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30 famous illustrators! A roundup of all the major players and the latest popular painters

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A selection of 30 famous illustrators working in a variety of fields such as lanobes, games, CD jackets, and more, who have made their mark in recent years!
From promising new artists with a rapidly growing fan base to famous artists who are creating new masterpieces, we have gathered a collection of talented artists!


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He is a well known hit maker.
The mega-hit of “Sword Art Online”, which he worked on under the name abec, was his big breakthrough, and since then he has been working on various works under the name BUNBUN, such as the “Yuusha dare to be” series.
He is also known as the younger brother of animator Yukiko Horiguchi (White-flesh fish).

Her anime-like illustrations and character designs that bring out the individuality of the characters are very popular, especially the hairstyle of Asuna, the heroine of SAO, is highly appreciated by both light novel and anime fans.

Black and White

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In 2000, he began his career as a popular illustrator by creating illustrations for the game “Sammon Night” under the name Takeshi Iizuka and “Kino’s Journey” under the name Kuroboshi Kohaku.
He is best known for his work with Kino’s Journey’s author, Keiichi Shigurezawa, and has also illustrated for works such as Alison.
He has also done character designs for anime such as “Princess Principal”.

His work was characterized by his picture-book-like designs, but in recent years, as his drawing skills have improved, his reputation as a purely illustrative artist has become more prominent.


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He is a talented artist who continues to create artistic illustrations with overwhelmingly beautiful colors and dynamic space.
Since his debut, he has been active in various fields such as light novels, games, and comics due to his tremendous drawing ability.
One of the novels he illustrated, “Yatsuo, that’s not going to happen! is scheduled to be aired as a TV anime starting in April 2020.

It’s one of the main attractions of the 100 Painters Exhibition, not only for its cute characters, but also for its too beautiful backgrounds. It’s making fans roar.


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You are now one of the leading illustrators in the industry.
His commercial debut was in 2010, and since then he has illustrated for a number of light novels, but Shirotori Shiro Tag teaming up with the teacher for “The work of the ryuou! He finally got his breakthrough with
She is also in charge of the illustration of “The Phantom World of Mu Saijinkoku” which was published by Kyoto Animation’s paperback label “KA Esma Bunko” and made into an anime.

She has a reputation for the cuteness of girls, but she also has a wide range of interests beyond moe, such as working on hardcore military works like “86 – Eighty Six”.
This light novel is amazing! We came first in the Illustrator category in 2019 and 2020, winning back-to-back titles.


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He was originally active in works for adults, and his fame increased when he was in charge of character design for the popular game “Akatsuki no Gojoe”.
After that, he started working on works for the general public, and his big breakthrough came with the hit light novel “Welcome to the Classroom of Competence Supremacy”, which was also made into an anime.

As you can see from his experience of working on the covers of various magazines, he has an established reputation for his portrayal of female characters, especially Yoomi’s Karuizawa Kei, who won first place in this ranking of female characters.

Kurone Mishima

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“Bless this wonderful world! He is a famous illustrator of
Besides Kono-Suba, he also illustrated the popular anime adapted light novel “Roku-Denashi Majutsu Kyoutei to Taboo Kyouden” and “Hataraku Demon King! s spin-off manga and novels.

He is known for his sophisticated and refreshing character designs and clean cuteness.
Many people who saw the anime Kono-Suba first were surprised by the original story, which was completely different from the anime’s design, and were surprised to see that Kono-Suba’s woman Wasn’t your character this cute? I’m left with the impression that.


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The popular light novel “Hataraku Maou-sama! He is an illustrator who became famous for his illustrations of “The Bear Bear”.
Furthermore, “Ennoh Battle in the Everyday Life” and “Kuma Kuma Bear” have been made into TV animations, and he is a hit maker who has led three light novels to become anime.

He draws pictures that are very close to the taste of the anime, so it is no wonder that he is a good fit for the anime.
The bright colors and cuteness of the characters make it easy to understand his charm at first glance.


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She made her commercial debut with an illustration for Ichiro Sakaki’s light novel “Yesterday you were there, tomorrow I will see”, which was released in 2004.
His breakthrough came the following year when he was in charge of the hit “Kanokon”, which was also made into an anime.
After that, he worked on “Haiyore! Nyaruko-san,” and “I don’t want to be in pain, so I’d like to put the extreme pressure on my defenses. But I also illustrated for the first three anime adaptations in total.

The three works I’ve animated are the most notable, and I’m the best in the world when it comes to drawing innocent girls.


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He is famous for his illustrations of VOCALOID series.
In particular, he fell in love with GUMI and has done many illustrations.
From the mid-2010s, he has been working on a lot of illustrations for light novels, including “Seven Stars Subaru” and Shave off your beard. And picking up a high school girl. has also been made into an anime.

It is characterized by its lovely designs and pale colors.
She is also known for her beautiful backgrounds, and her style of illustration has a wide appeal to children.


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Comic Yurihime’s cover for the 2018 publication of the comic Yurihime, a character from the anime “Colored World of Tomorrow His name recognition has risen rapidly since he worked on the original idea.
Furthermore, the anime adaptation of the popular light novel “Weak Character Tomozaki-kun”, for which he was in charge of the illustrations since 2016, has been He is a painter who is finally becoming a major player in the art world now that he has been selected.

His unique designs are characterized by a sense of nostalgia within the beauty of his work.
At the 100 Artists Exhibition, you will be able to enjoy her transparent illustrations.



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