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Kirara series Anime I recorded a big hit for a long time! Appealing to the charm of “Laid-Back Camp”

出典 : あfろ・芳文社/野外活動サークル : TVアニメ「ゆるキャン△」公式サイト

TV anime “Laid-Back Camp” which was broadcasted in January – March 2018 and called great reaction. Original work Haro teacher is serializing at Manga Time Kirara Forward, and this is also very popular.
Why was this work accepted by many animation fans? I would like to thoroughly verify its charm!


【Camping x Everyday Animation that was not likely】

“Laid-Back Camp” is a work depicting everyday life for girls’ high school students to enjoy camping chill.
There are many works with the theme of outdoor as “Yamano Suzume” and “Dake”, it is not unusual to draw a state of camping in the works, but it is unlikely that “everyday animation with the subject of camping” It is a genre.

Nonetheless, its novelty is not the charm of “Laid-Back Camp”.
The wonderful thing about this camp is that it is a strange part of this work though it is a daily system.

As well as how to assemble the tent, as well as the kind and usage of each camping tool, and even the prices are carefully explained, and as it is not quite at all, it comes into the head of the slasher.

There is no other work that will convey the charm of solo camps and season off camps so far.

[Utilization of conversational play by SNS]

Communication using SNS (mainly simulating LINE) as well as real is depicted well in recent animation work.
However, there are problems such as the taste of paintings, and there are impressions that are not being used much in everyday animation.

However, “Laid-Back Camp” is depicting a lot of conversation plays at SNS because Shima Rin likes solo camp, one of the protagonists, and many depictions camping by alone.

This is fun and cute!

Especially the topic was scenes where Lynn actually pronounced Net Slang’s 「くぁwせdrftgyふじこlp」”ku w wo drftgy fujiko lp” in anime 2 episodes.
I think that it was one of the reasons that many works began to be known as “Laid-Back Camp”.

【Beauty of the landscape and exquisite original elements】

出典 : あfろ・芳文社/野外活動サークル : TVアニメ「ゆるキャン△」公式サイト

One of the indispensable elements in talking about “Laid-Back Camp” is the beauty of the landscape.
C-Station which produced animation of this work was a relatively new company, and also made “Hakusaku Shirakami Enjin” in the same cool, there were voices concerned about quality before broadcasting.

But when the broadcast began, that concern was quickly cleared up.
The background of each campground where the beauty of nature is put in the beauty of animation without being too close to real is a word of “spectacle”.
For Mt. Fuji which frequently appears in this work, it was a perfect finish.

The unique charm of animation is not limited to the background.
“Anioli” leading to a negative evaluation if it is somewhat, is incorporated in the original story in a really natural form.
Especially the last part, the C part which was prepared in the last was the highest.

Director Yoshiaki Kyogoku, who showed outstanding performances so far that “Laid-Back Camp” is a first director’s work, seems to attract attention in the future.

【Actually it was not cool Shima Lin】

“Laid-Back Camp” has two heroes, one of them is “Shinmi” Shima Rin (Shin Lin).

When you ask me “What girls like solo camps and camping only in the winter season off when few people are crowded,” what kind of character do you imagine?
Moreover, I think whether most people will imagine spirit characters and cool characters when it is long hair and calm tone.

However, impotence is never cool.
It takes a blunt attitude and makes bad hands, but there is no cold impression (curse falls in my mind) but a polite girl.

I love animals and cute things, the scenes that play with Hayatodoro Mikuji when I’m drawn to the back is a cute little bit of insanity!

His voice actor is Nao Higashiyama.
It was a husky but cute, cool and cool image, as it was.

[Not only innocence but Kakamigahara Nadeshiko]

Another main character of “Laid-Back Camp”, Kagamihara Nadeshiko (Kagami Hazime Nishiko).
There is no gap or change ball for her, it is a bright and energetic girl with a cute expression.

However, it is her charm that it is not only innocence.
For Shimarin, who tends to refuse to camp with someone like solo, I also have one side of thought sorting that I will pull out my opinion and pull it properly when pulling it.

As a result, the cooking skill is good, and in fact, it is a girl with a sufficient quality of a good wife.
I feel like I can understand that Shimarin, who is not good at making loud noise, immediately got in touch with her.

The responsible voice actor is Yumi Hanamori.
Nadeshiko’s brightness, brain weather is expressed perfectly, healing is done just by listening to the voice.

