wool gown” roaring in all of this unknown world.
Thus, Momonga leads the followers of the heteromorphic NPC, which can also be called the forgetting of the guild members, renamed the Evil Einz · Wool · Gown, and begins a dramatic progression in the different world.


【Outlaw in the Outlaw, the hero who is reincarnated in the strongest demon king

出典 : © 丸山くがね・KADOKAWA刊/オーバーロード3製作委員会 : TVアニメ「オーバーロードⅢ」オフィシャルサイト

Anyway, the point where Overlord draws a line with other different world transgender animation is the point that the main character Ainz of this work is the motif of the demon king.

When asking “an animation of a different world transnational system”, ordinary people who were born on Earth will come to different world from a hurry,
Therefore, many people think of a story that utilizes the knowledge and experience of the modern Earth to make a name as a brave man.
Einds is finished as a hero who grinds such common sense to be fine.

· It is only when you are going ahead. Unusual hypothesis that people can not do

The most indispensable part in talking about Einz is still the point that it is “undead”.
When I came to a different world, Einz became a player character “Momonga” he used at Yggdrasil.
What is not a person, the influence that made it irregular, Einz reached not only the appearance but also the inside.

The most important change in the inner side is that the interest in the “people” tribe has decreased significantly compared to when it was a human being.
There is no resistance to treating people like livestock, there is no mercilessness against human being except for cases where there is something for purpose or if we have borrowed from people.

There is no reason not to hesitate to kill the bad guys who harm themselves, and when giving orders to people to capture innocent human beings and depriving those who do not like themselves, are they enjoying killing? Sometimes we take such a cruel killing method.

· · Dual life of royal road and foreign road. Adventurer Momon

出典 : © 丸山くがね・KADOKAWA刊/オーバーロード3製作委員会 : TVアニメ「オーバーロードⅢ」オフィシャルサイト

Aints, who came to the other world without intention, forges the identity as an adventurer to create a foundation for himself to become a hero in the future to gather information on different worlds. That is Mokon ‘s black adventurer Momon.

When acting as Momon, like the general worldwide incarnation objects, we collect information by touching people living in that world, and the figure shows that Ayns is active as a single adventurer.
While recognizing human beings as poor and fragile existence, we have a group of adventurers who are aiming to be on top with one another in a single moment, overlapping themselves with people who were once human beings and putting them together, to the last While attracting attention as a business-like thing, it may show attitude not to boil down.

It is a heterosexual body but does not do useless slaughter, even though it is a dark hero, it sometimes looks like a hero,
The character that such two sidedness lived is the devil named Einz · wool · gown.


【Attractive characters to complement the story

It is a character rich in variations that can not be removed in talking about overload.
From natives living in different worlds to heterosomous followers who came to different worlds with Ayns, various characters raise the story.

· · Individual rich external followers

The followers who serve Einz are just outside the people like Einz.
Everyone is merely a heteromorphic type and usually mimics human beings, but has unique unique thoughts different from ordinary humans.

They have aspects as a second hero following Einz in Overlord’s story,
The process of growing from the puppet which they originally acted as NPCs to the Einds commanded as a single ego with a solid ego has become one of the important themes in overloading.

· · People living in different worlds

In addition to Ainsuz who put up the main, an enormous number of characters will appear in this animation. However, it is not merely a mob character, for example, even a character that dies in the beginning of the story is deceived properly and the setting is properly set, and each person has an important role in the story.

Also, in contrast to Einz’s being a group of evil, it is not described as if it is “human = good”. There are human beings like conscience of conscience, there are embodies of evil, etc. There is no tying of right and wrong with the tribe named “person”, and character attachment that emphasizes personality is done.


【The leading star is Satoshi Hino. A handsome voice actor is arbitrary! 】

It is Mr. Satoshi Hino who is a voice actor who plays the main character · Einz in this work. He made a debut with Zhou Yu who is the leading character at “Ikkitousen”
It is a powerful voice actor whose name was an anime such as “Zero no Tsukaima” and “Shakugan no Shana” that boasted in popularity in the beginning of 2000.
The characters mainly played by young people from teens to 20s,
Mr. Hino of this work will demonstrate acting in a low-pitched voice with a dos like this that he can not think of.

Of course, not only the leading actor but also the leading character’s casting is full of well-known famous voice actors.
Hideo Yumi who played Shijyo Takayo at “Idol Master” in the role of Albedo, the heroine of the story,
Kokutosu role of the insect type NPC which becomes the center of the story in the second term is Kimita Miyake playing altitude at “My hero academia”
And also the role of the dragon human type NPC Sebastian Chan who can be deeply dug in the second term is casting Shige Chiba voice actor who is familiar with narration of “Hokuto no Ken”.

Everyone of the voice actor Otaku is a luxurious voice actor group convinced. It excites the story with wonderful acting according to the scene of the story and character.



Overloading has a strong ability to pull viewers into the screen.
In the first phase, I will dig a little bit of the mysterious world, and the world will spread at once in the second phase.
I think that this work is very good at expanding the wrapping cloth.
As the correct answer comes up, the story will be drawn to the audience by the announcement of the correct answer and the presentation of a further mystery to the development of the story that gives a new mystery.
Despite the magnificent story, I will go crazy with the pom-pong, so I will not be bothered by a mysterious mystery.

Why not try watching from one period by all means before the 3rd period, which is a somewhat outlier high-level anthropomorphic animated cartoon animation.

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