【Oito Kansai valiant talking is cute in Inuyama Aoi】

Aoi Inuyama (Aoi Asui), one of the founding members of the outdoor activity circle (common name: Nobu) joined by Nadeshiko.
Her charm lies in its nuisance and personality.
It is also a good point of having a smile constantly follow the other members casually.

On the other hand, it is also a personality that is not straightforward, such as smiling a fake lie that is not malicious.
Especially it is prominent in the extra edition “Laid-Back Camp”, and the scenes where other novice members are scrambled by her single word has become a kind of poetry.

In appearance he is a fiercely man who has several big features such as thickbrows and double teeth, and big tits.
Especially the size of the chest is overwhelming compared with other major members, and in the scene where bathing in the hot springs it is natural sexy in charge.

A voice actor is Toiizaki Aki.
Although it is also the Chitose role of “YuruYuri”, there is no one who will appear on her right if she plays a girl with a relaxed tone.

[Ogaki Chiaki noisy though it is eyeglass character]

Ogaki Chiaki (Ogaki Chiaki) who is the director of the outdoor activity circle and also one of the founding members is a high-tension glasses daughter boasting one of the most active behaviors in the works.
Cool is an eyeglass character of the royal road, and it is not unusual for the noisy characters so far.
That kind of gap is also one of the attractions.

She was pretty beautiful ten years after being painted at the beginning of the last round.

Yuri Hara is a voice actor in charge.
It gave the momentum to the work with the performance which made the image of the boyish Chiaki firmly.

And an episode indispensable for talking about animation’s Chiaki is Nadeshiko’s voice management by Mr. Hara.
It seems that the battle that brought about the fact that Chiaki っ ぽ was completely lost because it was too alike, and that the result became a retake.

【Saito Ena of My Pace Odori Yakinaki】

Saito Ena (Sato Eena) who appeared as an intimate friend is a girl with a pretty rare personality named Okinawa Yaki although it is my own pace.
When the field members are in trouble, they actively help, and they ride the camping invitation, but they do not enter the field.
It is an impression that it is a firm person who has a clear line drawing in myself.

Chief pet is indispensable for talking about such a thing.
I was cherished this child named “Chikuwa” very much, I was drown enough to bring me to the camp (and for my small dog to be burdened with a burden to return home at night).
It is cute as you can see the OP holding okuwaku.

The responsible voice actor is Mr. Li Kei Takahashi.
Especially the communication with SNESS at SNS is cute and impressive.

【Fashionable OP & Honkono ED ramp】

The OP theme of this work is “SHINY DAYS” sung by Mr. Sakisaka, ED theme is “Futsugi” by Mr. Eisawa Sasaki.
These two songs and their respective images were indeed contrary.

OP put on casual images with pop quickly switching pictures, powerful singing voice of Mr. Sakisaki reverberates in high.
Meanwhile, while the camping scene of the main member gently flows in the ED, the nostalgic timbre “overflowing” overwhelms my heart.

Ramping down of OP and ED is also one of the attractions of “Laid-Back Camp”.


【Goods sold out! To chew a camp boom】

出典 : あfろ・芳文社/野外活動サークル : TVアニメ「ゆるキャン△」公式サイト

“Laid-Back Camp” is also active in the development of goods, and we decided to Nendoroids as quickly as possible.
And, among them, especially the collecting goods which got a big deal of attention is “Metal Sale Box” which appeared in animation 6 episode.

In fact it is a compact sized firefire stand instead of a saisen box, and this is a lady ‘s firefighting maker’ s manufacturer recreating and selling it as “Lin – chan ‘s YAKINIKU set”, where orders are raging.
It has doubled the number each time it is reproduced, but still became an exceptionally popular product that can be sold out immediately.

Beyond this “Lin-chan’s Yakiniku set”, after the broadcast of “Laid-Back Camp”, camping goods such as tents can be sold out everywhere.
It became a fire of the camp boom.


“Laid-Back Camp” The most attractive point is where there is no elimination in every aspect.
Even as a daily animation, as a camp animation, there is no gap anyway.
I did not interfere with the original, I was surprised also by the Anioli element supplementing beautifully.

The original manga “Laid-Back Camp” is a work whose teacher draws based on his experiences and close coverage.
The animation “Laid-Back Camp” animated with a more polite and loving feeling is the best everyday animation and can be asserted as the best camp animation.

That means you can sell it.



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